“Who’s behind this content I just consumed?”

Hello, my educated and due-dilligence-do’er reader!

I’m John Siciliano, and Create Today is my brand.

I love creating things online!

John Siciliano
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Stuff I’m Working On

In 2023, I decided to cut back on projects. And in 2024, I did. By doing too much, I was doing too little.

When you love creating things, things can get out of hand.

So I streamlined my work (kind of) into two categories, free and paid.

Update: I'm now focused on building Webstudio, an open source advanced visual builder.


  • Articles
  • YouTube videos
  • Some social media (I'm slowly coming around to it)

My Tech Stack & What I Spend Money On

When managing a business (and life), expenses can escalate quickly. Despite being "only X amount," we're bombarded with many financial decisions, many of which are recurring.

Here's what works for me:

  • Actively cutting expenses

  • Replacing unnecessary tools

  • Investing in lifetime deals to avoid recurring costs

Every tool has a value proposition, but understanding its genuine ROI is crucial.

My Toolset

Some of my content contains affiliate links – about
  1. Webstudio – Lifetime deal, the greatest website builder on Earth

  2. Sanity – Free tier, super flexible CMS

  3. SurferSEO – $559/year, content editor & keyword finder

  4. ActiveCampaign – $108/year, robust email marketing platform (a bit clunky)

  5. SerpRobot – $5/month, cheap and effective keyword tracker

  6. Copilot – $10/month, AI coding tool, boosts productivity (subscription varies with development workload)

  7. Cloudflare – $25/month (Pro), $5/month (Workers), + usage-based pricing for image transformations, speeds up site, provides additional functionality

  8. Ahrefs – Free tier, website audit & keyword tracking (occasional upgrades for expanded keyword access)

  9. Wave – Free tier, simple bookkeeping

  10. Relay – Free, banking

  11. Photopea – Free, Photoshop-like software

  12. 1Password – $36/year, password manager keeping me and my clients safe

Affiliate Info

Some links in my content are affiliate links.

This means if you click them and purchase whatever is on the other side, I may get a commission.

Welcome to the internet.

Unfortunately, some blogs are littered with links to services that are solely for the purpose of making money and aren’t actually in our best interest. Google “WordPress hosting” and you’ll find 100% of the articles and 100% of the links in those articles are affiliate links. While this isn’t always a bad thing, it can be. In those articles, you won’t see a single mention of Pantheon, which is, by many tests, the fastest WordPress hosting. Why isn’t it there? Because they don’t have an affiliate program.

The majority of my content documents things I’ve done. When available, I link to the service with an affiliate link. Otherwise, I still link to it because, duh.

I’m pretty anal about the tools I choose to use, so I’m not just throwing out baseless recommendations.

Where to Find Me