37 Kickass Fitness Websites: Make the Best Website!

Best fitness websites, the platform they are built on, and common mistakes I saw on fitness websites.

"Best Fitness Websites" with collage of my favorite fitness website examples

Do you have a bold fitness business, but don't want to go unnoticed with a subpar website?

Neither did the many fitness websites that made this list. They went above and beyond to create the best fitness websites... which energize their audience and gets them to signup!

But let me guess...

You're looking for fitness website design inspiration...


But hold up...

The design of your fitness website is honestly less than half the battle.

After looking through 3,000 fitness websites, I can tell you what made a good fitness website and a bad one.

How to Make the Best Fitness Website

General Tips

Yes design is one important piece, but here are the other important factors:

  • Make the title of the page immediately communicate what the fitness website is about ("State-of-the-Art Gym in Phoenix AZ")
  • ALSO make the title or the text above or below it mention the location the facility is in (omit if you're virtual/online training)
  • Add a section or page dedicated to images of the facility
  • Add a section or page going over the equipment/amenities
  • Add a section or page for pricing
  • Add a page for each location you have a facility at (if more than one)
  • Add address and hours prominently displayed (key deciding factor for many)
  • Use custom pictures throughout the whole site (your smartphone can take great pics)

Design Tips

As for creating the best fitness website design, here's what you can do:

  • Use big and easy to read font for both headers and paragraphs
  • Use custom imagery throughout the website (stay away from stock photos as much as possible)
  • Add all your info on the first page (location, equipment, membership info, classes, etc.)
  • Use big pictures
  • I personally liked dark themes for boxing, CrossFit, gyms, and other fitness websites that have a "no pain no gain" mentality
  • I personally liked light themes for Pilates and yoga websites

Common Mistakes I Saw

And DON'T make these top fitness website mistakes:

  • Go from big headers to very small paragraphs
  • Bad contrast ratio between text and backgrounds (make all text very easy to read)
  • Not putting important info on the site - put yourself into the shoes of someone prospecting your fitness services
  • Weak headlines (be clear and right to the point for your main title)
  • Too much text (text is good for SEO but too much looks bad and will deter people)

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Okay I know you're stoked to browse the best fitness websites so let's dive in!

Ultimate List of Best Fitness Websites

TRIBE Boxing Studio

TRIBE Boxing Studio is good boxing website example. Here are some quick notes on the good stuff and the places they can improve.

The Good

  • Big font size stands out
  • Appeals to first timers with the "First Timers" menu item
  • Information is easy to find
  • Nice custom imagery
  • Branding fits together


  • No pricing tab (buy now lists prices but there should be a pricing tab before a consumer decides to buy)
  • Small fonts on hero and navigation
  • Can use more boxing-focused information in the H1
  • Location information should be in the intro
Nosotros Rock Climbing Gym

Nosotros must be a cool rock climbing gym as this website looks kick ass! Let's go over some highlights on why this is a good rock climbing gym example website!

The Good

  • Look at that intro! Very cool font, great copywriting that is simple and creative, and a cool video behind it.
  • Social proof right below the top via a testimonial that is a nice big font size
  • Custom pictures
  • Font sizes are legible and stand out
  • Copywriting is engaging
  • Section dedicated to just pictures of the rock climbing gym
  • Uses cool interactive video widget
  • Custom graphics that work well with their brand


  • Add location wording in header "Rock Climbing Gym in Cleveland"
Fulcrum Fitness (Personal Training)

Fulcrum Fitness focuses on personal training and group training. This personal training website example can be used as inspiration.

Template alert! Check out this Squarespace personal trainer website template.

The Good

  • Very clear title
  • Location keyword in title
  • Title and description stand out against the background
  • Has a video towards the top
  • All font sizes and colors are legible
  • Very informative
  • Uses fancy checkmarks as bullet icons
  • Simple and impactful headers
  • Social proof (quote)
  • Good color scheme
  • Site flows together nicely


  • Link parent nav items
  • Add pricing to more places
  • Improve copywriting by understanding peoples' struggles with fitness
Rumble Boxing Studio

Rumble Boxing Studio is a unique and inspirational boxing website. Why'd this boxing website example make the list?

The Good

  • Those headers look really nice
  • The proceeding paragraphs are easy to read and short (big font and short sentences are a win)
  • Creative call to action "Book a Sweat"
  • Section dedicated to images
  • Good branding all around


  • The "intro" section doesn't have an intro - just three buttons
  • Add intro with simple title that describes what and where this service is provided
  • Make menu easier to read
Absolute Pilates

Absolute Pilates is a great Pilates website example. Let's look at why this website made the fitness websites list.

The Good

  • Easy to read title with good explanation
  • Font colors and sizes contrast well with their backgrounds
  • Unique font looks good on their website
  • Good color scheme
  • Sections flow nicely together with wavy dividers
  • Copywriting is pretty engaging and geared towards consumers (not talking about "we", "me", "us" too much.


  • Remove social links from header (they steer people away)
  • Add location keywords to intro
  • Make testimonials easier to read
  • Add pricing (unless its a tactic not to)
The Cliffs (Rock Climbing)

The Cliffs rock climbing facility has some nice sections. Let's look at why I added this fitness website to the list of inspiration.

The Good

  • Bright custom imagery
  • Overlapping text on the images
  • Sections alternating right and left
  • Font size is legible and contrast ratio is good
  • Location keyword in intro


  • Make the intro font large
CrossFit Gahanna

This CrossFit website design is a great example! Here's why...

The Good

  • Header that stands out (title looks good and custom background behind it with good contrast ratio)
  • Clear copywriting
  • Lots of custom video
  • Custom graphics with the red overlay look nice. Gives the page texture
  • Big call to action
  • Compelling copywriting (understands the visitor's position)
  • Big hours and address



This gym website design is clean and minimalistic. Let's look at why this is good gym website inspiration.

The Good

  • Short and sweet paragraphs
  • Big call to action
  • Custom imagery
  • Clear path on where to go on the website
  • Pictures of the various equipment and amenities
  • Clear pricing and signup


  • Increase font size of paragraphs
  • Improve contrast ratio of images and text
  • Add hours
Sweat Shed (Gym)

What a cool looking gym website design Sweat Shed has! You can learn a lot of this gym website design... it's one of the best fitness club websites out there!

The Good

  • Starts out with a crystal clear headline "The Best Gym in Stockport" (great for SEO and for your visitors to instantly understand what you do)
  • There is a video in their intro
  • Good call to action that's more than "learn more"
  • Social proof (pictures and review)
  • Good contrast of font colors and sizes
  • Texture in background
  • Unique design
  • Copywriting is "You" focused not "We"
  • Before and after pictures
  • Video testimonials
  • "Our Gym" tab with photos
Body Forge Fitness (Personal Training)

Ooo look at the branding on this personal trainer website! Their green on dark looks pretty nice. Plus a lot more stuff is going right for this fitness website.

Personal trainers, take note of the following!

The Good

  • Dark color scheme
  • Good contrast ratio
  • "6 reasons" section speaks directly to their audience
  • Texture behind backgrounds
  • Social proof
  • Custom imagery
  • Footer link that goes to directions
  • Footer with very useful information
XP Fitness (Gym)

You may have looked for "health and fitness websites" for the design inspiration. However, XP is not the epitome of good design. But design is not THE reason people will convert. Sure you need your content to be readable, but the actual content you have on the page matters a bunch.

The Good

  • Features all the content you need to make a decision on the first page (images, price, facility offerings, location, and hours)
  • Custom pictures that open to full size


  • Larger font size
  • More descriptive heading. What do you offer and where?
  • Use more custom pictures (try to stay away from stock photos)
MN Climbing Co-op

Big and bright is the name of the game of this fitness website!

The Good

  • Big font
  • Titles have good messages
  • Bright custom images
  • Page dedicated to hours and facility


  • Add text to intro
Athletics & Aesthetics

This is very cool gym website (and fitness center) that I highly recommend checking out. The agency behind this fitness website design has a good grasp on graphics.

The Good

  • Beautiful graphics and animated GIFs
  • Section dedicated to equipment
  • Gym pricing on front page with unique layout
  • Parallax images


  • Larger paragraph font size
  • More menu links exposed
  • Blog and social media don't need to be in header (if room needs to be made)
Bristol Boxing Gym

This boxing gym website example made the this fitness websites list for many reasons.

The Good

  • Clear title so the visitor knows exactly what the site is about
  • Location keyword in title (great for SEO and visitors)
  • Neat font style
  • Titles are clear and informative
  • Branded icons to lead to other pages
  • Custom pictures
  • Sections that lead into internal pages


  • Add a sentence or two under each section on the homepage
We Love Camp

The custom images and nice branding are very eye-catchy!

The Good

  • Custom images
  • Lots of good info in the intro (describes services)
  • Fun pictures
  • Branded icons
  • Good looking location pages (page for each location)
KAWI (CrossFit)

This is a neat looking CrossFit website example for both its looks and content!

The Good

  • Intro describes what they are and where they are
  • Big headers with unique font
  • Nice icons
  • Schedule and membership on first page


  • Improve contrast ratio of text over background
  • Increase paragraph font size
Pro Vita Fitness (Gym)

This is good gym website inspiration. But there are some things I'd change about it.

The Good

  • Title clearly describes what they are and where they are
  • The background image is of their gym in black and white except for their branded red stripes
  • Menu is clear
  • Animations are provide nice user experience
  • Lots of custom images
  • Membership info on first page
  • Facility amenities/equipment on first page


  • Make paragraph font much larger
  • Reduce paragraph lengths (unless an SEO pro told them to do so)
Cycle Fitness (Pilates, Yoga, Cycle)

Cycle Fitness is a great yoga website inspiration. Here's why...

The Good

  • Bright theme
  • Bright images and custom images
  • Large one sentence paragraphs
  • More information available on internal pages


  • Too much white space
  • Add more content to the first page
Hot Yoga Auburn

This is another yoga website that has a lot going for it!

The Good

  • Intro is informative and easy to read
  • Intro has location wording
  • Custom icons
  • Talks about "You" not "We" (have more energy, feel confident, etc.)
  • Texture backgrounds
  • Ebook (hopefully with funnel on backend)
  • Nice footer menu


  • Increase paragraph font size
Pure Fitness (Gym)

Pure Fitness sucks you in with their intro. From branding to simplicity this is a great fitness website.

The Good

  • Good contrast ratio on intro
  • Cool intro background
  • Goes right into membership info
  • Footer with big and useful information
IronGrind True Fitness

Let's get straight to the point! (Just like this fitness website.)

The Good

  • The homepage is direct and straight to the point
  • Cool sections and branding elements
  • Sections dedicated to pricing, photos, and offerings


  • Add location keyword to intro
  • Make paragraphs bigger
Mezzo (Online Training)

Want to see how another online training website does it? Check out this one!

The Good

  • Large intro with clear info
  • Sub intro section with 3 benefits
  • Section dedicated to identifying the problem (good copywriting)
  • Big and easy to read membership options


  • Check the links and make sure they work :)
Altus (Gym)

If you are wondering how to build a website for a gym, take a look at this web design and copywriting.

The Good

  • Good contrast intro
  • Nice custom images
  • Second section goes right into understanding the struggles of the website visitors
  • Texture backgrounds


  • Add location keyword to intro
Ghost Fitness (Gym)

This fitness website has some good stuff going for it and areas of opportunities. Let's explore.

The Good

  • Cool dividers
  • Green on dark color scheme looks good
  • Custom images as backgrounds


  • Add pricing
  • Clean up homepage
  • Add SEO title
  • Increase font size
The Dad Bod Coach

Check out the intro and name of this company!

The Good

  • Intro with dark background, light text
  • Video in intro
  • Nice red accents in text
  • Clear pricing


  • Make paragraph font size larger
East Side Athletic Club

The business has been around since the late 70's! But their website is nice and modern.

The Good

  • 50/50 regions flow nicely
  • All custom images
  • Texture to make plain backgrounds stand out


  • Alternate text and images left and right
  • Add more context to intro
High Kick Taekwondo

Let's look at why this taekwondo website is a good example.

The Good

  • Simple intro with what they do and where they are
  • Nice branding
  • Call to action on the right


  • Remove white space
  • Reduce header size
Renegadextreme Fitness

Fitness enthusiasts will love this website!

The Good

  • Contact form under the intro
  • Fun animations
  • Big text
  • Real people featured


  • Design out sub menus
BEAT81 (Group Fitness)

BEAT81 is a HIIT functional training and group fitness website with a lot going right for it!

The Good

  • Great value statement in into (Burn X calories in X minutes)
  • Custom video in intro
  • Workouts broken down with intensity levels and nice icons
  • Custom icons look fire 🔥
  • Clear pricing
  • Nice font


  • Add pricing to homepage
Zen & Fit (Yoga)

Get inspired with this yoga website design!

The Good

  • The intro sucks you in!
  • Clean and bright
  • Location keyword in titles
  • Great images
  • Testimonials (social proof)
  • "Flowy" font (great for yoga)


  • Increase font size
  • Break up paragraphs to smaller consumable chunks
Everest (Personal Training)

This personal training website looks amazing! Everything fits together very nicely.

Hey! You can clone this template and plug in your information!

The Good

  • Clear intro
  • Custom graphics that add a lil extra
  • Nice fonts
  • Custom pictures
  • Simple transitions
  • Book a class easy to read
  • Nicely designed contact form


  • Add pricing
IMPOSSIBLE (Fitness Content)

IMPOSSIBLE seems to be a hub for fitness enthusiasts featuring podcasts, blogs, inspiration, and fitness gear. It's a crazy cool website.

  • Very cool animation on load
  • Cool animations throughout the site
  • Dark color scheme
  • Unique layout
Facet Seven Fitness

Oh my fitness website! This one knocks it out of the park! From amazing design to helpful resources, this fitness website has it all!

The Good

  • Beuatiful design
  • Dark color scheme
  • Location keywords throughout the website (great for SEO)
  • One BIG call to action
  • Nicely sized text
  • Beautiful animations
  • Lots of pages with helpful content
Diverge Fitness (Online Fitness)

Man, this is one good looking online personal trainer website! Need inspiration for a personal trainer website, this is the one. Visit this fitness website to get inspired. This website also goes to show how impactful a one page website can be!

The Good

  • I like the emojis
  • Right out of the gate with a quiz
  • Social proof under intro
  • Lots of transformations
  • Great titles and copywriting
  • Features pictures showing how peopel lose weight using them
Fitness X (Personal Trainer)

This personal trainer website is a must see for inspiration. Fitness X is clean and crisp. It's also a template you can use. The design looks amazing.

The colors are bright and look nice together. The image collages look super nice too.

The articles are nicely design too.

Great inspiration and easy to clone!

Hey! You can clone this template and plug your information in here.

Oh, and when you host your Webflow website on their subdomain it's free.

Fitnes Plus (Gym)

This gym website has a lot going on for it.

The Good

  • Beautiful intro with video background
  • Location keyword in title
  • Dark theme
  • Three calls to action below intro but placed slightly over intro
  • Offer virtual tour
  • Features images of the fitness club on their own page
Back2Basics (Training)

This fitness website design is about as good as it gets. Forget fitness goals... website goals are the new thing! Jk. Let's look at why this is a great fitness website.

  • Cool looking font
  • Smooth animations
  • Pictures that fade out into the next section
  • Dark color scheme
  • Such a CLEAN design
  • Features personal trainers
  • Responsive design looks nice too

But where's WordPress??

These website examples in the fitness industry were on either the Webflow, Duda, or Squarespace website builder. I wanted to only include websites on the website platforms I recommend building on.

As a professional web designer and developer, I prefer working on Webflow and Duda. Squarespace is good for someone that doesn't need full control over everything - especially a do-it-yourself type person.

WordPress is filled with bad practices, medium learning curve, and a lot of maintenance and time going into stuff that these other website builders provide out-of-box.

In order from most customizable and steepest learning curve to least customizable and lowest learning curve, these are how I'd rank them:

  1. Webflow
  2. Duda
  3. Squarespace

You can build a great website on all of the platforms.

Go kick-ass like you do in the gym, but online :) 💪