4 Things to Do on Duda BEFORE Building

Do these four things before building your website on Duda. They'll set you up for success and are easy to do!

Me smiling with the title "do these 4 things first" with Duda logo

New projects are exciting! Most of us are eager to dive in and start building what will most likely be a masterpiece. Slow down and take these four steps BEFORE you do any building (i.e., adding content, rows, pages, etc.).

These steps are essential because they determine what your content will look like by default when it gets added. Hence the importance to setting this up before adding content on Duda.

Taking these steps will help you create the best Duda website possible!

Watch my video or read ahead below.

1: Set Everything in Global Text

Global Text (which is in the design tab) is where we set all text styles, including paragraphs, links, and H1 through H6. Set up your font colors, sizes, font family, and every other element you want a custom design. Doing this will set all the defaults when you drag new widgets onto your page.

Not doing this first and going right into adding widgets will cause you headaches. Set your defaults first, THEN add widgets.

2: Design Global Buttons

Just like the previous section, design what the default buttons look like. Typically there are different style buttons on a website, and that's okay, but setup what the default one looks like. You can always override defaults later to create one-off custom styled buttons.

3: Set Row Spacing

Row spacing is the padding for each row. Staying consistent across the website is usually ideal, although there are instances where the default spacing doesn't work for a part of the design. The goal here is to set your default spacing (under Design then Global Rows) so that any new row you add inherits this spacing. 

4: Fill in Business Info

Under the Content tab is Business Info, where you can add things like your phone number(s), email address(s), hours, address, and social media accounts. The information added here can be reused throughout the website, which is helpful for several reasons:

  1. You don't have to remember the phone number every time you add it.
  2. It removes human error as you don't have to add it every time.
  3. If you need to change your phone number, hours, or other Business Info, you only need to change it in one spot.

To use your business info across the website, type "{{" and a popup will display where you can select your business info.

For example, in a paragraph widget, you can type, "Call us at {{" and then select the phone number, and it'll pull in the number from Business Info. Any changes you make in Business Info will reflect throughout your text.

Keep on Learnin'!

These four tips are what I tell any new Duda builder to do. I have a lot of other tips which you can find on my YouTube or this website. Check out my Duda tutorial if you're looking for a comprehensive guide on this platform. 

Stay in touch, and happy building!