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The secret is out! You've discovered Duda! But let me guess, you haven't found the ideal Arizona Duda specialist to help you out. Hi, my name is John (on the left).

Duda SEO Specialists in Arizona John and Jason

The secret is out! You've discovered the Duda website builder and all the amazing benefits that come with it, and all you need is a Phoenix, Arizona Duda specialist to design and develop your website.

Learn more by watching my video or reading ahead below.

The benefits of Duda are too good not to talk about. Namely, Duda reduces billable hours by accelerating development time managing all the backend stuff for you, leading to virtually no work to maintain the website once it is built.

You can say goodbye to:

  • WordPress core updates
  • WordPress plugin updates  
  • Dealing with updates breaking functionality
  • SSL maintenance and costs
  • Costly management fees
  • Costly website edits

Both you and I are happy about all of that! I've been designing and developing websites since 2014 and have found a knack for creating the most maintainable and scalable solutions. Throughout this time, my processes have improved so I can use my time most effectively while also achieving top-tier results for my clients. Duda has had a tremendous impact on both of these areas.

Now, my web design and digital marketing agency in Phoenix, Arizona, primarily designs and develops websites on Duda. I am a Certified Duda Pro and have built over 25 websites on the platform.

Note: If you already have your website built and need a Duda website SEO specialist, my company and I would be glad to assist you!

What to Expect Working With My Company

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Telegenic Marketing is my web design and SEO company. This website is for my content.

First, let's meet and see if we are right for each other.

Next, I will help guide you through making the right choice for your company. While Duda has so many benefits, it's essential to understand its limitations. All platforms have strengths, weaknesses, and nuances. I have deep experience with many website platforms and CMSs and understand the best choice for your unique needs.

Okay, let's assume we're an excellent fit for each other, and Duda is a great fit for you. We can give ballpark estimates for your website with our limited knowledge of the scope of work. We will determine an exact project cost after we hold discovery call(s).

We'll schedule one or more discovery calls (depending on the size of the project) to have a two-way discussion that will help us build the best Duda website for your Arizona business. We come prepared with questions to guide the conversation to understand your company and customers/clients fully.

For smaller websites, the discovery call is complimentary, while larger websites require a budget as much more planning and mapping of the website is required.

All right! Now my Arizona Duda company and I roll up our sleeves and get to work. We'll put together custom graphics, copy, and web pages that make you shine! We do all of this using highly efficient processes to ensure effective use of time and the best outcome for you.

Once we "complete" the website, you and your team will have time to review it and request edits. We don't have a defined cap on revisions, but we like to keep things reasonable and within the relevant scope.

Once you are happy with the Duda website, we'll launch it!

Post-launch we are available to make website edits and be your Duda website SEO specialists to help you get more business!

Recent Work: Valle del Sol

In the middle of 2021, I had the honor to design and develop a Duda website for an Arizona nonprofit named Valle del Sol.

For over 50 years, Valle del Sol has positively impacted the lives of countless women, men, children, and families in Arizona.

This project was a significant undertaking for two reasons:

  1. Four websites needed to be built
  2. We needed the websites to represent how amazing they are

Here are the notable requirements:

  • One website for their health services and organization information (100+ pages)
  • One website for their Profiles of Success
  • One website for their Mom of the Year
  • One website for their Leadership Program
  • Accessible for people with disabilities
  • Create modern branding elements to use across the websites
  • Best SEO practices
  • Maintainable and scalable structure
  • Events functionality with extensive features such as collecting RSVPs and recurring events
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • And more!

We also set an aggressive deadline for the project so Valle del Sol could leverage their new digital assets for upcoming events. The target was three months.

The results

Three months later (to the day), Valle del Sol received four websites that significantly improved their digital brand. The project was delivered on time, with all requirements met or exceeded.

Valle del Sol Location Page in Duda
One of Valle del Sol's location pages in Duda - a key part of the project.

The client even called some of the deliverables "magical".

While we were grateful to hear that, I can tell you there was no magic involved. Our strategy and process are well developed and repeatable.

What if I'm not in Arizona?

All good! We work with plenty of people who reside in other states. See you on Zoom!

I wanna learn Duda!

Great! Check out my Duda Website Builder Tutorial and YouTube Channel, where I create a lot of Duda content! People tell me it's very helpful and easy to understand - I hope you find it is too. If there is anything you want to learn that I haven't covered, reach out, and I can create content.

I want to book a consultation with you!

Music to my ears. Head over to Telegenic Marketing and start a chat in the bottom right. I am usually very fast to respond.