Duda Website Examples: 60 Inspirational Sites

Seeking inspiration? Take a look at this list of the top 1% of Duda websites. These are the best of the best!

Me mind blown with title and image of a best Duda website

To get to 60 worthy Duda examples, I had to go through 6,000 Duda websites. Therefore, this post contains the top one percent of all Duda websites, so you can find inspiration and see what's possible on this fantastic platform.

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These websites built on Duda scored a seven out of ten or higher. To give context, I consider seven and up an admirable website that is unique in design and often demonstrates compelling copy. A five-star rating is an average website that's not special but also not poorly put together. I have high standards as I am a web designer.

From one to ten stars, here are how many websites fell into each rank:

  1. I didn't keep track
  2. I didn't keep track
  3. I didn't keep track
  4. I didn't keep track
  5. I didn't keep track
  6. 98
  7. 41
  8. 16
  9. 3
  10. 0

I was surprised to see so many low-quality websites, especially considering that marketing/web agencies are the primary users of Duda. There was actually one ten-star website that I removed from this list because the actual contents of the website were being loaded in an iFrame and Duda was merely the shell for this creation. I consider websites like that or the Airpod's page to be a 10/10.

Analyzing 6,000 websites has accomplished more than providing these Duda examples. It also allowed me to discover many recurring mistakes that beginners make on Duda and the tricks people use to build the most inspirational Duda websites, like those that made it on this list!

I created the following process to curate these Duda examples. First, I acquired a list of 6,000 websites built on Duda that are in English. Next, I opened each website and mainly looked at the homepage on a desktop. In some cases, I looked at internal pages for more context on the design and structure of the website. I closed the vast majority of websites within a second of loading them because the above-the-fold design demonstrated a poor quality website and could not make this list. Also, the websites couldn't look too similar to a Duda template as that lacks creativity.

Wondering who built the websites? Check out my post going over the top Duda companies.

Let's dive into these 60 best websites built on Duda!

The Best Duda Websites

Click each image to navigate to the full website.

Belle & Phia Australian Sand-Free Beach Towels

Screenshot of Belle & Phia Australian Sand-Free Beach Towels homepage

Fire Wings

Screenshot of Fire Wings homepage

DENT Wireless

Screenshot of DENT Wireless homepage

Zeev Ventures

Screenshot of Zeev Ventures homepage

Space Group

Screenshot of Space Group homepage

Greenbrook TMS

Screenshot of Greenbrook TMS homepage

Chicken Shack

Screenshot of Chicken Shack homepage

Medallion Foods

Screenshot of Medallion Foods homepage

Better Growth

Screenshot of Better Growth homepage

3C Cannabis

Screenshot of 3C Cannabis homepage


Screenshot of Grid homepage

Stacey Naglie Photography

Screenshot of Stacey Naglie Photography homepage

Mercedes Repair by Maurice

Screenshot of Mercedes Repair by Maurice homepage

Alive 5

Screenshot of Alive 5 homepage


Screenshot of D2 homepage

Paintball Explosion

Screenshot of Paintball Explosion homepage

The Olivine Austin

Screenshot of The Olivein Austin homepage


Screenshot of KOGS homepage


Screenshot of Zing homepage


Screenshot of DeBox homepage


Screenshot of Trans4orm homepage

Cawley & Peoples Funeral Home

Screenshot of Cawley & Peoples Funeral Home homepage


Screenshot of Lawman homepage

Southern Press

Screenshot of Southern Press homepage

R & J Dirt Work Inc

Screenshot of R & J Dirt Work Inc homepage

Juice My Soul

Screenshot of Juice My Soul homepage

J.D. Helton Roofing Co

Screenshot of J.D. Helton Roofing Co homepage

Papas Pizza

Screenshot of Papas Pizza homepage

Skyhouse Midtown

Screenshot of Skyhouse Midtown homepage

The New Orleans Baby Doll Ladies

Screenshot of The New Orleans Baby Doll Ladies homepage

Assure Care

Screenshot of Assure Care homepage

MSK Masters

Screenshot of MSK Masters homepage

H&W Ingredients

H&W Ingredients Homepage

Dragonfruit Video

Screenshot of Dragonfruit Video homepage

Heavenly Garage Doors and Gates

Screenshot of Heavenly Garage Doors and Gates homepage

Mobile Cloud Video Game Party

Screenshot of Mobile Cloud Video Game Party homepage

CT Moving and Storage

Screenshot of CT Moving and Storage homepage

Natural Beauty Slimming

Natural Beauty Slimming Homepage

Implant Center of Miami

Screenshot of Implant Center of Miami homepage

Artisan Auto Detail

Screenshot of Artisan Auto Detail homepage

BCT Aviation Maintenance

Screenshot of BCT Aviation Maintenance  homepage


Screenshot of FUGO PRO homepage

NY Pizzeria

Screenshot of NY Pizzeria homepage

Yolo Land & Cattle Co.

Screenshot of Yolo Land & Cattle Co. homepage

Umi Care

Screenshot of Umi Care homepage


Skipio Homepage

Palo Alto Innovation

Screenshot of Palo Alto Innovation homepage

Zero Wasted

Screenshot of Zero Wasted homepage


Screenshot of Washmen homepage

Riverside South Downs

Screenshot of Riverside South Downs homepage

Sports Obsession

Screenshot of Sports Obsession homepage

Tierra Encantada

Screenshot of Tierra Encantada homepage

Sketch Funnels

Screenshot of Sketch Funnels homepage

Tropical Labs

Screenshot of Tropical Labs homepage

RedFOX Labs

Red Fox Labs Homepage


Screenshot of Agtivation homepage

Last Prisoner Project

Screenshot of Last Prisoner Project homepage

Money Wiz

Screenshot of Money Wiz homepage

Warm Welcome

Screenshot of Warm Welcome homepage


Screenshot of ReitSeed homepage

Build Amazing Duda Websites!

I hope this list of the best Duda websites has inspired you, and you're going to build one worthy of being on this examples list! If you do have a Duda website you'd like featured on this Duda examples list, contact me with your info for consideration!

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