How to Unpublish a Page in Duda

Here are three methods to unpublishing pages in Duda.

"Unpublish page Duda" with page options menu

Do you have a page in Duda that is currently published and you’re looking to unpublish it? I ran into this situation too as I didn’t want to delete the page. There is actually no way to unpublish pages in Duda, but there are alternative methods that have similar results.

Note: These methods are for pages. Duda allows you to unpublish blog posts which are different from pages.

Here are three methods to emulate unpublishing a page in Duda.

Method 1: Save as a Template

Duda allows you to save full pages as a template for reuse on your websites. You can use this feature to store a copy of the webpage. When you are ready to use this page again, add it from your template library and all your content and design will be the same.

Duda unpublish by saving page first

Method 2: Make it Not Accessible

You can emulate the effect of unpublishing by making it not accessible. There are different levels you can take this depending on how inaccessible you want it.

If you want it truly inaccessible, redirect the URL to somewhere else.

Alternatively, you can remove menu links from the website (this is a good method if it’s a temporary unpublish). You can also set the page to noindex so search engines remove it from the search results.

Method 3: Password Protect the Page

Duda allows you to control who can access the page. You can set a password on the page to eliminate the public from accessing it.

Duda unpublish by password protecting

How to Unpublish Pages in Duda (Video)

Hope one of those methods help you unpublish your page in Duda!