"Build Unique Duda websites... even if you're a beginner"
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Top Duda Companies: I Found the Best Duda Pros

Browse this carefully crafted list of top Duda specialists and get the website you've always wanted!

"Top Duda Companies" with me shocked

Where do you go when you're looking to hire a Duda pro? Right here! I've curated a list top companies/freelancers who excel at building Duda websites.

Not every Duda website specialist is right for you, which is why I provide additional information about each expert Duda company, such as:

  • If they focus on a specific industry
  • What other services they offer
  • The relative cost of their Duda development services
  • Where they are located

How I Made This List of Duda Companies

In my previously fan-favorite article, I found the top 1% of Duda websites to provide examples and inspiration to fellow and prospective Duda users.

I went through 6,000 websites to find the top 60.

So this time around, I went to those 60 websites and looked if they had the website's author in the footer. Some did, some did not. For those who didn't I reached out to the business and asked who built their website (most didn't respond). I also checked their backlink profile to see if I could find the web design agency linking to the Duda website as a part of their portfolio. I found some success.

I then went back to my list of 6,000 sites and searched the meta titles for "web" to find even more companies to sift through.

What we have here is a pretty good list of companies that provide Duda services. However, there are likely plenty more that I have not seen. If you are a Duda company and would like to be considered for this list, reach out!

Why Did I Make This List?


  • Gain traffic to my blog (thanks for being here)
  • Build my name in the Duda industry
  • Connect with fellow Duda pros
  • And to promote my Duda services! (Yes, I made the list 😜)

Top Duda Companies

Let's dive into the top Duda companies (not in a specific order).


Develomark Duda team

Develomark is a no-brainer if you have a small business with a local target market. They have a highly repeatable process for increasing revenue through SEO and PPC. Their tool of choice is Duda (in fact, I discovered Duda through Ruan, their CEO, during a mastermind event). I encourage you to contact them if you are looking to grow your small business through digital means - they crush it and can show you countless case studies.

Here is some more info about this company:

Industries: Local Businesses: Plumbing, Painting, Roofing, Pest Control, Restoration, Retail, Hair Salons, Med Spas, Doctors, Dentists, Legal, Hospitals, and more!

Location: Connecticut

Cost: $$$

Services: Website Design, SEO, Advertising, Social Media

Website: https://www.develomark.com

Phone: 860-359-2251

Email: [email protected]

Example Websites:

Ayni Media

Ayni Media Duda Banner

Duda and Ayni Media go hand-in-hand. Tom, the founder of Ayni Media, has really made a name for himself in the Duda industry. In fact, he actually helped me out once when I was in a bind! He crushed the design, development, timelines, and communication. Since then, his company has grown a bunch and is a sound choice for your Duda needs! And if you're a fellow agency seeking a Duda web design partner, they can help you out too!

Location: South Carolina

Cost: $$

Services: Web Design, Graphic Design

Website: https://www.aynimedia.com

Phone: 407-476-4984

Example Website: https://www.ringcityusa.com


Ethos Duda banner

Looking for a Duda freelancer? Look no further! Cassy provides the complete solution for Duda websites. Cassy knows how to make a statement using graphic design and compelling copywriting. Ethos outputs websites that excel at the three foundations of a website (design, copy, and SEO). Give her a shot. You won't be disappointed!

Location: England

Cost: $$

Services: Graphic Design, Copywriting, Web Design, SEO

Website: https://www.byethos.co.uk

Email: [email protected]

Example Website: https://www.zerowasted.co.uk

Monday Media

Monday Medai Duda Office

Monday Media is the Duda company behind my top pick in my list of 60 Duda examples. They really seem to excel at creating messaging that makes an impact and design that compliments the messaging.

Here is some more info about this company:

Location: Perth, Australia

Cost: $$

Services: Web Design, Video, Copywriting, Marketing

Website: https://www.mondaymedia.com.au

Phone: 0447 276 379

Email: [email protected]

Example Website: https://www.belleandphia.com


BusySeed Employee

BusySeed was the maker of another Duda website I frequently use as an example for their copywriting. It's concise, descriptive, and effective. BusySeed offers well-rounded web services to design the website and market it. Plus, you can book a free consultation with their CEO right on their website!

Here is some more info about this company:

Industries: Healthcare & Wellness, Hospitality, E-commerce, Financial

Location: New York (Locations across the U.S.)

Cost: $$$

Services: Web Design, Social Media Management, Digital Ads, Automation & Integration

Website: https://www.busyseed.com

Phone: 888-353-1484

Email: [email protected]

Example Website: https://www.medallionfoods.com


Weblink Banner

After looking at several websites by Weblink, it's clear they have intersected compelling copy and design that ultimately invokes action. The webpages are hard to take your eyes off because of those two important pieces - they crush the copywriting and design (and build on the best platform for most businesses - Duda!).

Location: Ohio

Cost: $$

Services: Email, Automation, SEO, Web Design, PPC

Website: https://www.weblinkagency.com

Phone: 513-480-6999

Consultation Link: https://weblinkagency.zohobookings.com/#/customer/ryan

Example Website: https://www.mskmasters.com

Up Jump Media

Up Jump Media Duda banner

Up Jump Media is a small company proficient in graphic design and web design. They are a great match for small companies, especially ones looking to get their first website at a great price!

Here is some more info about this company:

Industries: Fitness Professionals, Musicians & Recording Artists, Skilled Trades & Contractors, Cleaning Services, Event Venues, Freelancers, Professional Services, Coaches, Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Real Estate Agents, Bloggers, and more!

Location: Washington D.C.

Cost: $

Services: Graphic Design, Web Design, SEO

Website: https://www.upjumpmedia.com

Phone: 301-955-6543

Email: [email protected]

Example Websites:

Olive + Ash Design

Olive + Ash Banner

Olive + Ash Design have immense experience in developing websites and marketing them. They've worked with many industries and can speak your jargon. Beyond designing websites on Duda, they are content writers, social media marketers, search engine optimizers, and more!

Industries: Architects/Interior Design, Artists/Photographers, Associations/Clubs, Boating, Construction, Financial, Food, Consulting, E-commerce, Salon/Beauty, Internet, Legal/Insurance, Art/Artist, Blog, Communications, Manufacturers, Library, Logistics, Medical, Music, Real Estate, Restaurants, Retail, Technology/Software, Services, Sports/Fitness, Contractor, Events, Industrial, Automotive, Home Services, Environmental, Educational, Therapy, Spa, Remodeling, Security, Transport, and more!

Location: Illinois

Cost: $$$

Services: Web Design, Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Graphic Design, Videos, Photography, Business IT & Consulting

Website: https://www.oliveandashdesign.com

Phone: 630-366-6440

Email: [email protected]

Example Website: https://www.dryateslifestylemed.com

That's a Wrap!

Go get the website of your dreams! And if you are a Duda pro and want to be on this list, reach out! I know there are plenty of amazing Duda companies out there that I did not find.

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"Build Unique Duda websites... even if you're a beginner"