Why So Many Lawyers Use Duda Website Builder

Want to crush your competition and save money while doing so? Listen up! I'm going to share with you the best website builder for law firms, hands down.

"Law Firms Need This" with me mind blown

If you're not familiar with Duda, I highly recommend checking them out, especially if you are an attorney needing a website builder. Duda is quickly gaining market share, and as more people discover them, the platform will be the dominant player.

But how does this website builder perform for lawyers? Quite well, actually. The legal industry is one of the best industries to take advantage of Duda.

Here's why.

Find out by watching my video or read ahead below.

What Attorneys Need in a Website Builder

The legal industry is one of the most competitive markets for SEO, requiring large budgets and generous timelines to perform well.

We can draw two conclusions from this:

  1. Attorneys need a website builder/platform that search engines love
  2. Attorneys must use their marketing budgets most effectively

What makes a platform good for SEO?

According to Duda, the following are the most important factors for ranking well in Google:

  1. Backlinks
  2. Schema
  3. A Secure Website
  4. Website Speed
  5. Keyword-Optimized Content
  6. User Experience
  7. Social Signals
  8. Image Optimization
  9. Consistent Business Listings (NAP)
  10. Domain Age

Out of these ten items, the following are made possible by your website platform:

  1. Schema
  2. A Secure Website
  3. Website Speed
  4. User Experience
  5. Image Optimization

Therefore, when selecting a platform for law firms, you must take into consideration these items.

What else does a lawyer need from a website builder?

The ability to create compelling designs and a lot of web pages. As for extended functionality goes, lawyers don't need a whole lot. For example, a real estate company needs flexibility in integrating with an MLS. Lawyers need visitors to contact them.

Lawyers also need a website builder that reduces billable hours. They can't take away from their SEO budget for high website management fees or lengthy website edits.

Why Duda is the Best Website Builder for Law Firms

Duda is not just the best platform for lawyers - it's the perfect platform. This attorney website builder is the best for the following reasons.

It's Fast AF

For starters, Duda is insanely fast.

Here's a little study I did. My marketing company built a website for a San Jose personal injury attorney (I'm not linking to it because the client has changed the site a lot since we launched it and no longer has the impressive speeds I'm going to cover). I searched "san jose personal injury attorney" in Google and did a Lighthouse test for the first 20 results. I recorded mobile and desktop scores in a spreadsheet and compared them to the website we built. The results were astounding.

Our website scored a 75/100 on mobile and 98/100 on desktop. The first 20 results couldn't touch us.

Here are the stats:

  • Mean score for mobile = 36.8
  • Mean score for desktop = 74.3
Spreadsheet with 21 websites and their performance scores. Ours crushes them.
Our website (last row) vs top 20 results of coopmetition

Our skills combined with Duda created a website that crushed the competition. Website speed is the fourth most important factor in SEO, so this achievement will not go unrecognized.

Duda has many methods for improving speed, and they continue to find additional ways to make their websites faster. As a consumer of the platform, we don't have to do anything. As new features and improvements get released, our websites get them automatically.

It Reduces Billable Hours

Duda is an incredibly efficient platform to build on. Duda conducted customer studies and found that agencies are building websites in half the time it was previously taking them by switching to Duda. More money for marketing!

Beyond building the platform, maintaining the platform is usually a time-consuming task such as dealing with SSL, upgrading WordPress plugins, dealing with the updates breaking stuff, updating PHP, the list goes on.

Duda is managed, meaning you don't have to do any of that. You build your website, and they maintain the platform, server, updates, SSL, etc. Again, more money for marketing!

It has built-in SEO tools

I still can't get over the fact that WordPress doesn't have meta title and meta description fields without installing additional plugins (that really hurt your performance). That's super basic SEO.

Duda not only has basic SEO fields built-in, but they crush it at more advanced SEO, especially local SEO. Duda has built-in schema which communicates with Google your location and business information. It's effortless to use (as is everything else in Duda).

Duda Law Firm Website Examples

I've prepared 20 websites that your lawyer colleagues/competition have built on Duda. To be honest, some are better than others. But the ability to make the most out of Duda will rely on quality content writers and designers. If you want to get inspired by non-industry-specific Duda websites, check out my post that covers the top 1% of all Duda websites (yeah, that took me a while).

Okay, 20 lawyers' websites built on Duda:

  • https://www.hambyandhambylaw.com
  • https://www.cottonlawoffice.com
  • https://www.younginjurylawnv.com
  • https://www.msblaw.org
  • https://www.dressielaw.com
  • https://www.onelawgroupsc.com
  • https://www.accident-lawyer-md.com
  • https://sme.dllclegal.com
  • https://ritchiesoperlaw.com
  • https://lawniagara.com
  • https://www.hollowaylawgroup.com
  • https://www.djlawms.com
  • https://www.websterkihmlaw.com
  • https://www.tsburkelaw.com
  • https://www.sheplawfirm.com
  • https://vandillenfloodlaw.com
  • https://www.havnerlawfirm.com
  • https://www.herpinlawfirm.com
  • https://bahmadilaw.com
  • https://www.maumellelaw.com

Try It. You Won't be Disappointed.

Using Duda is a win x 1,000...

It's less expensive than anything you've used, reduces billable hours, is fast AF, and will crush your competition.

Hands down, Duda is the best website platform for law firms.

Want to see how it stacks up against WordPress? Checkout my Duda vs WordPress article.