Best Copywriter Websites (+ What to Steal From Them)

Best copywriter websites, the platform they are built on, and best practices for copywriter websites.

"Best Copywriter Websites" with screenshots of the best Copywriter websites

You've nailed one of the two foundations of a website (copywriting)!

So let's go over the other main foundation... design!

If you can nail both foundations, you are going to have an outstanding copywriter website!

Copywriters have huge potential when creating websites because how compelling copy can move people.

So let's go over this list of copywriter website examples to inspire you to build the best copywriter website.

But first...

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Alright, here are the best of the best copywriter website examples.

The Ultimate List of Best Copywriter Website Examples and Inspiration

Brooks Lockett

Brooks has an impressive website and impressive clients. There are a lot of notable tactics this copywriter's website has.

  • The title of the page is keyword driven "B2B SaaS Copywriter". It's also very clear and concise.
  • He is displayed in the hero which makes it more personal
  • Without leaving the hero you get to know a lot about the copywriter services while staying concise
  • The section under the hero is filled with social proof to make prospective clients trust him
  • The "x" and check mark icons are very powerful

Great copy + great branding and design = a great copywriter website example!

Luciano Viterale

This is an epic copywriter landing page. Here's why:

  • The title is clear and compelling
  • It has a niche (ecommerce and Saas) and communicates that to the visitor
  • The CTA is descriptive (not just "Get Started")
  • Has a section that draws visitors in by comparing him vs other copywriters (great for conversions)
  • It's nicely designed – simple and effective
  • There is social proof in the form of logos and testimonials
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Macintyre Copy

I want to use this copywriters services! The copy makes it personal and speaks to the visitor right to the core. This website made the copywriting website examples list mainly for the outstanding writing. The design is also good.

This is a good freelance copywriting example and has amazing testimonials to engage the audience and get them to convert.

I also recommend taking a note from her book and use custom images throughout your site. Bonus points for using custom images and tying them to a project (like showing the picture of your client).

Lemon Tree Editorial

If the intro doesn't suck you in on a copywriters website, then that's a major red flag.

This copywriting website is a great website example of moving copywriting mixed with elegant design.

They also niche down to creatives and the wedding industry which is an excellent tactic for your business (niching down). This website copywriting is an excellent example of how to portray you service.

EST Creative

This website made the copywriting examples list because of its design, user experience, and great copywriting. The design is clean and makes the text easy to read all across the homepage.

Their blog is also filled with compelling copy and titles.

Great site that will attract potential clients!

Gio Marcus

This homepage has a bunch of website copy which makes it a great example. The website design is a bit weak but when you have such professional copy and a top notch portfolio, you can slack on the design.

Her testimonials are very moving. I like the short and to the point words from her previous clients. She also uses custom images from her testimonials. Take note copywriters!

Sarah Breeze Agency

This is a freelance copywriting website example with well defined and presented copywriting services. The website design can improve by increasing the contrast ratio of text to their backgrounds.

Meg Peery

This company crushes the copywriting and digital marketing. The writing really connects with the visitor by painting a picture of what they imagine but where they are stuck. They also use photos to communicate the message to their target audience.

Katie Lemon

Well done Katie! This is a very captivating intro that is creative and compelling.

There are other notable traits of this website:

  • Many testimonials (but hard to read font)
  • Image of the copywriter
  • Portfolio of previous projects
Brandon Van Buskirk

Brandon's website isn't anything fancy. But it really has something going for it. Us copywriters and designers will spend an infinite amount of time perfecting our websites and there is an argument to be made to put something simple out there. My interpretation of this site is exactly that. It's simple and effective. The website is more or less a landing page for his services.

I love this homepage and am definitely inspired by this copywriting example. I want to hire him to create bullet points for my content marketing.

Where should you build your copywriter website??

As a professional web designer, I recommend three platforms:

You can create outstanding websites on any of these website builders. Most people that don't have web design experience will love Squarespace. Even if you are experienced, it's still a great platform/website builder.

I don't recommend building on WordPress because it's much more time consuming and a pain in the ass to maintain.

Writers, I hope this copywriting examples list has inspired you to create the best copywriting website on the internet!