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"Best HOA & Property Management Websites" with screenshots of the HOA & Property Management Websites
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Published January 22, 2024Updated April 16, 2024
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Here's what we are going to cover:

  • The best HOA websites
  • The best property management websites

Seeking inspiration is pretty much mandatory given how competitive it is out there.

If your HOA/property management website sucks, you lose. 😔

While HOA and property management are two different categories, there's a lot of overlap. Plus, is was honestly just plain hard to find enough good examples to write an article about each one, so here they are combined :)

Losing can look like one of the following:

  • Not ranking on the first page of Google (property management company)
  • A resident building a pink 20 foot fence when the color must be neutral and 6 feet (HOA)

Even if your website is ranked at the number one spot, if visitors come and click on your website and it's, for lack of a better word, a mess, they're going to go elsewhere.

As an HOA board or property management company, your website is your online hub where people go for information and value about what you offer.

When you lack information about your company's value, this doesn't just cause you not only problems but a loss in sales and conversions (or pink fences).

Unfortunately, it's not all about having a pretty website.

In this guide, we're diving into what makes a good HOA and property management website, helping you create a great first impression, increase sales of your services, and, therefore, scale and grow your business.

Spoilers: it's about functionality, user experience, copywriting, and the overall impression it gives.

To break it down, we're diving into some of the most HOA website examples and some property management websites, exploring what makes them the best websites and what could be improved upon.

Using these HOA websites as inspiration and following my detailed guide at the end, you'll have everything you need to build the best website to boost sales and improve your online presence.

Hack Alert! Start With One of My Fav HOA & Property Management Website Templates

There's a problem with modern web design approaches: you waste so much time trying to build your website from scratch using a free HOA builder or just heading in aimlessly without having a clue what to do.

That's why you'll be best off doing two things:

  1. Using Squarespace to build your website
  2. Using one of the following completely free templates

Theses tricks shortcut your way to a professional new website, saving you time and money, and guaranteeing a high-quality web presence.

Optimized, professionally designed, and fully featured, here are some community templates for HOA websites and property management templates:

Note: The templates are just a great starting place. They don't lock you into that exact design. So even if it's not industry specific, or the colors of your liking, they are still great starting places!

Ready to kick off the list of homeowners associations' and property management websites? Let's get into it!

The Ultimate List of HOA & Property Management Websites

Screenshot 1 of Broken Bayou HOA (Example Squarespace HOA Website)Screenshot 2 of Broken Bayou HOA (Example Squarespace HOA Website)Screenshot 3 of Broken Bayou HOA (Example Squarespace HOA Website)

I'm a really big fan of the Broken Bayou HOA website and didn't expect to see an association website this modern.

The design is aesthetic and really visually appealing, with high-quality images that showcase the community and some lovely design features, like really simple navigation and lots of color images that show off their HOA board in the best possible light.

As far as homeowners association sites go, this could be one of the best HOA websites out there!

The Takeaway

Use high-quality images to showcase your community, but make sure your site loads quickly. A picture speaks a thousand words, which is what Broken Bayou is leaning into here. They're letting their service sell itself!

What Makes It Good

  • Modern and visually appealing design
  • High-quality images
  • Lots of quick access to important homeowner resources

What Could Be Improved

  • There's not a lot of written content on this new website
  • No community or event pages
  • No clear resources for homeowners looking to move to the area
Screenshot 1 of Canary Hill HOA (Example Squarespace HOA Website)Screenshot 2 of Canary Hill HOA (Example Squarespace HOA Website)Screenshot 3 of Canary Hill HOA (Example Squarespace HOA Website)

This is one of the best on my list of HOA websites.

I've chosen Canary Hill for several good reasons.

On the surface, Canary Hill HOA's website is clean, professional, and easy to navigate.

The use of white space and simple fonts makes everything easy to read, and the site is optimized for mobile use.

This association website features an event and news section, a community information section, and even a space for new homeowners to find everything they need to get started.

The only downside is the lack of visual elements, which could make the site appear a little boring.

The Takeaway

Simplicity is key. Don't make your association website messy – everything is clearly communicated, and nobody gets lost in the clutter. This is an essential design element for any association website!

What Makes It Good

  • A clean, professional, and minimalist design
  • Incredibly easy to navigate
  • Fully optimized for mobile use

What Could Be Improved

  • The website feels a little barebones and lacking in places
Screenshot 1 of T Square Property Management (Example Squarespace HOA Website)Screenshot 2 of T Square Property Management (Example Squarespace HOA Website)Screenshot 3 of T Square Property Management (Example Squarespace HOA Website)

The T Square Property's homeowners association website takes a more traditional approach to a website and has all the features. There are some bold CTAs, nice imagery (although there are very stock image-like), really nice navigation with all the pages you'd expect, and more.

It really does have everything and looks more like a professional business compared to some of the other property management and HOA websites. However, the website doesn't look cluttered, with plenty of white space and room to breathe.

The Takeaway

A modern and professional design helps make your website look trustworthy and reliable. This is essential for getting people onboard and investing in your services.

What Makes It Good

  • A really decent website structure with all the pages you could want or need
  • Nice big, bold CTAs for encouraging user action
  • The color palette has been well chosen to create feelings of optimism

What Could Be Improved

  • The big blocks of text could be divided up to make it easier to read
  • The images used don't feel very custom
Screenshot 1 of Upper Fell's Point (Example Squarespace HOA Website)Screenshot 2 of Upper Fell's Point (Example Squarespace HOA Website)Screenshot 3 of Upper Fell's Point (Example Squarespace HOA Website)

The Upper Fells Point website is an online presence to get excited about.

As you can tell right off the bat, a ton of work has gone into ensuring this website is unique and attractive and grabs the attention of all who visit it.

The imagery is clearly custom, the logo and color palette are bright and beautiful, and there's all the information you could want or need to know, including HOA rules, links to the Facebook group, and the ability to contact the HOA management should anyone need anything!

Bringing all this together, you've got yourself a near-perfect website!

The Takeaway

Use high-quality images to showcase your community, and actually take photos of your business in action. This creates a far more realistic web presence that'll get people excited.

What Makes It Good

  • Beautiful, highly engaging color palette
  • Tons of custom imagery
  • All the information someone could ever want to know, including events and legal info!

What Could Be Improved

  • There's no easily accessible Contact page for HOA members and other homeowners association requests
Screenshot 1 of Atlanta Community Services (Example Squarespace HOA Website)Screenshot 2 of Atlanta Community Services (Example Squarespace HOA Website)Screenshot 3 of Atlanta Community Services (Example Squarespace HOA Website)

It's hard not to enjoy being on the Atlanta Community website.

It's modern. It's visually appealing. Everything is big and bold regarding copy and headers that grab your attention and communicate the messaging in seconds. Everything you need resource-wise can be found at the top, including a contact button, and there's even social proof!

Although the website could probably work on its design aspects and add a bit more engagement further on in the pages, there are a lot of great talking points here.

The Takeaway

Use social proof to build trust and credibility throughout your website toward potential buyers. This can be simply done by adding reviews and testimonials to your web pages from the whole community.

Couple this with showing the board members for extra credibility.

What Makes It Good

  • Makes use of social proof to make the service seem more attractive
  • Great copywriting and header formatting to draw the readers in
  • Ensure all important documents and information have easy access

What Could Be Improved

  • More custom imagery across the website
Screenshot 1 of Huntington Park HOA (Example Squarespace HOA Website)Screenshot 2 of Huntington Park HOA (Example Squarespace HOA Website)Screenshot 3 of Huntington Park HOA (Example Squarespace HOA Website)

The Huntington Park has a great HOA website that takes a very minimalist approach, featuring a very user-friendly home page, barely any text, and a handful of tabs to other pages.

But while I could say this means there's a bit of a lack of information, and there certainly is, in many ways, it also kind of works.

There's a big custom image for the hero image, bold letters in the header, and a short paragraph explaining what the website's about and what's on offer, and that's it.

But then again, what more do you need?

The Takeaway

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to HOA websites – this is an excellent example of how concise you can be with your own site. There's no need for all the fluff and essays of text. When you keep things short and sweet and top them off with a custom image, you can still get results!

What Makes It Good

  • Contains all the essential information and necessary contact pages
  • A bold custom hero image
  • Links to social media pages

What Could Be Improved

  • Very minimal and will certainly leave lots of visitors wanting more
  • More graphics, testimonials, and other performance-boosting website features
Screenshot 1 of Priority One (Example Squarespace HOA Website)Screenshot 2 of Priority One (Example Squarespace HOA Website)Screenshot 3 of Priority One (Example Squarespace HOA Website)

Priority really does knock it out of the ballpark.

On the surface, it's a pretty simple association website, but it nails all the basic features that all come together to create a professional website. Clear headers, an expert logo, a gallery of custom imagery, and plain and simple text that concisely gives visitors everything they're after.

Good job, Priority. Lots of inspiration to be found here.

The Takeaway

Give your visitors what they want. From an HOA board or property management website, customers want to know the board members, their experience, what properties are available, what services are available, and so on.

If they're browsing and can't find this information easily, they'll simply go elsewhere.

What Makes It Good

  • An awesome meet-the-team page with HOA board members and services
  • Lots of custom imagery that really helps to build credibility
  • A clean, sleek browsing experience

What Could Be Improved

  • The website keeps going down, which just goes to show the importance of a proper web hosting provider
Screenshot 1 of Beck and Company (Example WordPress HOA Website)Screenshot 2 of Beck and Company (Example WordPress HOA Website)Screenshot 3 of Beck and Company (Example WordPress HOA Website)

Beck and Co. have taken quite a corporate direction with their HOA website, with a more traditional approach using icons to display their benefits, lots of animations with text and image slideshows, and a ton of important information for visitors to sink their teeth into.

What I really like, however, is the attention to detail that the business has put into building its brand. Right at the top, they make it clear they've been in the business for 30 years, backed by a ton of expert information highlighting that this is a business that knows what they're talking about.

And why would you not want to work with them?

The Takeaway

I'm a huge fan of the accreditation logos Beck and Co. have put at the bottom of their HOA website. These logos showcase that the company is a legitimate business and is accountable to several boards, helping to build trust and improve its reputation.

With your own HOA website and business, if you have any affiliations or accreditations with governing bodies, be sure to show them off to help people know they can trust your experience and that you're not just some random HOA website looking for an easy paycheck.

What Makes It Good

  • Lots of social proof to show off that they're a legitimate business
  • Tons of helpful information that highlight the value the business has to offer
  • Concise and informative icons with more value-adding benefits

What Could Be Improved

  • The CTAs would stand out more if they were a different color to the theme of the website
Screenshot 1 of The Park (Example Squarespace HOA Website)Screenshot 2 of The Park (Example Squarespace HOA Website)Screenshot 3 of The Park (Example Squarespace HOA Website)

If there were an HOA website I'd use to give you an example of why custom imagery is so important, this is it.

I know I've spoken about how stock imagery is okay, but custom imagery will always be better. Just look at the connection you get to the location when you see images of the actual people living and working in this community.

Having an HOA website with custom imagery just feels so much more real and engaging, and this is precisely what you want from an HOA website that literally wants to attract families.

What's more, everything else about this HOA website, including quotes and design, color schemes, CTAs, and page structure and navigation, is just spot on, making this one of the best homeowners association websites you can take inspiration from!

There's even a contact form for asking for more info, like making a booking, asking about an event, or submitting maintenance requests.

The Takeaway

If you have an HOA website, ensure you include an events tab like Park Bark does. It's such an excellent way to not only attract new people by showing them what's on, but you'll save yourself so much time because existing homeowners can check it out instead of having to get in touch!

What Makes It Good

  • Has everything both new and existing homeowners will need regarding contact information
  • Tons of custom imagery that really helps to set the site apart from the rest
  • A brilliant website structure and navigation layout

What Could Be Improved

  • Has an online store option for some reason. I reckon someone forgot or didn't know how to take it off, which is fine, but it just looks a little unprofessional

The Ultimate Guide to Building the Best HOA Website

Okay, phew!

That was a deep dive into all those websites, and it's certainly an eye-opener to see what all the other businesses, HOAs, and companies are up to, and I'm hoping you're feeling inspired now it comes to building your own website.

But don't worry if you're still trying to figure out how best to go about it, I've got your back.

To really kick things into view, here are some of the best tips and tricks to remember, ensuring your HOA website is everything you need to perform how you need it to when it comes to your HOA or property management business.

Choose the Right HOA Website Template

I can't stress this point enough. If you're using a community website-building platform like Squarespace, use high-quality HOA website templates. Not only will this save you countless hours trying to design the style and features of your HOA website from scratch, but it will also help ensure everything is SEO'd and functional.

Just choose a design that fits the brand and style of your business and has all the features you want, and customize it to match the content to your needs.

The following features you'll want to consider including on your self-managed website:

  • A header image
  • Decent page navigation menus
  • An events or community calendar section, since they do really well when you want to post updates
  • An area of testimonials and reviews
  • A contact form
  • A map of where you are

Then there are also more technical website features you might want to include.

Do you want to host virtual board meetings? Collect payments? Outline the association's qualities? Monitor resident satisfaction? Do you need to secure your customer's sensitive information?

Whatever kind of online experience you offer, ensure you're building user-friendly websites so residents and members can work effortlessly.

Remember, the job of your association site is to make life easier for everyone, so bear this in mind when building your condo association website!

And if you use HOA management software, then see if you can choose a platform that can integrate this in for straightforward message and feature management.

Always Use High-Quality Images and Graphics

A picture speaks a thousand words, so make sure you use them where possible.

I talk about this all the time but always use custom images where you can. This helps make your HOA website come across as more real and engaging than if you're just using stock images.

You can also use custom graphics to highlight certain features, value-adding points, or benefits to using your service, as visitors will be more drawn to these areas of your website, so make the most of what you say while you have their attention.

Keep Things Simple

As an HOA or property managers company, you don't need lots of fancy animations, custom code, or crazy features on your website. People are coming to you because they want specific information, and they want it fast.

Therefore, keep everything user-friendly and make your website's navigation as easy as possible. Need to find the meeting minutes? Done. Need to check the HOA policy? Easy enough!

The longer it takes for prospective owners to find what they're looking for, the less likely they'll stick around and end up just going elsewhere.

Having a white background or using negative space (depending on your color palette) is your best friend!

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Over half of the entire internet's traffic now goes through a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet. This means that, on average, around half of your community website's traffic will come via mobile devices, so make sure everything is optimized for their experience.

AKA, make sure every part of your community website is mobile-friendly!

Sure, lots of platforms and themes will do this as standard, but you need to test it yourself just to absolutely make sure.

Include a Blog, Event, or Content Section

If you want to get to the top of the Google Results Page as a homeowners association, you need to make sure you're telling Google that you're the place to go for information in your area.

One of the best ways to do this is via a blog, events, or community calendar page (which works great for best HOA websites) or, in other ways posting valuable content on your website.

And the key word here is 'valuable.'

What you're doing is building your expertise, showing your authority, and embedding the impression that you're the business your potential customers should be working with.

Use Clear Calls-to-Action

Whenever you want someone to do something on your website, like contact you, request a quote, submit maintenance requests, find out more information on service requests, and so on, you need a clear button that shows them what to do and where to go.

Make life easy for your customers. This is how shops with the 'Buy Now' buttons succeed.

Make Your Website Fast

These days, most people have very short attention spans, and if they're clicking on your website and hanging around waiting for a page to load, well, they won't be hanging around for long.

The average loading speed must be four seconds or less before people start dropping off, so make it fast. This means optimizing your multiple pages, compressing your image gallery, and using a good hosting service.

By following these tips, you can build a notary Squarespace website that showcases your business and helps you attract and retain clients!


And here we are, the end of our journey of reviewing the best HOA website examples.

As you know, building a good website is essential for any business, including HOAs and property management companies. By exploring the best HOA websites, you should now have plenty of ideas of what's important when building your own HOA custom website and what can be improved upon.

But remember, a good HOA website is more than just good design.

It's about functionality, user experience, and the overall impression it gives. It's about getting prospective buyers in and your homeowners association members and board members happy.

By following this guide and examining what makes other professional websites successful, you can build a good HOA website that boosts your sales and increases your online presence.

So take the time to build an excellent association website, and watch as it helps your business grow and thrive!

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