11 Kickass Shopify Clothing Website Examples: Blow Up Sales!

Inspiring clothing websites built on Shopify and hacks to beat them.

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"Best Clothing Stores on Shopify" with screenshots of the clothing websites on Shopify"Best Clothing Stores on Shopify" with screenshots of the clothing websites on Shopify
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You're about to see some truly inspirational Shopify clothing stores.

But I'm not going to just provide the Shopify clothing website examples and send you on your way...

Sure you'll look at them and think, "I like what they did here".

But, there are PLENTY of things going on that aren't easy to spot.

There are strategies that boost your Shopify sales.

And with my trained eye and experience building Shopify clothing stores, I'll point out what works...

So YOU can blow your your sales on Shopify.

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Now, let's take a closer look at some of the most successful Shopify clothing store examples and what makes their stores so effective.

The Ultimate List of Shopify Clothing Stores

Screenshot 1 of Juntos (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 2 of Juntos (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 3 of Juntos (Example Shopify Clothing Website)

Juntos is a sustainable materials clothing brand that boasts a clean and minimalist Shopify store design.

I'm a big fan of the simple tagline, Look Good. Do Good., which showcases just how effective good copywriting can be. The header visuals are actually just a simple slideshow of images and videos that creates this minimal look but creates a big impact on us, the visitor.

This theme continues with a simple white background and an overall neutral color palette with pops of green, which ties in with the brand's eco-friendly ethos.

In your own Shopify store, pay attention to how you use white in this way. It works so well for keeping the white clean, but because it's so neutral, it also highlights any images you put on the page, such as your clothing line.

This emphasizes your product images, drawing attention to them and making them all the more attractive.

Juntos' product pages are also clean and simple, with large, high-quality images showing the clothing in detail.

Whenever you build an ecommerce store, you absolutely must make sure you're putting your products front and center.

After all, this is what customers are coming to your online store for in the first place. They want the valuable product you're offering, so let it speak for itself.

Finally, Juntos uses a lot of clear calls to action (CTA) on each page, encouraging store visitors to "add to cart" or "buy now."

Overall, Juntos has designed one of the best Shopify stores that are easy to navigate in just a few clicks and puts the focus on the clothing itself.

Lots of inspiration here to take away for building your own Shopify clothing stores!

Screenshot 1 of Bandier (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 2 of Bandier (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 3 of Bandier (Example Shopify Clothing Website)

Bandier is a high-end fitness apparel brand that oozes confidence, sex appeal, and boldness. That's precisely what you want for a women's fitness brand because this is the kind of uplifting feeling you want your target audience to have when wearing your high-quality clothes.

However, this isn't all about being in your face or over the top. This Shopify clothing store is created with an elegant design and sophisticated tones laced throughout every page.

It's the perfect balance of both worlds.

Design-wise, the homepage features a large hero image that showcases the brand's latest collection, along with clear calls to action to the store, coupled with a smaller gallery of the other latest collections that are on offer, whether they want to sell yoga clothes or more seasonal items.

What I love about this successful Shopify store is the use of bold, high-quality product photography.

Remember, a Shopify store sells value.

This means products should be front and center on your ecommerce store and every page, so having basically full-height imagery all over the place really engages shoppers with what's on offer in a fun and captivating way.

What you see is what you get, so there's no need to hide anything behind fancy copywriting or fluff.

But, speaking of copywriting, what does exist here is short and sweet. Bold headers that get to the point with engaging one-sentence taglines that are clear and concise.

Punchy, impactful, and precise. Use this in your own Shopify site!

Screenshot 1 of Girl Tribe Co. (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 2 of Girl Tribe Co. (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 3 of Girl Tribe Co. (Example Shopify Clothing Website)

Girl Tribe Co. is a women's empowerment lifestyle brand with a bright and fun website design that highlights it above many other Shopify clothing store examples.

The site features a lot of pink and other bright colors, which tie in with the brand's playful personality, and this is worth noting.

There's a certain psychology regarding color and how it makes us feel.

For example, red is often connected with intensity and passion, often love. Orange is usually warm, kind, and high energy, whereas blue is cold, noble, and professional. In this case, pinks are soft and earthy.

When using color on your own Shopify clothing store, pay attention to the 'vibe' you're trying to create. Ask yourself what kind of personality your brand has and what colors represent that brand.

Whenever a customer comes to your Shopify clothing store, you want them to feel your brand. You want them to instantly know what you're about, even if they don't quite know how or why they think this way.

Modern ecommerce relies on first impressions because it's such a competitive industry, so you have to make sure you're making yours count.

They also use a popup with a 10% off discount. Growing your email list is a must!

Screenshot 1 of Nectar Clothing (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 2 of Nectar Clothing (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 3 of Nectar Clothing (Example Shopify Clothing Website)

Nectar Clothing is a boho-chic clothing brand with a bright and colorful Shopify store design.

There are a lot of pastel colors and bohemian graphics, which tie in with the brand's free-spirited personality.

You can get all this just by looking at the first frame of the website, and that's precisely what you want to be aiming for. The top Shopify stores do this to showcase the importance of understanding who your target audience is.

When you know your target audience and the kind of shopper you want to connect with, you can create a clothing store designed with their wants, needs, and desires in mind.

If you think that you want to make Shopify stores that attract everyone, then bear this in mind.

Not everyone is going to want to shop at your clothing store. Your clothes, styles, and branding just won't appeal to everyone, so don't even try to do it. You'll create a website that's far too generic, and no one will want to shop with you.

Instead, be bold, confident, and precise.

Choose your target audience, like Nectar Clothing has done, and hyperfocus on giving that small niche in your industry the best Shopify apparel store they can't help but fall in love with.

When you do this, you've got much more of a chance of creating a community that loves what you have to offer, therefore, a much higher chance of generating sales and developing a sustainable online business.

Screenshot 1 of Sock Fancy (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 2 of Sock Fancy (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 3 of Sock Fancy (Example Shopify Clothing Website)

Sock Fancy is a fun and quirky sock service with a playful Shopify store design and a great Shopify store example showing that details matter.

On the service, everything looks very professional and sleek. There's a monochrome color scheme and almost digital-style fonts with small text that create this minimalist business-like feel.

However, it's only when you start to look at the site's details that this Shopify store offers a lot of fun. At the top, you'll see a scrolling bar highlighting recent purchases – each signed off with a 'Shipped with Love' message.

Looking at the products themselves, along with the copy and graphics, you'll see that this isn't a brand that takes itself too seriously and instead has fun helping people create custom socks with funny pictures but still remains high quality and comfortable.

This approach works very well for fashion Shopify stores like this because you can be sure, so many people overlook socks as part of that fashion, and while a small and subtle part of an outfit, they're actually a great opportunity to have some fun, and Sock Fancy plays on this beautifully.

Screenshot 1 of Splits59 (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 2 of Splits59 (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 3 of Splits59 (Example Shopify Clothing Website)

Splits59 is one of the most gorgeous Shopify stores that effectively represents their gorgeous, high-end fitness fashion lines that dominate the fitness clothing industry. Another sleek and sophisticated website, it features a monochrome color palette that creates a professional feeling without it feeling too corporate or stale.

I'm a huge fan of Split's decision to mix images and videos for their product gallery and header image, as this creates a fun and engaging feel, once again preventing the Shopify store pages from feeling too static.

As you scroll through the site, however, you'll notice how the sections are broken up into lighter-colored sections, like creams and soft yellows. This helps to keep the brand grounded in its feminine origins.

Couple that with some bold accent images and some fantastic custom imagery of the models showing the clothing off, and you've got yourself a Shopify clothing store to be envious of.

The takeaway?

Custom imagery that's bright, big, and bold, showcasing exactly how you want your stylish clothes shown off. Create images in your visitor's heads so they can easily see themselves in your clothes.

Do this, and you'll be onto a winning design.

Screenshot 1 of Till I Die Apparel (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 2 of Till I Die Apparel (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 3 of Till I Die Apparel (Example Shopify Clothing Website)

Till I Die Apparel is an exciting take and a highlight of the best Shopify clothing store in their lifestyle fashion industry.

It's a sports brand, explicitly snowboarding, so you can already tell the name fits perfectly. It gives you that ride or die, live while we're young kind of attitude, which is a lot of fun and certainly creates an exciting atmosphere around the brand.

However, while some see this as a bit extreme, the online store is softened dramatically by vaporwave-styled pastel colors and gradients that take that hard edge off.

The result is a beautiful, fun, captivating Shopify store design that oozes laughter, fun, and adventure – and what better atmosphere do you need to get people excited about buying snowboarding clothes and accessories?

On top of this, there are all the best bits a Shopify store should have, including big imagery at the top, large product pictures, dynamic loading animations, high contrast colors, and easy navigational links to essential pages and product categories – everything you need for a successful ecommerce store.

Screenshot 1 of Vapor95 (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 2 of Vapor95 (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 3 of Vapor95 (Example Shopify Clothing Website)

I'm a massive fan of Vapor95's retro-themed, vaporwave clothing brand design, creating their Shopify clothing store to be full of bold and colorful graphics.

In this regard, it's one of the best Shopify clothing stores around.

The online store features many bright colors and trippy graphics, which align with the brand's psychedelic aesthetic, instantly communicating the brand's personality before the entire page has even loaded.

Again, the images are big, bright, and nicely spaced out with great use of negative space to emphasize the images (putting products front and center, I will go on about this to really drive it home 😝) with single product names as the copywriting.

However, a standout feature of this design is the use of dynamic elements.

What I mean by that is that a traditional Shopify store with no moving parts is just static.

That's a generic website approach that can feel boring and generic and certainly isn't a suitable approach for an online store trying to communicate this much character.

Instead, Vapor95 has created movement using images that change when you put your cursor over them, animation scrolling text bars, color-changing sections, and more.

This creates a more enticing Shopify clothing store that engages the visitors because things are happening.

This is a more captivating experience that hooks your visitors more into what you have to offer, and the more time they commit to your website, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

That's what makes a great Shopify store.

Screenshot 1 of Lems Shoes (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 2 of Lems Shoes (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 3 of Lems Shoes (Example Shopify Clothing Website)

Lems Shoes is a minimalist-vibe footwear brand that is a little different from the other Shopify clothing store examples we've looked at already.

It's a design produced using lots of lovely imagery set out in a grid style, divided up with clean white lines, giving it a modern and sophisticated look.

The only downside I'll mention is the fact that the white font on the yellow background can look a little blurry to read. It kind of merges into one blur in some places, meaning you'll overlook it and won't bother to take in what it's saying.

The best Shopify fashion stores always ensure every element of their store is clear and easy to read. Otherwise, it's simply a waste of time putting it out there!

Screenshot 1 of Merch House (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 2 of Merch House (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 3 of Merch House (Example Shopify Clothing Website)

Merch House is a merchandising and fulfillment company specially designed with chapters, university fraternities, and sororities.

This is a really interesting business take because it's not an idea or niche you'd think of straight away, but then it makes complete sense that these places would be looking for custom apparel to showcase their branding and style, helping to bring everyone in those communities together.

Bearing this target market in mind, you can see that Merch House has put a lot of thought into its design, finding the balance between fun and exciting, and professional.

They've done a great job, and when you couple this with custom imagery, animated icons that highlight the best services and features of using this service, and an easy step-by-step guide that showcases how easy this service is to use to get high-quality apparel, you end up with another one of the most successful Shopify stores that get results.

Screenshot 1 of NAADAM (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 2 of NAADAM (Example Shopify Clothing Website)Screenshot 3 of NAADAM (Example Shopify Clothing Website)

NAADAM is a sustainable cashmere clothing brand that has a clean and minimalist website design. Color-wise, the site features a neutral color palette with pops of blue and green, which tie in with the brand's eco-friendly ethos.

This is complemented by the comfy custom imagery that creates a really soft and nurturing feeling that makes you want to get cozied up and peaceful. There's nothing about this website that's too jarring or intense. Instead, everything is really smooth, sleek, and easily flowing.

However, there are lots of great tips to take away here for your own Shopify store. Right at the top, there's a nice clean banner image highlighting the ongoing sale – a great way to get people excited for the fact that they have immediate access to a deal.

There's also a link to the Instagram feed that showcases people who have bought the clothes from the store and tagged NAADAM on the platform. This is a great way to show new customers that people are already buying from the business and enjoying the products, which builds trust, reputation, and credibility.

Perfect for helping new customers know you're a real business and will give them a positive online shopping experience.

Steps to Launching Your Shopify Clothing Store

  1. Sign up for Shopify here
  2. Choose a theme (below are suggestions)
  3. Add your products
  4. Design your pages
  5. Setup store info, policies, shipping, etc.
  6. Launch your domain!

Some Awesome Shopify Clothing Store Themes

When it comes to building your own Shopify clothing store, you may be wondering just how store owners manage to develop such great Shopify clothing stores as the ones above.

Shopify runs on themes.

Unlike other platforms where you can start with a blank template, you pretty much have to start with a theme (unless you want to custom code it).

There are themes that are rather basic to give you flexibility and there are themes that are very built out.

Simply pick a theme you love, add the information to make it your own, upload your products, and launch. That's it.

And here are three amazing themes to get you started that put your Shopify fashion stores up there with the best Shopify clothing stores around:

What Makes a Successful Design for a Shopify Clothing Store?

The best Shopify clothing store doesn't just require a good-looking aesthetic. There are many turning cogs in this engine, all of which come together to create a high-performance machine that generates sales and grows your business.

Here are some of those features:

  1. Visual Appeal: Your online store should be visually appealing and attractive. This means using high-quality images and graphics, a consistent color scheme, and a clean, uncluttered layout. The more professional it is, the more trustworthy your site becomes.
  2. Ease of Use: Your store should be easy to navigate, with clear calls to action that guide users toward making a purchase. Any customers getting lost in your sales process won't stick around for long.
  3. Branding: Your store should reflect your brand's unique personality and values with a clear and consistent brand identity. Your business should offer a value that no other business does. A reason why customers choose to go with you and no one else. This value should be evident throughout your branding.
  4. Copywriting: Focus on your visitors desires and problems. The best clothing stores sell an emotion.
  5. Lead Generation: Make absolute sure you are growing an email list. Many people will provide their emails well before they make a purchase. Having their emails is super valuable. So offer them a discount on their first purchase in exchange for their email.
  6. Mobile Responsiveness: With more and more people shopping on a mobile device, your store must be optimized for mobile viewing, whether that's smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

Over to you

By taking inspiration from these successful Shopify clothing stores, you can create a visually appealing and highly functional website.

Follow the key takeaways and learn from these successful examples, and you'll have created a kickass Shopify clothing store that blows up sales in no time at all and is firm competition against the other Shopify clothing store examples on this list!

Good luck!


How do I make the best Shopify store?

Many features go into making the best Shopify clothing store possible, but the core of it comes from having a good product. Whether you sell designer clothes, are part of a retail chain, trade iconic retro sneakers, workout clothes, or any other kind of clothing items, your product must be high quality and reputable.

You then need to back this with a quality service and online shopping experience.

Once you've got these elements, you need to build a good Shopify store that highlights the value you're offering customers. If you get it right, then you'll have a profitable business.

What are the features of the most popular Shopify stores?

It's difficult to generalize the features of the most popular Shopify stores, as each successful store has its unique strategy and set of features. However, here are some common features that the best Shopify clothing stores tend to have:

  • A user-friendly design
  • High-quality product images
  • Customer reviews and ratings
  • Multiple payment options
  • Lead magnet (something that persuades people to give you their email address)
  • Fast loading speed
  • Marketing and SEO

Do you need a physical store to sell online?

Nope! You can sell online however you like, whether you have the products yourself or dropship them from suppliers. No physical store is required, and many of the Shopify clothing stores examples we looked at don't have physical stores.

How to build credibility and reputation as a new online store?

Online shoppers may doubt whether they can trust your online business. In essence, they only ever want to spend their money with the best Shopify clothing store they can find.

The best ways to build this credibility include the following:

  • Have a professional website, like the above Shopify store examples
  • Highlight your Instagram feed to show people are connecting with your brand with user-generated content
  • Connect links to your other social media platforms
  • Collect and showcase reviews and testimonials you have from past customers
  • Offer attentive service with good customer service
  • Aim to be the best Shopify clothing store you can be
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