34 Inspirational Shopify Food and Beverage Stores

Inspiring food and beverage stores built on Shopify and hacks to beat them.

"Best Food and Beverage Websites on Shopify" with screenshots of the food and beverage stores on Shopify

If you're looking for some Shopify store inspiration, you've come to the right place!

Setting up and building a Shopify store is hard work. You've got to go through the whole process of choosing the right imagery, colors, layout, and copywriting to draw customers in and ensure they stick around long enough to make a purchase. 

However, this also means designing your website to stand out from your competitors and provide enough value and ambition to encourage sales.

Phew, that's a lot to think about. 

While it may sound like an arduous process, I'll make things easier with today's guide. I've gathered together some of my top picks from the top Shopify food and beverage stores. From small local businesses to major global superstores, these inspiring Shopify stores all have something unique about them that you can learn from when building your own site.

I'll cover everything, from website and Shopify theme design, visuals, and aesthetics to the quality of the copy, the layout, and the functionality each site has to offer.

So, strap in, and let's get busy.

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Hack Alert! Start With One of My Fav Squarespace Food and Beverage Themes

The theme you choose for your Shopify store matters. Design capabilities and features vary between Shopify themes. So here are my suggested Shopify themes for food stores.

Ultimate List of Best Food and Beverage Stores on Shopify

Dang Foods

Well, Dang. Literally.

Easily one of the best Shopify stores. The colors and imagery are phenomenal, and the mouse-moving dynamics make this website pop. I'm seriously impressed, and we haven't even moved past the first screen.

What sets this website apart is how interactive it is. The scrolling animations are on point, and the unique yet intuitive navigation to view more flavors and other pages are just a stroke of genius. Plus, their copywriting is witty and entertaining.

The custom imagery is spot on, which is precisely what your Shopify store should aim at.


People are coming to your store because they're interested in your product, your brand, and the value you will bring to their lives. Even if that value is nothing more than enjoying some great-tasting sliced coconut flakes while watching Netflix.

This means your product needs (NEEDS!) to be front and center, which is what Dang Foods has done here.

Also, and this is worth mentioning, all the media mentions, big product reviews, and feature pieces (featured on BuzzFeed, Men's Health, etc.) are on the homepage. This is ESSENTIAL for being rapport with your customers and building your reputation, so add it where you can!

Overall, Dang Foods really knows how to set the tone for a food and beverage website on Shopify. If you take anything away from this website, let it be how to balance a modern yet dynamic feel for your food and beverage store.


Big fan of the Craftmix online store.

First off, I love the visuals. Everything is so clean and well-designed, with just enough color to make it stand out without feeling too overwhelming. On the note of color, it's a stunning palette that includes light and airy pastels, which is exactly what you want for a cocktail brand.

And that's an excellent point to take note of. Colors make such a difference when it comes to your store's branding. Specific colors will make specific customers feel specific ways, so choose wisely and make it count.

Here's a fun guide that goes into this topic in more detail.

The layout of this online store is also intuitive and user-friendly, with solid visuals for each product, which helps make it easier for customers to quickly find what they're looking for.

AND, notice the media mentions right at the top of the page, instantly boosting the website's reputation and ensuring customers understand the quality of the product. Custom graphics abound, easy navigation, and beautifully funky fonts.

What more could you want from an eCommerce store?


The OLIPOP website is a mini work of art.

Once again, custom imagery is front and center and in such a tasteful way. The pastel colors have been used not only to create a beautiful website that's gorgeous to look at but also to highlight the product images, making them pop off even more.

This is the kind of thing you want to think about when creating your own Shopify food store. Make the product look attractive, and make sure it stands out from the rest of the visuals.

And from a design perspective, the font and layout are perfect. Everything is so smooth and streamlined that you can easily find what you're looking for, and the change in pastel colors on each section of the page helps break things up but also keeps things cohesive.

The copywriting also has lots of personality and humor that make it easy to read and enjoyable. If your brand has personality (which it certainly should have), then your copywriting needs to reflect this!

Don't be afraid to inject a bit of yourself into the mix!


Petzyo absolutely nails engagement, making it one of the best Shopify themes around.

Right on the homepage, we see a ton of community news about the winners of the latest competition and ways for new customers to get involved. This immediately creates the impression that there's lots to see and do here and, more importantly, other people are seriously involved with what's going on.

This is important because it builds trust and reputation. It says that people love this business enough to get involved, and this is something that customers love to see. The media mentions and awards back this up.

This is important. If you've won an award or you've been featured in a publication, make this known! It's an easy way to build credibility and trust with your customer base. Plus, it looks great from a design perspective!

A final note on this website - the colors. White is great for website design as it helps to highlight other features of the page. In this case, the pink CTA buttons stand out even more and will get more clicks as a result!

Partake Foods

Partake Foods is another great example of a food beverage store done right. It's all about the stunning visuals! The muted colors reflect the brand's ethos, and it helps create a warm and inviting atmosphere for customers.

The imagery is also very well done, beautifully spaced out with the square sections, which helps keep things organized. These product images of the food are wonderfully clear and sharp, which is essential when it comes to customers being able to understand exactly what's offered.

Even the icons that clearly outline the fact this product is allergen-free is such a great take. The images and the concept are so simple, but the information is essential when it comes to a product like this.

Bear this in mind on your own food website. Whatever the key features are of your product and whatever your customers are interested in, make this information as accessible as possible. If it's hidden and no one can find it, your customers won't know what you've got and will simply go elsewhere.

Note this Shopify theme once again uses pastel colors. This is an excellent trick for food and beverage websites, as it's soft and inviting and makes the product stand out.

The copywriting of this food and beverage store is also top-notch, with lots of personality and smart descriptions. It's clear the website has been carefully written to fit the brand's ethos and niche, which is so important!

Quantum Energy Squares

This is a fantastic example of how Shopify stores can showcase a food product.

First, there's the attention-grabbing imagery - bright colors, bold shapes, and a unique layout. All of this instantly grabs your attention, making sure that the customer is intrigued and wants to learn more about the food. Then there are product reviews and media mentions to add credibility.

The topography is also great - big, bold font and simple bullet points that make it user-friendly and help understand the information.

Lazy Food Co.

What I love most about this top Shopify store is how dynamic it is. A scrolling text bar that looks great and highlights the key product features. Custom product image slideshows and animations. Curved text that's formatted in a unique and engaging way.

It's all about ensuring the customer is engaged and understands what this product is all about quickly and easily.

The digital topography is also particularly good in this Shopify theme, with an attractive choice of fonts that fit perfectly into the overall vibe and aesthetic. Bold, bright, and modern, this website is an instant eye-catcher.

Magic Mind

Magic Mind's store is incredibly simple but incredibly effective.

The topography is incredibly clear, with a bold font and bright colors that really make the text stand out. The logo is fantastic because it's minimal and clear, and when you look at the fact that this is a brand promoting productivity products that help with focus, this is exactly what you want your brand personality to be!

Now, the visuals. Oh my Lord, the colors. Magic Mind has gone above and beyond when it comes to imagery and colors, making it one of the top Shopify stores on this list. This eCommerce store feels funky and fresh, and everything somehow stands out simultaneously. Then, when you get into the copywriting, it reads beautifully.

Also, notice the testimonial right there on the homepage for building credibility! This website really does have it all!

Mosaic Foods

This online store is a visual masterpiece. The colors are perfect, with pastel shades for the background that make the product imagery pop.

The topography is great, and the font choice is, once again, bold and clear, making sure that the customer has no trouble reading the text.

The food product descriptions are also so well written. They're simple, but that's ideal for something like this. Customers are looking for information quickly and easily, so give it to them like that!



This website is an excellent example of how to make the most out of minimal design elements within their Shopify theme. The big, bold header really sets the scene for what this website is about. The white/near-white background also helps accentuate some more subtle design elements, such as the color palette and product.

Although, let's be real, it's not really that subtle. The company has put its food products massive on the front of the page, ensuring it's the first thing customers see. That's a fantastic way to get people interested in what you have to offer!

Daysmith coffee

I adore the imagery used on this Shopify store and how it's set up creatively, but the rest of the content is set up around these images. The big 'Buy Now' CTA is placed right in the center of each page, and the language used throughout is simple but effective.

The colors chosen are also great here, creating a soothing, calming atmosphere that is perfect for the food products they sell. Plus, the little graphic elements used throughout help give the site a unique feel.


Simply gorgeous.

This online store is a lesson in how to use shapes and lines to create an aesthetically pleasing website. The color palette is brilliant - it's modern and fresh, with just enough contrast to keep it interesting.

The food product images are also fantastic - they draw you in and make you want to learn more. Plus, the entire site has a great sense of balance and harmony that helps to make it a pleasure to browse.

Daydream Drinks

Daydream Drinks is an excellent example of how to use color and texture to create an atmosphere. The muted tones and soft edges give this Shopify store a relaxed vibe – not only does it look great, but it also helps to evoke the feeling of being in a dream.

I really like the psychedelic, 80s approach here. It's not super trippy or out there, man, but rather soft and floaty. When you look at the brand name and the fact this is sparkling water mixed with hemp extracts, you can see that this is the perfect online presence for this brand.


ReGrained is an online shop that's a little different.

It's got a more industrial feel, with the colors reminiscent of nature and rural life. It's all quite rough and rustic, but it works because it fits the product. All of the other elements are also very simple so that your focus is always on the food itself.

The great thing about this Shopify theme is that it's easy to navigate and the copywriting is clear. It also has a few subtle parallax effects, which help to create a cohesive overall look - for example, little balloons pop up when you scroll down! It's a lot of fun and helps make the experience of being in your store much more fun!


The RightRice website is a fantastic example of what you can do with minimal design elements. It's all about being clear and concise while still being punchy and bold. I'm a big fan of the use of black in this store. It works like white does, highlighting the food and helping them stand out, but it does with a sleek vibe.

This is another excellent example of a store with great copywriting too. There's not much to it, but the headers are big and bold, and the subheadings have a ton of character, making the website enjoyable!

The Good Ritual

Notice the sense of calm and peace you get when entering this website. Pastel colors. Beautifully staged custom product images. Clean, readable fonts with minimal text. The shapes of curves and small animated pictures.

What vibe does this create for you?

Well, it creates that peaceful feeling, which might not be what you associate coffee with, but that's precisely what the brand sells. Coffee without jitters. Take your food product, figure out how you're trying to sell it, and then make your website reflect this value, just like the Good Ritual has done.


BARK is a tongue-in-cheek take on a Shopify store that shows that personality is the best way forward.

The design of this Shopify theme is great - the font has a fun, playful feel to it, and the images of the happy dogs and puppies around the outside is sure to melt the heart of any dog lover interested in such food products.



Color overload here on the KRAVE Jerky eCommerce Shopify store.

It's definitely a bold and daring approach that you don't see much of, but it works! The colors are all very vibrant and work together to create an eye-catching website.

The packaging they use for the products also fits into this look perfectly - it's almost like a cartoon version of the food! I also love the scrolling shop on the homepage, a feature that gives customers instant access to the shop and the ability to make sales!


The ModifyHealth website is a great example of using big, bold colors and shapes to create an eye-catching design. The rich blues and purples help to draw attention, as does the use of an oversized font for most of the headers.

The simplicity here is also great. The copy is concise and to the point, with the layout being equally clean. This helps to make sure that your customer is always focused on the food and beverage products.

The only real improvement would be to make the media mentions and testimonials a bit cleaner and stand out more. The company logos are so faint and are, therefore, easily missed.


Kencko has a unique approach to designing its Shopify theme. It's quirky but modern - with the use of fun fonts and playful icons throughout, all while retaining a sense of professionalism and flow. Through its use of black and white colors, calming banners, simple icons, and gorgeous titles, this website promotes a very simple and peaceful state of mind.

Fody Foods

Fody Foods has a Shopify theme that oozes personality.

The colors are bold and eye-catching, with the use of purples and whites creating an inviting atmosphere. They also use some fun animations throughout their food and beverage site, which helps to give it more character and draw attention to different areas of the website.

The copywriting is also really direct and concise and speaks directly to the customer. Plus, they have a great CTA in the 'introducing our new product' section, encouraging people to buy immediately.

Seriously Low Carb

The Seriously Low Carb Shopify theme takes a much more traditional approach than most of the others. It looks like a classic website, rather than the more modern widescreen, high imagery Shopify stores, but that's okay. It does have a bit of a dated look compared with other food and beverage eCommerce stores, but this can be a benefit.

For example, the simplicity here helps to make the copywriting stand out more and make sure it's being read. The use of whitespace also makes the product pictures look more prominent, which is great for any website selling food products.

Grub Club Pets

Grub Club Pets has a super simple Shopify theme that does an excellent job of introducing its pet food products. It uses fun colors, some fantastic photography, and nice bold fonts to help all page elements stand out in an engaging way. This website also does an excellent job of introducing its products through the sliding gallery with some rather lovely custom animations.

BRAMI Snacks

BRAMI Snacks is easily one of the best Shopify stores that give off a feeling of energy and fun.

The colors are very vibrant, with the oranges, in particular, creating a sense of enthusiasm. The use of quirky graphics and fonts also helps to give it more character and makes the experience of being in their store more enjoyable.

There's considerable attention on media mentions, with a carousel section displaying their press coverage. The 'our story' page is also great, with the use of imagery and anecdotes to tell it effectively. All in all, BRAMI Snacks has built one of the best food Shopify stores that make customers smile and make sales!

Breed Science

Breed Science has a really unique approach to its online store design. It's minimal, but the colors are bold and vibrant - with the use of pink and yellow to really stand out.

The use of photography is great, too, with the imagery adding character and a sense of fun, an approach all the best Shopify stores take. There are also little animations throughout, which add a lot of character and help keep people engaged.

The copywriting is nothing special, but it's plain and straightforward and says everything it needs to.

Eager Drinks

Pure and simple. Eager Drinks has a really vivid Shopify theme with the use of bright colors, bold fonts, and fun animations. The blues are vibrant, making it impossible to miss any information. The main images also work great too, as do the dynamic headers and page sections. These features make the website feel alive and interactive, only adding to the customer experience.

Dream Pops

Excellent copywriting here at Dream Pops. This online shop gets right to the point with its clear and concise copy, boosting customer trust. The use of soft colors and playful graphics and icons also help here, all while keeping a cool, modern look. The food and beverage product images are also fantastic - they keep it simple but still manage to convey exactly what the product is about.

GrownAs* Foods

I personally don't really enjoy looking at this website. It's not really my style, but that doesn't stop it from being a great Shopify store. The brand has heavily leaned into the cheesy side of things with tons of yellows and old-school graphics, which creates almost a traditional, if not dated, look.

That being said, the dynamic scrolling banners, custom graphics, and overall layout are clear and easy to follow, helping customers onboard a lot of information about the product in literally a matter of seconds. This is the kind of copy you want on your homepage and product page - the kind of copy that actively encourages sales.

Culture Pop

Culture Pop is a website that oozes personality. The color scheme is fantastic, with a mix of warm and cool tones that create a very inviting atmosphere. The use of bold fonts and custom graphics also helps to add to the site's personality, making it an excellent example for anyone trying to emulate a fun look for their own website.

The real star of the show in this Shopify theme, however, is the rotating text integrated with the gorgeous product photos. It looks great and really helps to bring this Shopify store to life.


Big, bold, and pink.

Everything about this food and beverage website is punchy and in your face, and that's precisely how it's meant to be.

Superfrau uses a lot of bright colors, but they all work together to create an atmosphere that is both fun and confident. The use of simple yet bold fonts also works nicely in this theme, and the product images are very creative and give it some extra oomph.

The only downside to this top Shopify theme is that the fonts and colors could come across as a little jarring to some, but that's okay. Remember, you can't please everyone.


Mmm, another one of the best Shopify store designs that's nothing short of beautiful-looking.

I'm a big fan of widescreen images like this, especially when it comes to food and beverage stores, with bold headers and custom product images around the side. MadeGood does a really good job of bringing it all together. Notice how the CTA in the middle has a very subtle but impactful animation to it, helping to draw attention.

Also, notice the custom imagery again mixed with arrows and hand-drawn graphics. This style is common in Shopify stores and is a great feature to use because it adds a unique and eye-catching element to the page. Not to mention, this store also has some delightful copywriting that speaks directly to the customer! All in all, a really successful website.

Drink Biolyte

Drink Biolyte is one of the most interesting Shopify stores. It has a very modern, sleek look with purple, yellow, orange, and blue tones, plus custom graphics to tie it all together. It's a very simple yet effective look, with the product image in the middle of the page being key to capturing people's attention.

However, the product video is where this website really shines.

If you can, use a video to explain and highlight the features of your food and beverage product.

Videos are unbelievably effective and create an emotional connection that customers will remember for a lot longer than just words. Drink Biolyte does this perfectly, and it's a great example of how to make the most out of a video.

OCA Plant Based Energy Drink

OCA Plant Based Energy Drink has a really cool, modern website with the use of bright colors and bold fonts. The visuals are absolutely fantastic, and while a little intense, that's precisely the kind of look the website wants.

A bright, colorful, and fruity website for bright, colorful, and fruit drinks.

Once again, custom photos on this eCommerce shop are mixed with onscreen graphics for a depth like no other and easily convey important info to the customer quickly.

Lovebug Pet Food

Lovebug Pet Food has a website that is truly unique. It's really colorful and dynamic, with the use of fun fonts and custom animations to add some flare. Every page also tells you precisely what you need to know. This is coupled with the interesting feature of showing high-quality food product photos mixed with cartoon drawings, adding new depth to the site and its visuals.

Note that the CTA in this store theme looks wonderful, but there's an arrow pointing to the CTA, making it even clearer! 

I'd be interested to see how much of a difference this small but funky-looking graphic actually makes!

How to Build a Successful Shopify Food Store

Okay, that's a lot of the best Shopify food stores around, so by now, I think you get the idea of what makes a good Shopify store in the food and beverage market.

What? You don't?

Fine, I guess I'll keep talking about websites 😉 It's not like I love it or anything.

To finish off this guide, here's what you need to know when it comes to building a food and beverage Shopify store and theme. Of course, it's going to take a bit of research and experimentation on your part to find what works. No two e-commerce stores are the same, so try to think outside the box and find the design for your business.

Your Shopify theme won't work if you just try to copy someone else's theme directly.

Pick your target market

Before you even start building your food and beverage store, take a moment to think about how your customers are. You're a food and beverage e-commerce business, and your products won't appeal to everyone. It would be great if they could, but they won't. Some people like Apple, and others like Samsung.

So, don't build your Shopify store in a way that tries to make everyone happy.

Identify who your customers are and hyper-focus on them.

Notice how many of the Shopify stores in this list have big, bright, and daring designs, and that's because they know this is what their customers are looking for. Sure, it might be off-putting to some, but that's okay, because the product isn't for them.

Be brave and bold when targeting the customers who are actually going to make sales with your business.

Focus on functionality

Next, make sure that your online store is easy to use.

It doesn't have to be overly complicated, but it should be intuitive and simple enough for anyone to get the hang of it after spending a few minutes on the page. Product images, sizes, descriptions, and prices should all be visible, so customers don't have to search around for them.

Customer experience is everything

Shopify stores should be engaging and interesting, not just informational. If a customer lands on your page and is presented with just blocks of text, they'll likely get bored quickly. Use custom images, videos, and bold fonts to capture attention and increase interest in your selling product.

And, don't forget, your Shopify theme should be responsive and suitable for mobile devices. So many people shop these days using their mobile devices or social media, so you need to ensure your eCommerce Shopify store is formatted for the best experience.

Fortunately, this is easy since most Shopify themes will do this naturally. However, if you're using a custom theme (which you should be doing for the best results), you'll need to check that everything works perfectly.

Quality is essential

Remember, high-quality product photos are a must in any Shopify theme, and your product must always be front and center. However, how you present your store products within your Shopify theme is up to you. If you want to use animations, funky effects, scrolling text bars, or hand-drawn graphics that help your photo pop, it's all up to you.

Whatever route you choose, the best Shopify themes will make sure the product is highlighted at all times and stands out from everything else. Your products should also be so good that they sell themselves in this regard.

What you say, matters

Don't forget about copywriting, either.

It's one of the most important aspects of any Shopify theme. You want to make sure your website speaks to people who don't already know you and introduces the product in an interesting way. Be creative, be fun, and engage with your readers. Put jokes into the copy if they fit, or even throw some fun facts into the text.

Pick your brand and style, and wholly lean into it. This is where Shopify stores get the best results.

So, that's the rundown of what makes Shopify stores and e-commerce websites, in general, successful. Determination, creativity, and willingness to do something different are all key here, as is some experimentation.

Good luck and happy Shopify-ing. 🛍️💻