21 Kickass Squarespace Artist Websites: Make the Best Website

Inspiring artist websites built on Squarespace and hacks to beat them.

"Best Artist Websites on Squarespace" with screenshots of the artists' websites on Squarespace
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You're on your way to building the best artist website on Squarespace.


Because I have not only featured the most well designed Squarespace artist websites, but also ones that crush it in other ways beyond design.

I know, I know... when we create websites we want to create them with the best design possible. Artists are no exception to this.

But the best Squarespace artist website examples don't do just do well at design...

They also excel at:

  • Presnting information that connects with the visitors (copywriting)
  • Optmizing the site to get traffic from search engines (Google)
  • And formatting their media and information to convey your point/message

Hang on as I'll give you tips to build the best artist website on Squarespace!

And honestly, it's not that hard. I was very underwhelmed by the lack of great Squarespace artist websites.

But fear not, this list contains the best of the best artist Squarespace website examples so you can quickly get inspired and focus on getting your work online!

Hack Alert! Start With One of My Fav Artist Squarespace Templates

These artist Squarespace website templates are killer for getting a jump start, but also making one of the best artist Squarespace websites out there (trust me I looked at so many and there's room to really crush it)!

The Ultimate List of Artist Websites Built on Squarespace

Flower Shop Collective

While this isn't an individual artist's website (rather a studio), there is much to learn from it.

Because art is such a broad category, it's very important to inform your visitors what you specifically do. And this website clearly states what they do (and where) right in the intro. Do that, and you'll be ahead for 99% of Squarespace artist websites.

Beyond that, the homepage is very easy to follow. There is a healthy balance between text and images. Really, all the pages have good inspiration including the store so you can reference how this company is selling products on Squarespace.

Grace K Design

One area this artist's website shines is copywriting.

Notice how the tiles aren't bland. They connect her artwork to the desires of the visitors.

Typically, artist websites that have a business do better at copywriting and website design.

This contact page is very close to having best practices. While it is definitely modern and professional, it could use some supportive copywriting to encourage the visitor they are making the right decision. I love that this contact page doesn't say "contact us", rather "can't wait to hear from you", but it should give reasons why the visitor should contact. For example, get started in crafting a custom artwork for you that matches your style.

Morton Court Publishing

This is one that isn't an individual artist's website, but it features art and I included it because I wanted to reference some things they are doing really well and it'll help you create your artist website on Squarespace.

First, I think the web design is inspirational – especially the intro.

But more importantly, if you load the homepage and look at it for 5-10 seconds, you have a solid understanding of what they do.

Too many personal Squarespace artist websites are vague which does not benefit the artist or visitor.

They also have a prints section where you can browse and buy artwork right on Squarespace ecommerce!

by Mark Lange

Mark has an exceptional creative skillet. This Squarespace website design will convert many visors into clients (heck I want to use his services). The visual hierarchy and layout of the page is very appealing. He also has a nice portfolio worth checking out.

The first image is very captivating. What a great way to use the visual side of a website to say, "hey, I'm great at what I do".

Vee Talbert

This artist does an exceptional job at describing their work and organizing it for the visitor. And while some of the internal pages are broken, there is still much to reference from this website.

BD Feliz

This is my favorite Squarespace portfolio website and I think you'll agree. First, the header is very clean. I like the big menu items as they are very easy to read and easy to navigate.

Second, the portfolio is soo clean the way it's laid out. Everything is symmetrical and he puts each art work on a nicely contrasting background.

He also has an individual page for each work of art.

Village Common

I really enjoy coming across a website that does something so unique it makes me stop and look at it for a bit... and leave it to an artist on the Squarespace website builder to make it happen!

The intro is super unique and a bit abstract. No conforming to rigid blocks on this website! The designer also used fun animations to bring the site to life.

Vanessa Chakour

What a cool website with a nicely chosen color scheme, fun graphics, big fonts, and nice animations!

Just Joey Rose

Looking for inspiration for creating your Squarespace artist website/shop?

This website features a store that has smooth animations and a nice layout.

Also the title of this page makes it clear to the visitors what to expect!

Plume + Pulp

The primary thing I like about this artist's online presence is the fact the title makes what they do clear. This is especially important if you as an artist is looking to get hired or to sell your work. What do you do, specifically? The call-to-action "let's collaborate" is also enticing. Great artist website example!

Elissa Medina

This is a simple artist portfolio website on Squarespace and it's quite effective! With just four words this artist is able to clearly communicate with the visitors what they do. Love it!

This artist also has a very effective contact page. Check it out for some free inspiration :)

Malene Barnett

I'm a sucker for websites that have big text. It becomes the focus and is super easy to read. Artist websites usually have short paragraphs and that's the ideal place to make the text very large!

I also enjoy the contact page because it is not generic and bland. Rather it speaks to the type of visitor who wants to get started with a collaborative project.


This uses one of the best Squarespace templates for artists as it brings their artwork and portfolio front and center. I also like how this artist divides up their artwork by category.

Lucy Blooms

This website design is outstanding inspiration for fellow artists. Between pink background with extra designs on it and the bit titles with that angled background, this web designer is clearly a professional!

Matt G Draws Things

This is a cool website that features an illustrator. I'm stoked that the title says what he does and where he does it. That way, if somebody is searching for an illustrator in that location he has a chance of showing up. Great for SEO!

Very few artists have blogs, but Matt does! Check out his blog to see how he turns each artwork into a meaningful post in his blog!

Jolene Rose Russell

This is one of the popular Squarespace templates for artists and photographers as the intro acts as a menu that steers visitors to the right category. One of the stunning features of it is the background changes based on which item you hover over.

Bria M. Royal

I sound like a broken record at this point, but it won't stop me from adding this one to the artist Squarespace websites list! The intro gives their audience a clear understanding of what the artist's work is about!


The graphic design this artist outputs is very appealing to me! Maybe that's why this Squarespace website made the list. Ha! This artist has a small paragraph below the showcase of the art that should really be at the top (what he does and where he does it). He also has a "clients" tab with well organized projects on display.

Flying Canvas Studio

This Squarespace template is great for artists as it quickly categorizes the types of art they are selling. Plus it's cool because as you hover over each menu item, the background changes photos.

Melanie Thewlis

The primary inspiration from this artist's Squarespace site is the title. While it can improve, it's definitely better than most artist websites.

César Moreno

This artist uses a Squarespace template that is very popular among artists and photographers. It's a great way to display a gallery of your paintings, projects, photography, etc. However, what most artists miss is having a title that introduces your work (and where you do it if location applies).

Tips to Creating the Best Squarespace Website for Artists

  • Your title should clearly describe what you do and where you do it (if location is a factor). For example, "Mary is an illustrator in Phoenix, AZ whose work... {optionally describe what your work is about}". Adding location wording in there is great for SEO so if somebody is searching for illustration services in your area they are more likely to find you.
  • Your contact page should not say "Contact Us/Me", rather connect with the visitor. Why are they contacting you? For example, "Let's get the ball rolling on your illustration project."
  • Categorize your art work (if you have different categories) so your visitors can dive into whatever interests them. Separate them out by pages so visitors can check out your portfolio by category.
  • You can buy a domain that uses .art instead of .com. This is pretty cool for your branding and style. You can buy your ".art" domain on Squarespace!
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