23 Best Squarespace Dental Website Examples

Inspiring dental websites built on Squarespace and hacks to beat them.

"Best Dentist Websites on Squarespace" with screenshots of the dental websites on Squarespace
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If you're a dentist or own a dental practice, you know it's important to have an online presence. Not only does this help you find new patients, but it also allows existing patients to book appointments and learn more about your services.

But wait just one second.

Setting up a good dentist website on Squarespace is not just about installing a nice-looking template with some pretty pictures. Tons of features and considerations go into making a website that isn't just aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and sets your dental practice up for success.

I'm talking about features like:

  • Local SEO optimization
  • Properly formatted headers
  • Inviting images and clear-to-read text
  • Great copywriting
  • Relevant info like opening hours and contact numbers
  • Tons of accessibility to schedule an appointment and get in contact with the practice
  • Lots of trust signals, including team pages, reviews, ratings, and testimonials

Of course, having great dental website design plays a massive part in this, but combining all these factors makes a world of difference in whether or not your online presence hits the spot.

So, without further ado, let's look at some of the best Squarespace dental websites that present the perfect blend of beautiful design, excellent accessibility, and lots of local SEO optimization.

Hack Alert! Start With One of My Fav Dentist Squarespace Templates

The following Squarespace templates are great for dental websites. All Squarespace templates can be customized to your specific needs. So if it isn't specifically a dental website template, no worries!

Alright let's get into the top dental Squarespace websites!

The Ultimate List of Dentist Websites Built on Squarespace

Winter Park Periodontics & Dental Implants

This is one of best dental websites around!

Winter Park does a fantastic job at presenting itself as a reputation and professional dental practice. The big clear header image is not only a custom shot (which is far better than using stock imagery), but the website kicks things off with a five-star review that instantly boosts social proof.

I'm a big fan of the copywriting here, with bold headers, clear subheaders that really speak to the reader (phrases like 'Don't be afraid to smile' are incredibly effective because they're emotional), and the paragraphs are broken down into crisp and clear text.

I'm also a big fan of the fact that they included information on financing treatments on the homepage since this is a crucial factor both new and existing patients will be looking for.

There's a big blue Get Started Call to Action in the top corner, which makes it easy to know where to go next, although it would be ideal if this button followed the user as they scrolled up and down, sometimes referred to as a 'Sticky Header.'

Dentaprime F3T

This Squarespace dental website is a fantastic example of a web site that makes it look easy to include all the relevant features. Big bold headers and lovely media covers the page that easily draw your attention to what to do, coupled with punchy, highlighted CTA buttons that stand out from the copy.

Note the color scheme here is really effective at highlighting important information like this. In terms of the content itself, 'London' is included in the H1 tag, which is vitally important for the office to rank in the London area.

Top Tip!

As a dental practice building its websites, you're not trying to attract customers from all over the world, much like you would if you were selling an online product. Instead, you're trying to get people in a specific area to find you and come to your physical, brick-and-mortar practice. This means local SEO is essential because there's no point in ranking in London if your dentist surgery is based in New York.

Dentaprime has great social proof throughout the website, including Trustpilot integrations for reviews, transparent information on costs and treatment plans, and video testimonials, which are amazing if you can get them!

Syndal Dentistry

Syndal is a unique dental website design. To me, it looks a little cluttered with stuff all over the place, but it actually works. There's lots of nice imagery and icons here that clearly display what the surgery has to offer, and custom imagery of the building and dentist team clearly shows why stock imagery looks too generic.

The color scheme is pretty natural and could be a little bolder, as the CTAs seem to merge into the background, but it's still pretty cool. All the services are clearly displayed, the costs and investors in the practice are clearly displayed, and there's a bit of location SEO near the bottom, which is not ideal, but it's better than nothing.

This is also the first of these websites to include a contact form on the front page, which is essential, in my humble opinion. Without a contact form, you're relying on customers calling you or going out of their way to email, which can be off-putting for many. Instead, the contact form allows customers to quickly and easily raise an inquiry without having to overthink it.

Re:nu Dental and Medispa

Re:nu is fantastic.

Social proof is everywhere in the form of 'Award winning' text and reviews. There are clear links to awards the practice has won, a beautiful color scheme that helps everything stand out (even the images align with this color scheme), clear phone numbers, contact information, and CTA buttons are everywhere, but it doesn't look messy, and there's location data in the main header.

If you look to the top right, having CTAs here that stay on screen, even when scrolling down, is just ideal as the customer can like what they see and don't have to look far at all when making the next steps.

Pacific Northwest Periodontics

I really like PN Periodontics. The dental website uses this kind of natural, pastel-like color scheme that uses a lot of negative space (white) to help content stand out. Content like the headers (including locational SEO data), links to social media channels, a portfolio of available services, and some great imagery.

I'm a big fan of being transparent with the services on offer and pricing because this is what customers are looking for, and if they can't find it, they'll quickly go to other websites.

Cahaba Dental Arts

I adore the fact that Cahaba Dental has taken a modern approach to its website design. So many dental websites (and trust me, I've looked through a ton of them) are bland, boring, and generic and use the same kind of images and the same kind of theme.

Instead, Cahaba Dental Arts have used some great icons and imagery to help direct customers through the website, a modern design that's easy to navigate, with clear CTA buttons and lots of location data that can help their dental practices rank in local SERPs.

Round Barn Dental

Round Barn takes a rather generic take with a large header image and simple text (it's a theme we've seen already), but that's because it works. Clear location data, a bold orange color scheme, and some beautiful fonts and aesthetics really help to bring this website to life.

I like the imagery used here, especially within the logo, as this helps new patients understand what you're about and can encourage further website exploration. There's also a contact form and some great customer reviews, all of which help to build trust.

The chatbot is also a beautiful touch when it comes to contact and certainly a feature I would love to see more of!

Sleep Dentistry of Spokane

Sleep Dentistry of Spokane has a great Squarespace website. It boasts a contemporary style, with lots of cool imagery used throughout the site. Location data is evident, especially since it's used in the company name, and, interestingly, there's a big focus on treating foreign patients, as content is written in English, Russian, and Spanish.

Teeth & Face

With big imagery, clear headers, and a great 'Book Now' CTA, Teeth & Face is a great dental website. I like how the imagery is used here to help customers understand what services are on offer, and with clear headers that make it easy for customers to find what they're looking for.

A nice rotating graphic helps add a dynamic feel to the website, and there's plenty of location data for decent ranking.

I adore the services list's design, and it's super interactive in a clean and engaging way. Not many dental websites use this kind of approach, and it's great to see.

Jamieson Dental

Jamieson is not the best-looking dental website on this list, but it does tick many boxes for what a dental website needs. There's location data, easy-to-see calls to action that allow users to call or schedule an appointment, a clear list of services on offer, and pictures of the dentist team, which helps potential customers get an idea of who they'll be dealing with and what's to come.

The imagery used is great too, and I'd love to see more of that on the website as it's currently a little bland. But it's still a great website, with all the information customers need to make an informed decision.

Quarryville Family Dentistry

Quarryville Family Dentistry has done an amazing job in terms of design. The website is sleek, with lots of interesting media used to help users visualize what the practice is about. There are lots of trust signals and social proof here. The color scheme is a bit meh, but it does the job.

Agile Dentistry

Agile Dentistry is a brilliant example of how to make a dental website easy to navigate. It's a pretty-looking website, and although on mobile, it's a bit squashed, everything is still nice and clear. I like the simplicity of the header text, and the fact there's a location and contact data here right at the top is ideal.

However, the text is a little generic and could be improved. The images are custom shot, there's a nice map for easy discoverability, and basically, everything new patients could need to know or use to get in touch is present. That's precisely what you want in a website like this.

Dr. Paul Melchiorre

Dr. Paul Melchiorre has gone all out with a vibrant and engaging website and its marketing. Big smiley imagery is always a plus for a dental website, and the graphics to show all the qualifications and accolades of the practice are great too. There's also a cool feature where you can compare various dental treatments with different costs, which is helpful for patients and prospective customers.

The CTA's are also strong, making it easy for new customers to get in touch or book an appointment. There's a sleek and modern design here, with a smooth navigation system. All the trust signals are present too, so this website is definitely one to take note of.

Pitt on Penn

Penn Dentistry has taken the time to build an awesome website.

This web design is very professional, with lots of unique features to make the site stand out. The imagery of the building and dentist staff used is great, which helps to build a lot of trust in the website. On that note, I love the use of 'Meet Donna' or the other team members.

This is a great way to build trust while being personal and also showcasing what services and experience are available.

Cameron and Co Townsville Dentist

Cameron and Co Townsville Dentist has crafted a fantastic website. The colors are bold and vibrant and feature lots of imagery to help users visualize what the office is about and what features new customers can expect. The website also uses wonderful colors and fonts to add some pizzazz. The contact pages are also obvious and simple, making it easy for customers to get in touch.

Redmond Parc Square Dental

Another great example is Redmond Parc Square Dental. There are plenty of modern and slick website design features, boasting lots of great imagery to help users visualize what the practice is about. There's plenty of location data here too, which will help the site rank well locally.

Personally, I think the website could do with a little update. The color scheme and filtering on the images give a dated impression, and the fonts are a bit old-looking. However, across the board, the headers are great, the formatting is decent, and the local SEO is on point, so that's a huge plus for the business.

Aesthetic Family Dental Care

Aesthetic Family Dental Care has a great dentist website. The branding is clean and well laid out, with lots of cool imagery used throughout the site. There are lots of trust signals and social proof here, with patient reviews and other forms of social proof.

The color scheme is vibrant and engaging, and there's also a cool feature where you can compare various dental treatments with different costs. This is presented in the form of posts, which is a great feature to use when using the Squarespace builder to construct your site.

Burkett Family Dentistry

Burkett Family Dentistry has put together an impressive website. Like all good modern websites, the branding is sleek and minimal, with plenty of impactful imagery used throughout the site. There's no clutter or messiness.

Less is more.

I love the individual photos of the expert dentists and each room of the practice, although they're in black and white, which helps to build a pretty bleak feeling.

Remington Family Dentistry

Remington Family Dentistry has put together a stunning dental website.

The colors are bold, and unique posts and pages are well-used throughout the site. There are also plenty of trust signals and evidence of social proof here, with a patient reviews page and other forms of social proof. The navigation system is also really smooth, making it easy to explore the website. The CTA's are also strong, making it easy for customers to get in touch.

This form of bold and impactful online marketing is very faring, but when it works like this, it really works.

Forest Ridge Family Dentistry

Forest Ridge Family Dentistry has a really fine website. There's some great imagery used throughout, with plenty of location data to ensure the site ranks well locally. The contact forms are bold and clear, and there's some great social proof here, too, for the kind of dentist experience new clients can expect.

The trust signals are all in place as well, with patient reviews and other forms of social proof.

The CTA's are also really good, making it easy for customers to get in touch or book an appointment.

Maccaro Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry

Maccaro Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry's website is pretty good! First, I'm a big fan of the color scheme, and the CTAs really stand out. There's key contact information right at the top, which is ideal for people wanting to get started, and the headers and copywriting are really good.

They're short, punchy, and to the point.

Second, the images are beautiful; there's local Google SEO in the text, and some really nice aesthetic accents throughout the website, which really help to bring the site to life. The dynamic picture gallery of the dentists and the rest of the office team also makes the website feel more alive and a little less static!

More accessible social proof would be ideal, however, as this is so important. The best form of marketing is using other people's words to give a testament to your business, so use it! Using and integrating third-party websites like Trustpilot are ideal as well because you have no control over what people say, so people are more likely to acknowledge what's being said.

Beam Pediatric Dental Studio

Beam Pediatric Dental Studio has created a playful and engaging website. The colors are lively and vibrant, with plenty of imagery to help users visualize what the practice is about. It's fun and friendly, which makes it great for kids and new patients.

The navigation system and blog are also really smooth, making it easy to explore the website.

Campi Family Dentistry

Nice, clean, and simple, Campi's website is full of bold imagery and local SEO. I love the header text stating 25 years of office experience and other key information someone would want to know. There's a clear portfolio of available services and nice CTAs. The copywriting is a bit boring but coupled with images of the awards and accolades; this is an attractive online presence and an excellent bit of marketing.

Go Build the Best Dental Website on Squarespace!

And with that, we wrap up our tour of the top Squarespace websites for dental practices on the web.

Each one is unique in its own way, but all of them share some common elements. Great designs, easy-to-navigate layouts, good imagery and use of media, local SEO data that helps the business rank in its area, trust signals and social proof, and a clear call to action. Getting all these things right is difficult, but it pays off in the long run.

Taking everything I've spoken about dental practices online, the best tip I can give you here when designing your dental online presence and site is to put yourself in the mind of your patients and go through your website like that.

If you follow all the tips, you very well can create one of the best dental websites!

What are you looking for? What information do you want to learn? What kind of imagery speaks to you? What services and information about said services do you need to know? Are you in need of a blog page with informative posts? What kind of trust signals can you have from awards, reviews, or customer successes?

Once you've decided what these are, simply create your website around this idea, and you're sure to have one of the best dental office website builds on Squarespace that your patients will love.

Good luck, and happy Squarespacing! 💻👍

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