12 Kickass Squarespace Lawyer Website Examples

Inspiring law firm websites built on Squarespace and hacks to beat them.

"Best Law Firm Websites on Squarespace" with screenshots of the lawyer's websites on Squarespace

You've got legal services to show your visitors, and I've got law firm website examples built on Squarespace.

A key part there is, "your visitors".

I know you're probably looking for law firm design examples... BUT, design is only a piece of the puzzle.

So the law firm websites made this list because:

  • They look good (design)
  • They sound good (copywriting)
  • And they are optimized for search engines (SEO)... so you get VISITORS!

Most of them don't nail all three, but that's where you and your practice can shine!

Hack Alert! Start With One of the Lawyer Squarespace Templates

Here are some of my favorite Squarespace templates for law firms, small businesses, and personal websites:

The Ultimate List of Law Firm Websites Built on Squarespace

Bryan Schwartz Law

This law firm's website design is superb. What really caught my eye are the images of their team throughout the website. Their images combined with the design makes this law firm website next level. This website has it all going on... great images, great deign, location keywords, testimonials, easy to read font sizes... I can keep going but just check it out for yourself. It looks like they have a professional marketing company behind this.

Nevada Family Law Group

What! Look at that intro. The title makes a big statement, but more importantly above it there are some location keywords. I would write it slightly different but it's still great for SEO. Create a website like these guys and you'll see results! Another thing I'd change is the stock pictures. They do convey a great message, but I'd mix in a lot more pictures of the team. All in all, excellent quality web design and presentation of their services.

John Kail Attorney At Law

This is one of the best intros on this list. This law firm crushed the header. It's concise, huge, and has the location keyword in it. Take note attorneys!

Goldstein Mehta LLC

Want SEO traffic? Check out this website. Their marketing is on point as they get $42,000 worth of traffic per month. They have a very content heavy homepage with lots of location keywords. This probably cost them a decent amount but you can write your own content. If you want to know exactly what to write, check out this insane tool (I'm using it to write this article and it worked if you're here).

Bruno Lilly Legal, PLLC

This is a model website from a captivating intro to sound SEO! The design of this law firm website built on Squarespace is unique and stands out. But also notice how their headers have the location keywords scattered throughout it. That is huge for SEO and for search engines understanding what location your potential clients are in.

Moran Law

This firm's website is definitely not basic looking. From an intro that sucks you in to custom photos and unique colors, this law firm website has a lot going for it. But instead of saying "talk to a local bankruptcy attorney" they NEED to mention the city or state they are in. Huge missed opportunity there.

Hendley & Goodwyn, LLP

This law firm website made it because of the images. The graphic design stands out a lot. Also, the intro paragraph is so easy to read. Large font sizes are underrated. It makes sense for a company that protects media to have outstanding media ;).

Bison Jacobson Law Office

I'm a sucker for big text! Their intro describes exactly what they do and it can't be missed. This is highly underrated

Lowenthal APC

There's really only one thing that caught my attention here... a background of a house falling off a cliff with a title that compliments it "SIMPLE SOLUTIONS FOR COMPLEX REAL ESTATE PROBLEMS." Connecting with the visitor is huge.

Leibowitz Law Firm PLLC

There are two reasons this law firm's website made this list:

  1. Their title (H1) is an exact match for what people search for
  2. Their content is big and easy to read

Note: I don't want to give you the impression that if you add your location to your title that'll you get loads of traffic. SEO in the legal services space is incredibly competitive. But, adding location keywords is a step in the right direction.

Barnes Law, LLP

This website caught my eye because of the concise copywriting. Us business owners want to go on and on about our business, but the homepage needs to have sections that are concise and large text. Long text is good for SEO, but visitors rarely read it. So do both. In addition, this site uses many custom images.

Law Offices of Kathleen T. Zellner & Associates

I noted in the intro to use descriptive headers. They don't. However I feel that a header that stands out enough also suffices. This company could improve the law firm website by adding an H1 below "Truth Wins" that reads the practice area plus location they practice in. I'd make the "Truth Wins" not a header for SEO purposes, but keep that designed the same as it looks good to the visitors.

Tips to Creating the Best Lawyer Website

Want your website to make this list of Squarespace law firm inspiration?

Follow these tips:

  • Add the location of your law firm throughout the text on your website (amazing for SEO). Specifically add it to the very intro "{practice area} Lawyer in {location, state abbreviation}".
  • Your headings should be clear and concise... not vague (you want your visitors to immediately know what you do)
  • Creative headers are better for areas lower on the page
  • Add all relevant business info (hours, address, how to book an appointment, if walk-ins are accepted, etc.)
  • Add pictures of your office (smartphone cameras go a long way)
  • Add testimonials (if you have some)
  • Use custom pictures as much as possible over stock photos

Should I build my firm's website on Squarespace?

First off, it's a great choice to not build on WordPress. WordPress is filled with bad practices, medium learning curve, and a lot of maintenance and time going into stuff that these other website builders provide out-of-box.

There are mainly three platforms I recommend. From easiest to hardest they are:

Each platform has its strengths. If you are a solo law firm looking to build your own website without much previous experience or time, then yes Squarespace is the best option for you.

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