21 Kickass Squarespace Podcast Websites: Make the Best Site!

Inspiring podcast websites built on Squarespace and hacks to beat them.

"Best Podcast Websites on Squarespace" with screenshots of the podcasts' websites on Squarespace

You've got the words to score downloads and engage an audience...

And I have the BEST podcast websites built on Squarespace!

Let me guess...

You are looking for podcast design inspiration?

I definitely have you covered there....


Design isn't the only important thing to consider when building your podcast website on Squarespace.

In fact the best Squarespace podcast websites made this list because they excelled in one or more of the following areas:

  • Design (lots of fun looking podcast websites)
  • Copywriting (they really engage the visitor on downloading/streaming the episodes)
  • Information (you'd be surprised how hard it is to find a podcasters content)

Hack Alert! Start With One of My Fav Podcast Squarespace Templates

Alright, let's dive into the best podcast Squarespace website examples.

The Ultimate List of Podcast Websites Built on Squarespace

Good Job, Brain!

Wow! Look no further for the best Squarespace podcast website...

There is much to learn from this Squarespace website so let's dive in.

  • This website had me with the title. You must assume your audience has no idea what your podcast is about. So the title must inform them what to expect. A great formula is "A podcast about|that| {fill in what you cover or what to expect}".
  • The color scheme is bold and contrasts well with each other. Pick colors that don't blend in with one another.
  • They have their latest episode at the very top (which you can click play and start listening right away).
  • They have links to all the platforms that their audience can listen on. The platform links are all designed the same making it a nice section.
  • They have a section that dives into what to expect. You need to get their attention and suck them in. Asking for your visitors time is a big ask, so you need to show it's worth it.
  • Next they have a section that goes over the hosts. It's great to put this on the site, but not too high (unless you already have a massive following) because people don't care about you they care about what the podcast covers (with in time your audience will like you, but that's not the thing that will get new people to listen).

And that's the magic formula to make it to the top of the Squarespace podcast websites list!

All that Glitters

What an outstanding and creative intro to the homepage!

What makes this Squarespace podcast website one of the best?

  • For starters the title informs the visitor what to expect from their podcast.
  • Two, the background image displays the podcast's hosts and supports the message of their podcast (in a very creative way).
  • They have uniform links going out to each of the streaming services.
  • They have custom images of the podcast hosts throughout the page.
  • They have an episodes page that gives you all the info you need to know to tune into an individual episode.

This podcast website could improve if there was an embedded audio player that listed the recent episodes on the homepage. But all in all, amazing work.

Beyond the Ocean Podcast

If it's not clear yet, the best thing you can do on your podcast website is to have a title that clearly states what to expect/what you cover.

Their intro "A podcast on surf parks" excels at that. Then below the go into more detail by saying, "A podcast on surf parks, wave generating technologies, and the future of surfing outside the ocean".

Having a feed or RSS feed for listeners to jump in right away is a must. Very great way to engage your audience out the gate.

I like the buttons they have to listen on the various streaming platforms, but I suggest making them uniform. It looks sloppy when they have different styles.

The Homebrew

This podcast website is filled with best practices. Get inspired by their web design, clear copywriting, and big buttons in the intro linking to each podcast streaming platform.

They also have an individual post dedicated to every single podcast episode with a brief description of it. This strategy boosts your online presence, is good for SEO, and helps your listeners browse episodes.

We Met At Acme

Tell me this intro isn't captivating!

If you haven't noticed yet, all the top podcast websites have titles that tell you about the podcast. This example is not an exception!

Beyond the title, there is subtext that providers the visitors more information on the podcast.

This website also pulls in testimonials and various "as seen on" media outlets which really builds trust and a perception of authority with the visitor.

Unfortunately, there isn't an audio embed or episode list going over the show notes. It also appears to only link out to Apple Podcasts limiting their potential listeners.

Unbiased Science Podcast

This podcast website was built by a professional web designer. It features smooth animations, an animated background, lots of content, and a page dedicated to podcast episodes.

The Mythic Masculine

If you want podcast website inspiration that is simple, clean, and intuitive – this is the one!

From a title that lets you know what to expect, to latest episodes, this website has a lot going for it all packaged up in a clean and minimalistic design.

WTF With Marc Maron

Wondering if Squarespace is professional enough for you? Or if you can customize it to how you want? Well look no further! One of the biggest podcasters uses Squarespace's platform!

Careful what you reference from somebody famous as what sells for them is different than what sells for you and your business.


Besides this podcast looking like a funny and unique idea, this website features a clean layout with an easy to read title, an RSS feed link, and links to the various media platforms. Bonus points for using custom images!

Always Take Notes

If web design isn't your thing, but you still want to use the Squarespace builder to craft a landing page to house your podcast, then this website is for you.

While it isn't a bad design, it's nothing extra, but has everything that is needed to create your online presence for podcasting.

Here's what I like about this podcast's website:

  • Clear title
  • Button to let you listen at the top
  • Latest episodes with a picture of each guest
  • Social media feed (Instagram)
  • A section going over each podcast host
  • A page dedicated to each episode with an audio player embedded
  • A "pitch" page to become a guest

This is a simple yet professional looking Squarespace podcast website.

Podcast a Vet

This Squarespace podcast website example is the bare minimum of what you need when you start your website.

Does it excel at website design? Nope.

Does it have a blog? Nope.

Does it have a clear title that describes the podcast? You bet!

May Contain

This podcasting site features fresh colors, big fonts, and custom images. It also has a blog that compliments the podcast (worth checking out).

Am I Doing This Right

Wondering how to do your podcast website right? This is a good example of Squarespace podcast site that gives the visitor an understanding of what to expect. There is also a lot of character on this site. Don't be a robot! Connect with your visitors as you do over audio.

Burntout to Badass

Check out this podcast website for design inspiration and to see how they have a bunch of posts for every episode. They have lengthy summaries and even transcripts!

Financially Naked Podcast

This podcaster features nice covers and a clean design.

Money With Katie

This is a fantastic content creator that has a blog (with an article for everything within finance), a podcast, and an audience.

I suggest navigating the pages on this website, checkout the podcast episodes (the titles are great), and subscribe if you're looking to see how someone successful does it!

One Simple Shift

I really enjoy the podcast's description (nice and high on the page), embedded audio player, and social media embed on this podcasters website.

Hueman Group Media

This podcasting conglomerate features excellent website design, clear copywriting, and excellent social proof/testimonials.

Rick Glassman

When you have podcast guests of the caliber of podcast host Rick Glassman, then that's what you lead with. Beyond having such a big podcast, the website design is also something to reference.

Angie S

Another simple, yet effective podcast website on Squarespace. Starting with a cool image with great design, followed by a short description of the podcast, this website is one to reference!


Here's what I like about this Squarespace podcast website:

  • Custom image in the hero
  • Short description of the podcast in the hero
  • Embed going to Apple Podcasts
  • Embed going to Spotify Podcasts
  • Nice color scheme

Tips to Building the Best Squarespace Podcast Website!

Podcast Website Titles

I've said it so many times now... clear titles will help you build your audience.

Avoid doing these in your titles:

  • Talking about you ("I am so and so") – unless you're Marc Maron
  • Having ambiguous titles like "Where do we go from here" – what in the world is the podcast about? I'm not tuning in.
  • Please don't say "Welcome" or "Thanks for stopping by".
  • And don't say "Listen to my podcast".

Do the following:

  • Say "A podcast about|that..." in a big font size in your intro. Don't overthink it!

Misc. Tips for Your Podcast Website

  • Embed the latest episodes so they can be played right on your website.
  • Link out to every platform your audience can listen to your podcast and use buttons or text that don't look too different from one another.
  • Squarespace is an excellent builder and website mangement platform for your podcast website. They make it easy and cost effective to shine. People like Marc Maron use Squarespace!
  • Oh, and don't give up! There are plenty of Squarespace podcast websites I stumbled on that don't have any recent episodes.

Happy podcast recording and Squarespace website building!