16 Best Squarespace Real Estate Website Examples

Building a new real estate website? Check out these 16 amazing real estate Squarespace websites for all the inspiration you want or need!

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"Best Real Estate Websites on Squarespace" with screenshots of the real estate websites on Squarespace"Best Real Estate Websites on Squarespace" with screenshots of the real estate websites on Squarespace
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You're in the process of making your very own best real estate Squarespace website. Your new online HQ is on the horizon. You're about to be up there with the best real estate professionals in the game.

But hold up.

Do you know how to create your website in a way that's going to help your business succeed?

After all, real estate professionals are renowned for building, well, less-than-desirable websites that are broken and look, quite frankly, terrible.

That being said, the truth is that website design only plays a tiny part in the journey of creating a website. There are lots of factors to consider if you want your Squarespace website to pop off.

It's about more than finding an excellent real estate website and simply copying it.

It's more about elements that include;

  • Design (okay, it does have to look good!)
  • The text and copywriting (words paint a thousand pictures or something like that)
  • Information (are you actually including the information people want to know?)
  • SEO content so you rank on Google
  • Using the right photos that brand your business
  • Choosing colors that work with said brand

This guide will go through the best Squarespace real estate websites, breaking them down into what makes them tick, what holds them back, and ultimately what you need to know to build the best website possible.

Let's get into it.

But first...

Hack Alert! Start With One of My Fav Squarespace Real Estate Templates

When choosing a Squarespace real estate template, know that you can always customize it to your liking.

Note: I included Squarespace templates that aren't necessarily real estate based, but solid layouts. It doesn't really matter what content the Squarespace template has as you are going to customize it with your own.

Alright, onwards to the best real estate Squarespace website examples!

The Ultimate List of the Best Squarespace Real Estate Website Examples

Screenshot 1 of Alex Wang (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 2 of Alex Wang (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 3 of Alex Wang (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)

Alex Wang has created a Squarespace real estate website that ticks all the boxes.

I love the big header image that puts a face to the name, which is ideal for not holding back who you are in the eyes of your clients.

Pens and paper out; it's notetaking time!

Trust is one of the most critical aspects of the real estate industry, no matter what part of it you're working in. Putting your face front and center says you have nothing to hide, and you're happy to put yourself out there.

Everything on the website is laid out clearly and centralized, with beautiful use of negative white space. Nothing feels crowded or as though it's too much. It's a lovely balance of text and imagery.

Speaking of which, the copywriting here is excellent.

It's clear and concise and conveys everything someone interested in a real estate service would want to know, including what services are on offer and what Alex specializes in.

It's also important to note the heavy use of local SEO that can be found repeatedly throughout the copy. This is crucial if you want your real estate website to rank in your local area.

Some other excellent points to think about include the following;

  • Clear titles are found throughout this real estate website
  • Some great use of client testimonials on essential pages and website locations
  • A well-written contact page and some impactful calls to action
  • Great use of local SEO keywords throughout the copy, especially in the list at the bottom

Of course, no real estate website is perfect; but Alex Wang's is close.

If I had to make a criticism, I would add some more photos here and there, maybe between each page section to break it up more, but this is nit-picky at best.

Screenshot 1 of Solterra Real Estate Specialist (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 2 of Solterra Real Estate Specialist (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 3 of Solterra Real Estate Specialist (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)

I'm a big fan of Solterra's Squarespace real estate site.

Right off the bat, there's a beautiful, attention-grabbing header image with clear, punchy headers; headers including local SEO keywords like any professional site should. This means we know precisely where this real estate business is serving, and Google knows where to rank this site.

Scrolling around, you'll find the use of bullet points - a fantastic way to break up what could be large blocks of content into smaller, more digestible chunks. This makes it easy for the readers and makes the website look less overwhelming in general.

You'll also find a testimonials section which is essential for building a reputation, and I'm a massive fan of the video advertisement used on the homepage.

Sure, video can be expensive to make, but there's no denying it works when it comes to sending a compelling message.

If you have video content, Solterra is an excellent example of how to use it properly.

Breaking down Solterra more, you'll find;

  • A great use of CTAs in pain points throughout the text
  • Use of big, clear imagery that really helps to set the tone and markets of the business
  • Very descriptive headers that convey a lot of information quickly
Screenshot 1 of Alex Miller Real Estate Consulting (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 2 of Alex Miller Real Estate Consulting (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 3 of Alex Miller Real Estate Consulting (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)

Alex Miller is a bit of a Marmite Squarespace real estate website.

On the one hand, there's some fantastic use of high-definition imagery, and they're all spaced out beautifully for maximum impact. However, the copy seems a little all over the place; the size of the text varies way too dramatically, the CTAs have tiny text, and there's a ton of excessive white space.

Don't get me wrong; this isn't a poorly-designed website. However, if everything were tightened up just a little bit, it would look so much better.

Also, the local SEO keyword data doesn't match across the page, and this is a big no-no if you want to rank high in your local area!

Screenshot 1 of Champions Mortgage (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 2 of Champions Mortgage (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 3 of Champions Mortgage (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)


Champions Mortgage's real estate agent website is just a little bit gorgeous.

A massive side-to-side header image that has a gray filter on it so that white header text is outlined just perfectly is such a magnificent approach.

Big fan of this.

The white and gray aesthetic with orange accents for the logo, branding, and calls to action works perfectly. Certainly a fantastic way to use color to impact your web traffic. Take note of how well the entire website's text stands out and is effortless to read with very little struggle, and how well this text is written.

Screenshot of the Chris Mallula Real Estate website

Chris's real estate website starts with a bang. The main header has a clear image, excellent CTA, and local keyword data.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

This Squarespace real estate website works really well with its organic colors, nice images, and great headers. The only downside is that the text is a 'blurred' color, meaning it blends in with the background, and there's a lot of it. The second section is just a wall of text that nobody will take the time to read through from start to finish.

Screenshot 1 of Fernwood Team (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 2 of Fernwood Team (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 3 of Fernwood Team (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)

Fernwood takes a corporate approach with its website, going for the blue and white color scheme we see on many websites of this caliber (so it is certainly something to take note of). In the psychology of marketing, blue is the color of calmness and freedom, precisely what you want when dealing in the real estate world.

The text is a little obscured by the background in places which brings the overall quality down, in my humble opinion, but the bullet points are an excellent way to convey information. There are a few local SEO keywords, but there's certainly space for a few more, but overall the design and text have a decent impact.

To better this Squarespace real estate website, I would condense the information and make it stand out more. I would add more diversity to the images and color, add an accent color that stands out, and condense the text down to the bare essential info someone would be looking for.

Screenshot 1 of Homes by Lorielle (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 2 of Homes by Lorielle (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 3 of Homes by Lorielle (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)

Homes by Lorielle takes a very modern approach, clearly using the sleek-looking Squarespace widget features with beautiful pastel colors, sharp imagery, and bold, minimalist headers that really help to drive home the message that this is a modern real estate service.

The copy is brilliant because it's concise with zero fluff.

There are no long, boring paragraphs, and the testimonials are short, sweet, and to the point. In the true style of a modern real estate website, all the social media links are clear, as is the CTA to call Lorielle in the top right.

There is, however, some room for improvement.

Some text feels very small compared to other real estate websites, especially around the testimonials section. And, there are a few instances where the text blends into the images, specifically on the larger section images, so yeah, don't do that.

Screenshot 1 of Midwest Cash Offer (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 2 of Midwest Cash Offer (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 3 of Midwest Cash Offer (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)

I'm a big fan of Midwest Cash Offer.

Big screens of bright colors, punchy fonts that stand out from the background in an impactful way, plus custom imagery that just draws your attention in, there's no denying Midwest Cash Offer has a lot going for it.

There's a big emphasis on the CTAs, which is precisely what you want to get your traffic down into your conversion funnel like a twig down the river. Even at the start of the homepage alone, there are three CTAs in view.

All the local SEO keywords and serving locations are on the front page of this Squarespace real estate website, which is precisely where you want them to be. Scrolling down, some more nice imagery, punchy paragraphs that relate to excellent copywriting, and the big, bold headers continue to deliver.

Some of the images further down the website do feel a little 'stock image-y,' but they certainly fit the purpose and style, which is an excellent tip to remember.

Always pick images that are as relevant as possible!

Screenshot 1 of Power Properties (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 2 of Power Properties (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 3 of Power Properties (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)

Power Properties takes a corporate approach to its real estate website, which certainly works as long as you build it correctly.

Power Properties showcases how to do a corporate approach properly with clear and informative copy, excellently bold call-to-action buttons, high-quality imagery, and a corporate color scheme of blue and white.

I love how well the text contrasts over the colors, meaning it stands out well and it's easy to digest, and everything is broken down into easily readable paragraphs.

While there's certainly less imagery here than a more personal real estate Squarespace website, this site makes up for it with descriptive content that gets right into the available services without distraction.

Screenshot 1 of Dwell West Homes (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 2 of Dwell West Homes (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 3 of Dwell West Homes (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)

I adore the Dwell West Housing website.

It's clean and modern, chic and organic. It has a minimalist style with tons of natural elements that really helps to set the tone for this housing website. The images work amazingly with the negative space, and the bold headers (complete with specific location keywords) work an absolute treat.

Screenshot 1 of Kathleen Ernst Real Estate (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 2 of Kathleen Ernst Real Estate (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 3 of Kathleen Ernst Real Estate (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)

I love love love this website. The colors are unique compared with other real estate websites, that's great for helping it stand out from the ground, but they remain very professional and on brand. Notice how colors make a big difference in how we perceive the business's target market.

The headers are great, the content is well-formatted, and I'm a big fan of the text here.

The copy is excellent, and the fact it's broken up into smaller chunks gives the site a ton of bonus points. Each section of the website is nicely laid out, and there's enough room to breathe here while getting the information you came for.

Screenshot of the Megan K. Johnson Real Estate website

On the surface, I like Megan Johnson's Squarespace real estate website. The big headers, location data, and HD imagery. It all looks good. But take a look at the text itself, and you'll see some big no-nos. I'm talking about text that blurs into the background. Big blocks of tiny text. Poorly formatted text.

Don't get me wrong, it's not the worst real estate agent website in the world, but it certainly allows room for improvement and showcases why you should pay attention to your text sizes and what you write when designing your website, not just the design itself.

Screenshot 1 of MidGa Housing (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 2 of MidGa Housing (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 3 of MidGa Housing (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)

MigGa Housing takes a light and colorful approach to its Squarespace real estate website and offers a lot of design inspiration. As you would expect, there's a clear and concise title, impactful CTAs, and location data in the header.

However, this website really shines with its ability to niche down. This means the website has defined itself as a clear target audience and markets itself in alignment with this image. This dramatically helps to ensure customers coming to the website know what they're dealing with and whether this service will interest them.

Screenshot 1 of The Moore Group (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 2 of The Moore Group (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 3 of The Moore Group (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)

This real estate agent website really stands out with its custom imagery. It cannot be understated just how important this imagery is in creating a unique brand image that helps to improve your reputation and stand out from the crowd. You don't just want to fill your website with stock photos and hope for the best.

You'll also find all the other essentials, including clear CTAs, punchy headlines, and specific location keywords.

Screenshot 1 of Tom Campone (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 2 of Tom Campone (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)Screenshot 3 of Tom Campone (Example Squarespace Real Estate Website)

If you need a great example of using clear and concise headers that are sure to grab your attention, look no further than Tom Campone. Despite using an extended header image with seemingly minimal filtering, the header (complete with location data) is crystal-clear and instantly draws you in.

However, scrolling down tells a different story. There are big blogs of text and some rather meh imagery of a road.

The text is blocky, and nobody will really want to sit and read it all. The CTA is pretty good, but the image dwarfs it. But, that being said, the testimonials section does pop off and is well worth looking at.

Screenshot of the Vanessa Lee Luxury Realty website

Vanessa Lee's website gives us a lot of insight into what makes a good real estate website. Both good and bad.

On the surface, there's a lot of good surrounding this Squarespace real estate website.

Negative space is used well, the headers are bold and easy to read, and the copywriting is generally very good.

However, there needs to be more location data, which will make ranking in the local SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) very difficult, and the images are poor quality, which is very off-putting as it can be reflective of the service.

Tips for Building the Best Real Estate Website

Considering everything we've spoken about, there are certainly a few tips you can take with you when building the very best real estate website possible.

Work on your copy.

Copy refers to everything text, header, and headline related. Keep things short and sweet, concise and to the point, and only convey what you need people to know.

The best way to go about this is to put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customers, think about what they want to know, and then give them that as precisely as possible.

Think about things like;

  • Are they buying or selling?
  • What kind of properties are you experienced with?
  • Are you servicing new buyers or on-chain buyers?
  • Are you looking for investors?
  • Are you representing sales or rental?

Niche your business

Incredible as it would be for everyone to use your business, the truth is that your business is just not for everyone. Instead, you have to narrow down and define who will be interested in what you're offering and then market to them.

Think about demographics and data points like;

  • Age
  • Income
  • Position on the housing ladder
  • What services do you offer?


Imagery is so important because it drives home the style of your business and what you're working with. They're essential for branding your business, and highlighting your property listings, so you want them to be the stars of the show.

Putting a header photo of a modern house or a tree house matters because it says what properties, and therefore what kind of person, you're working with.

Make it count.

Also, consider the color scheme and whether there are opportunities to add custom images or video content.

Colors should be neutral and not too overwhelming, at least not to the degree that they steal the show. However, they should be clear enough as a background to display your text and frame your images clearly.

Image and video wise, stock images can feel a better samey, although they do the job. However, getting custom images will always help improve the credibility of your website, and recording video content will help you do this tenfold.

Local SEO

Let's say you're an online store and you're selling paperweights.

You want as many customers as possible, and you can sell worldwide. Therefore, you want to rank on Google as high as possible, no matter where people are geographically.

However, you're not a paperweight enterprise, you're a real estate business.

This means you want to rank highly on Google when potential clients are searching for real estate services in your local area, and this means you need to add keywords to your website content of your local area. This could be your town, city, or state names, and you want to ensure this data is included several times throughout your copy.


Can't overstate that enough.

After that, focus on testimonials and social proof.

Social proof, or people reading reviews from your past customers, is the currency that makes the business world spin these days, so you have to be offering examples of what you have to offer.

Nobody wants to work with real estate agents without reviews because they don't want to take the risk. Seeing reviews and testimonials alleviates that risk because new customers can see other people have had a good experience.

This means taking the time to get reviews and sticking them somewhere fancy on your site.

Calls to Action

A CTA is a button or phrase that tells people what you want them to do next, like calling a number, sending you an email, or scheduling a meeting.

Make your buttons crisp and clear, so people see them, click them, and you get business from them! This is what it means to make a user-friendly website.

Bonus Tips

Here are some final tips for sealing the deal on an excellent real estate website;

  • Have a blog to attract more traffic to your website and boost your SEO ranking
  • Don't forget a contact page and contact forms so potential clients can get in touch quickly
  • Contact information must also be visible, especially links to your social media pages!
  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and responsive, as most people will view it from their phone or tablet.

Thanks for reading!

Don't forget to check my dedicated Squarespace real estate templates at the top of the page, and good luck building your website! I hope you're feeling inspired enough to create the best website possible.

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