19 Kickass Therapist Websites: Make the Best Website

Best therapist websites, the platform they are built on, and best practices for therapist websites.

"Best therapist websites" with therapist website examples

You want your therapist website to be as comforting, secure, and welcoming as your office!

So how do we convey that vibe?

You're in a great place – referencing the best therapist websites out there!

But an untrained eye might not see what the tactics are on these therapist website examples.

So that's where I come in! I'll point out why these top therapist websites are so good.

I included specific websites that excel at certain things. Most don't do well at everything... and that's where you and your private practice can shine!

The following therapist website examples excel in one or more of the following areas:

  1. SEO (search engine optimization) – I'll show you easy things you can do to improve the visibility of your therapist website in search engines.
  2. Copywriting – Some of these websites speak directly to the patient's concerns, fears, and what motivates them the most. I'll point out the tactics these therapist websites use to engage the visitor on a deep level.
  3. Design – The are nonverbal tactics you can use to create the environment that'll give your visitors the feeling you want them to have.
  4. Structure/Content – There are specific things you should include on your website and in an order that makes sense

Hack Alert! Start with a Website Template Suitable for Therapists!

All of these templates are fully customizable, so if it's not strictly a psychologist website template, no worries. Or if you don't like the color, all good – change them with ease!

Alright, here are the best of the best therapist website examples, so you can go on and create your very own website!

Ultimate List of the Best Therapist Websites

Compassionate Counseling St. Louis

Wow!! So much to learn from the #1 therapist website example! Idk where to start...

The design it absolutely incredible. Take note of the following:

  • The fonts are super easy to read. Too many times the titles are big and the paragraphs are super small. Don't do that. Make your paragraphs with a big font size!
  • The color scheme is soft and warm – likely the vibe you want to give off.
  • Pictures of the team. Use custom pictures wherever posssible. Your phone's camera goes a long way!

The copywriting is amazing as well. Take note of the following:

  • The title of the page is clear and concise. This is the best thing you can do. When somebody reads the title, they must know exactly what you do without having previous knowledge of your business. Save creativity for lower on the page.
  • The text in the intro connects with the visitor. They know exactly who their target market is and writes copy that speaks directly to them.
  • Their headers lower on the page aren't generic. Instead of "Our Team", they say "The Compassionate Counseling St. Louis team".


  • Right off the bat, in their page title (H1), they include the location keyword (St. Louis). Your title must be clear and also let your visitors know what location you provide services in (unless you offer online therapy).
  • Include the phrases (keywords) people search for throughout your text. For example, "anxiety counceling in St. Louis".

This is the best therapist website out there!

Ceely Counseling

This psychotherapy website is clean and effective. There is much to learn from (and steal from) this site such as:

  • Picking a niche – focusing in on a niche will do wonders for growing your counseling services
  • Mentioning your location throughout the website (unless you focus on online therapy)
  • Creating descriptive headers (go a long on your home page)!
  • Creating copy that resonates with the target audience. Don't talk about you too much, talk about them and show them that you understand and can connect with your potential patients.
  • Putting logos up high which build trust with the visitor
  • Using his images/photos throughout the website
  • Using video to create relationships with the audience
Ginny Kington, Psy.D.

Believe it or not, most websites don't have clear and concise headers. I dug through many therapy website and only a small fraction have great headers and that's one of the criteria to make this therapist website examples list. This is another web design that features a clear and concise title with a location keyword. Do this!!

Woven Together Trauma Therapy

The color palette on this website is one that is present on many therapy websites. It gives off calm vibes! Their "Are you frustrated" section is definitely something to reference. That is excellent copywriting as they show they understand what their therapy patients go through and how to connect with them.

Wayne Counseling

This is another great therapist website that nails the niche: anxiety therapy for millennial professionals. While that blocks a lot of people from using their counseling services, the ones who do fall in that category are much more likely to convert and stay as clients.

They also have great copywriting that resonates with their target market.

Caroline Taylor

The intro to this website is very inviting. Nice and big text with a great call to action "Reach Out".

There is a mixture of good and bad copywriting on this website. The good is where the therapist connects with the visitor by talking about the issues they are going through. The bad is using "I" too much. You want to avoid talking about you for the most part. Rather, use headers and paragraphs that talk about your patients.

This is a good therapist website example for SEO. The H1 (the most important title of the page) has the keyword that people are searching for ("divorce counselor in Birmingham, AL").

Jesse Giunta Rafeh

The hero/intro of this homepage is compelling as they used unique colors, easy to read font sizes, and a great photo of the therapist.

Rooted Therapy Seattle

There are two things to note on this personal therapy website:

  1. The copywriting connects with the visitors
  2. The target market is niched down which will bring more quality clients to this business
Center for Modern Relationships

This homepage website design is clean and creative. Therapists should take note of the design and structure of this website.

Vanessa Faria

This is a bright and beautiful therapist website that was created with purpose and promoting wellness for individuals and those in a relationship.

Houston Center for Christian Counseling

This website is a great inspiration for therapists to create outstanding websites. The design absolutely crushes it!

Heartfelt Online Therapy

This online therapy website made the list of best therapist website examples because of the copywriting. You'll get a sense of what you should be creating by reading this website's homepage.

Marie Mercado

This therapist website made the list because the intro is clear and concise. Make sure you tell your visitors what you do and where you do it.

Megan Bruneau

I always say to use a header that describers your services clearly. This is a website that strays away from that, but it works well as they disrupt a common belief which creates intrigue.

It also looks like this therapist is well known (she has lots of social proof right under her hero) which reduces the need for a clear header in their therapist web design. She also features a lot of social media posts which build trust.

Peace Club

Peace Club has a very cool looking website. Unique fonts go a long way!

Bell Psychotherapy

Another example of a clear and concise header! Their background is of the therapist which is fine, but I would use one that shows the emotion you want people to have after using your services or the emotion to avoid.

Bright Moments Therapy

Very cool looking therapist website with a soft color palette, nice images, and cool fonts!

Fort Worth Counseling and Intervention

This website features counseling and family therapy (which you can tell from the clear and concise header!).

Modern Day Therapy GA

People often wonder what image they should put in their intro. Often times, the best image to use is either one that highlights the emotion you want them to achieve (in this case connecting to life) or the emotion they don't want to have (feeling lonely or isolated). This website uses an image showing somebody happy supporting their title of "connect to life".

Where should you build your therapist website??

Squarespace builder/platform is going to be your best bet.

As a professional web designer, I recommend the following three platforms:

You don't need anything crazy for your therapy website which is why Squarespace is going to be best. It's easy to use and highly effective.

You'll probably see a lot of WordPress recommendations out there. Stay away. It's the wrong tool for the job, is more costly, and just a pain in the butt.

Happy therapist website building!