15 Kickass Cleaning Service Websites (+How to Build Your Own!)

Inspiring cleaning service websites and hacks to beat them.

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"Best Cleaning Service Websites" with screenshots of the cleaning service websites
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Published February 4, 2024Updated April 16, 2024
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What's worse than a dirty house or business?

A cluttered website! (Or maybe even worse, not having a website!)

I've crawled the web, dusted off the grime, and unearthed the best cleaning websites for your inspiration.

The question is, how can you build a kickass cleaning service website that'll sweep customers off their feet?

You'll see the best cleaning website examples around and what makes them great, but also where these cleaning websites could y'know, not suck.

You'll get descriptions of each cleaning services site, a takeaway (because who the hell has time to read everything?), and everything detailing the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And just when you think you're about to drown in a sea of suds, I'll save your ass with a complete guide on building a successful cleaning business website for your cleaning company!

Let's dive in!

Hack Alert! Start With One of My Fav Cleaning Services Website Templates

Wait for just a second. ✋⛔

Before you load up a blank page and start trying to design your house cleaning websites from scratch, just think about how much time you'll spend learning how to design a cleaning company website.

If you're not familiar with how to build the best cleaning websites or even the basics of web design, it's going to take ages to piece together a design you love and one that actually works. This will detract from actually running your business, and everything becomes a mess so quickly.

Instead, save yourself some time by using a template based on the best cleaning websites around. Simply start with a template, change the contact details and site content to match your brand, and publish.

Using a template means you get access to a fantastic-looking website that's SEO'd and ready to go in mere hours, rather than struggling to do everything yourself and still not guaranteeing a great result at the end.

Not sure where to get started?

Check out these fantastic templates to help you quickly develop one of the great cleaning websites to ensure your business thrives!

Now, let's get into our list of the best house-cleaning websites around! ✅

The Ultimate List of Cleaning Services Website Examples You Need to See

Screenshot 1 of Joey Gees (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 2 of Joey Gees (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 3 of Joey Gees (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)

Joey Gees is like that friend who's always there when you need a good laugh or a clean home.

Their cleaning website design is clean (pun intended) and easy on the eyes, with a stunning color scheme that screams "clean" without being too in-your-face.

They've got their house cleaning services and window cleaning services listed front and center, making it easy to see what they offer. And don't even get me started on their mascot – Joey, the adorable water drop, is the perfect combo of quirky and endearing.

Joey even offers a free estimate service request to help customers click and get in touch!

Takeaway: Joey Gees' cleaning business website is a delight and easily one of the best cleaning sites out there. With a clean design all cleaning websites should have, a straightforward services structure, and a mascot that could give Disney a run for its money, they're an excellent example of how to win customers over with charm and humor.


✅ Clean design with some great CTAs

✅ Straightforward services

✅ Lovable mascot


❌ Could do with a blog or news section for value and SEO

❌ Needs more reviews on the homepage, not just hidden away on the Reviews page (no one goes there!)

Screenshot 1 of A Personal Elf (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 2 of A Personal Elf (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 3 of A Personal Elf (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)

A Personal Elf is like having your very own magical cleaning buddy that just wants to make your life sparkle - at least, that's what I wish it were.

Despite the fun name, this cleaning website is actually a little more professional and corporate than the others. Don't get me wrong - it doesn't look bad.

There's a clear list of services ensures you know exactly what they're offering, and the customer testimonials make it clear that these elves know their shit. Plus, their blog is packed with cleaning tips that even a non-magical person can follow!

I just wish it had that mystical feel you first feel you'll get when loading up.

Takeaway: A Personal Elf's website could have been so much more engaging than it is. It's a little generic in places, and I would have loved to see more personality across the board to really help this website stand out.


✅ Colorful but neutral design

✅ Clear list of services and some awesome media mentions helping build credibility

✅ Does contain locational information to help rank in the local area


❌ Feels a little bit generic compared with other cleaning websites

❌ Needs a stronger call-to-action

Screenshot 1 of Cleaning+ (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 2 of Cleaning+ (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 3 of Cleaning+ (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)

CleaningPlus is a hard-hitting, minimalist-styled website that really ticks all the boxes. Big punchy imagery. Great headers and an easy navigation bar. Bold CTAs.

I mean, what more could you ask for?

Well, actually, quite a bit more. Look at the style of the copywriting here. The tagline "We don't cut corners, we clean them - exceptionally well" just hits the nail on the head, and I wouldn't be surprised if many of their customers signed up just for seeing that juicy bit of text on its own.

However, this might actually be one of the best house-cleaning websites I've ever seen. It's got everything;

  • Local SEO keywords & Location Page
  • Detailed services encapsulated a clean design
  • Custom icons and imagery
  • Super clean design

Just emulate this cleaning website as much as you can, okay?

Takeaway: Work on your copywriting. You can grab new customers and convert them in seconds if you can spend the time to come up with a tagline or motto that makes you stand out from everyone else.


✅ Really stunning aesthetic and visuals

✅ The copywriting is spot on (totally steal what they're doing here for your own site)

✅ There's a chatbot, which is ESSENTIAL for getting new clients in


❌ NEEDS testimonials or reviews of some kind on the homepage

❌ Some of this cleaning website takes a little too long to load

Screenshot 1 of Cleaning Angels (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 2 of Cleaning Angels (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 3 of Cleaning Angels (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)

Cleaning Angels' website is like a heavenly chorus singing "Hallelujah!" as you step into a spotless home.

The clean and modern design, combined with fun and colorful graphics, helps showcase this business's personality and shows off its damn good taste.

Run by Debbie, this site has everything, including a well-organized services section making it easy to find what you need, and a headshot of Debbie herself to ensure that actual personal touch.

Takeaway: Cleaning Angels' website is a match made in heaven for those seeking a spotless home and a good chuckle. The modern design is full of life and color, showing that this service isn't afraid to be itself, which is precisely what many modern customers are looking for!


✅ Super colorful, animated, and personal design

✅ Features reviews on the homepage to help build credibility

✅ Nice, easy-to-see calls-to-action buttons


❌ The website feels a little text-heavy in places

❌Next-to-no location or local SEO data, so how should anyone know where this service operates?!

Screenshot 1 of Bristle Cleaning (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 2 of Bristle Cleaning (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 3 of Bristle Cleaning (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)

Bristle Cleaning's website is like a neatly organized broom closet – everything has its place, and it's all just so satisfying.

The minimalistic design, paired with a soothing color palette, makes for an enjoyable browsing experience. Their well-organized services are easy to find, and their commitment to eco-friendly cleaning practices is commendable. Plus, they've got reviews that'll make you want to whip out your mop and dance.

Takeaway: Bristle Cleaning's website is a masterclass in minimalism and organization. With a clean design, well-organized services, and a focus on eco-friendliness, they're sweeping up the competition.


✅ Minimalistic design

✅ Organized services backed by award-winning mentions

✅ Eco-friendly, personable focus


❌ Lacks a blog or resources section

❌ Could use more social media integration

Screenshot of the Kathys Maids website

Kathy's Maids' website is like your favorite cozy sweater – it's comfortable, familiar, and just feels right. The warm color scheme, big hero images, and welcoming design invite you in like a big ol' hug.

Their services are straightforward and easy to find, while their company's story and testimonial pages offer a ton of information to help build its reputation and credibility. You trust this cleaning company to keep your home spick-and-span, and it's clear that Kathy's Maids are the real damn deal.

Takeaway: Kathy's Maids' website epitomizes warmth and reliability. With a welcoming design and easy-to-find services, you'll feel right at home in their capable hands. The only improvement is that I'd love to see a pic or mention of Kathy to add that real personal touch that the website seems to promise.


✅ Warm color scheme with some great imagery

✅ Straightforward services with all content laid out nicely

✅ Informative blog


❌ Some of the pages feel very text-heavy and could do with some more custom imagery (not just stock photos)

❌ Could benefit from a more personal touch

Screenshot 1 of Alexa's Green Cleaning Service (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 2 of Alexa's Green Cleaning Service (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 3 of Alexa's Green Cleaning Service (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)

Alexa's Green Cleaning Services' website is like a lush, green minimalist oasis in a desert of dirty, cluttered homes.

The earthy color scheme and clean design make for a relaxing browsing experience. Their eco-friendly services are easy to find and understand, and their customer testimonials show that they're not just green – they're damn good at what they do.

Takeaway: Alexa's Green Cleaning Services' house cleaning website is an eco-friendly haven for cleaning enthusiasts. The clean design, eco-focused services, and valuable blog make it an excellent resource for those seeking a greener clean.


✅ Earthy design that highlights consistent branding and personality

✅ Eco-friendly services that are highlighted to connect with like-minded individuals

✅ Really nice, spacious, breathable layout


❌ Next-to-no location data, so how does anyone know where the service operates?

❌ No customer reviews or testimonials available to build credibility

Screenshot of the Citrus & Shine Cleaning Co. website

Citrus and Shine's website is like a tall, refreshing glass of lemonade on a hot summer day – it's bright, invigorating, and just hits the spot. ]

The vibrant color scheme with big images, punchy copywriting and text, and the overall cheerful design make for an enjoyable user experience. Their clear, concise services are easy to understand, while the reviews provide a solid foundation of trust.

I'm also a HUGE fan of the custom imagery and icons. It's just so fricking good (just look at the "easy to get help" bit), and it's a great way to get customers interested in signing up.

Takeaway: Citrus and Shine's website is a bright and refreshing take on cleaning websites. The cheerful design, clear services, and insightful blog create a delightful and informative experience. If you can afford to invest in custom graphics, then you should absolutely do so.


✅ Vibrant design with some brilliant graphics

✅ Clear, concise services

✅ Stunning colors and well-laid-out design


❌ Some of the default social media links haven't been updated

❌ Could use a blog to add value to customers and visitors

Screenshot 1 of CleanSpace Co (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 2 of CleanSpace Co (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 3 of CleanSpace Co (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)

Oh my, I'm in love with this website.

Clean Space's website is like a futuristic spaceship where every surface is spotless, and the robots are your cleaning besties.

The sleek, modern design and cool color scheme create a visually appealing browsing experience. The orange features on the white background is the chef's kiss of what you want in terms of your own website design.

What's more, their well-organized services are easy to find and understand, while the testimonials showcase their satisfied customers. Plus, their blog offers valuable tips for maintaining a clean and organized home.

Takeaway: Clean Space's website perfectly exemplifies modern design and efficiency. There's even a Google Reviews integrated plugin that helps new customers read customer reviews to build trust and credibility in seconds.


✅ Sleek design with an incredible color scheme I just adore

✅ A fantastic, super well-organized services section and page

✅ Informative blog content for boosting SEO rankings


❌ The font on the blogs is so tiny and basically impossible to read naturally

❌ Needs more social media integration

Screenshot 1 of Green Cleaning Service (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 2 of Green Cleaning Service (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 3 of Green Cleaning Service (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)

Okay, hold the phone, can a cleaning website get any better than this?

CasaClean's website is like a breath of fresh air – or, in this case, a breath of clean air. The minimalist design, with its muted colors and uncluttered layout, makes navigating easy and finding what you need. Everything about this website is clearly custom, especially that hero image that just sings the praises of this company.

I'm in love with this design, and if you can get your website even to 10% of how this service has embraced its own brand's personality and style, you'll be onto a winner.

Takeaway: CasaClean's website is a lesson in minimalism and functionality. With an easy-to-navigate design, impressive before-and-after shots, and a seamless online booking system with an online payment system, they've got their shit together and aren't afraid to show it.


✅ Minimalist design with some gorgeous, breathtaking graphics

✅ A sleek experience where it's easy to find what you're looking for

✅ Seamless booking system with online accounts for managing services and a dedicated contact page


❌ Lacks a blog or resources section

❌ Could use more social proof and local SEO information

Screenshot 1 of Memorial Maids (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 2 of Memorial Maids (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 3 of Memorial Maids (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)

Memorial Maids' website is like walking into a spotless museum, where every exhibit is dedicated to the art of cleaning.

The clean, simple design and muted color scheme create an air of professionalism, while their well-organized services are easy to find and understand. The customer testimonials provide a sense of trust, and the custom imagery just helps to set this superb maids service apart from the rest.

Takeaway: Memorial Maids' website perfectly blends simplicity and professionalism. The clean design, organized services, and rich, informative sections make it a go-to resource for those seeking a trustworthy cleaning company.


✅ Clean design

✅ All the necessary information is clearly laid out and easy to see

✅ Interestingly, it accepts Bitcoin and Dogecoin as payments


❌ Needs more visuals and unique information that shows why this business is different

❌ Lots of the dates go back to 2020, meaning it's very out of date and off-putting to new customers!

Screenshot of the Right Way Cleaning website

Right Way Cleaning's website is like a well-oiled cleaning machine – it's efficient, no-nonsense, and does the job. The clean design and bold color scheme make a strong first impression, while the straightforward list of reasons why you should choose to work with the service and the services themselves lets you know exactly what you're getting.

The only real downside is that this website does feel very stocky in the sense that there are a lot of stock images and TONs of text in places. Custom images would work wonders here and really help the company stand out from the crowd.

Takeaway: Right Way Cleaning's website is a no-frills, high-performance experience. The clean design, clear service offerings, and simple navigation to all dedicated pages make it a shining example of efficiency and professionalism.


✅ Clean design with bold CTAs

✅ Straightforward services and value-adding sections

✅ Lots of valuable and attractive information across the website


❌ Could use more custom visuals

❌ More local SEO data is needed to make it clear where this company is operating

Screenshot 1 of Seattle Green Cleaning Fairy (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 2 of Seattle Green Cleaning Fairy (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 3 of Seattle Green Cleaning Fairy (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)

Seattle Green Cleaning Fairy's website is like stepping into an enchanted forest where the trees are squeaky clean, and the woodland creatures are tidy as fuck.

Okay, maybe it doesn't go that far, but it does have some pretty pictures of fairies and lots of custom imagery that plays in that direction, which is enough to satisfy my need for this being a personal business that has taken the time to share their personality and branding with the world.

The whimsical design, coupled with an earthy color scheme, creates a magical atmosphere that sets them apart from the competition, and this is what you need to be doing to set your business apart from the rest and to attract customers that are more than happy to spend their money on you.

One thing I will consider here is that the website claims to be the "Ranked #1 Maid Service on Google". I'm pretty sure that's just not true (try Googling it yourself), so be careful, as this can damage your credibility tenfold with newcomers to your website.

Takeaway: Seattle Green Cleaning Fairy's website is a magical, eco-friendly wonderland. The enchanting design, clear eco-friendly services, and helpful blog make it a standout in the cleaning world.


✅ Whimsical design with custom graphics

✅ Lots of local location data to help ranking and understanding

✅ Nice big CTAs to encourage people to book the service easily


❌ Some of the text blurs into the background, making it hard to read

❌ Perhaps shares some easily identifiable false advertising

Screenshot 1 of Tidy Hali (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 2 of Tidy Hali (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 3 of Tidy Hali (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)

Tidy Hali Cleaners' website is like a freshly cleaned chalkboard – it's simple, functional, and ready for action.

The minimalist design and soothing color scheme make for an easy browsing experience. Their services are clearly laid out and easy to understand, while the customer reviews showcase their commitment to quality.

Again, and I can't stress this enough, the custom icons help to raise this website's professionalism to the next level, so this is absolutely something you should be doing with your own website!

Takeaway: Tidy Hali Cleaners' website is a prime example of simplicity and functionality. The minimalist design, clear services, and gorgeous structure create a no-fuss, reliable cleaning company destination.


✅ Minimalist design with lots of fantastic sections and custom imagery from start to finish

✅ The navigation menu is spot on and holds so much value for website visitors

✅ The bright, bold, unmissable CTAs are just spot on


❌ Needs more credibility information

❌ More personality in the copywriting could work wonders

Screenshot 1 of Windsor Pro Services (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 2 of Windsor Pro Services (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)Screenshot 3 of Windsor Pro Services (Example Squarespace Cleaning Services Website)

Mmm, okay, this website is tasty.

Windsor Pro Services' website is like a trusted, professional friend who just so happens to be a cleaning genius.

The sleek, modern design and easy-to-navigate layout make it clear they mean business, and the hero image just hits the spot. If you can get an image like this for your website, then you should absolutely use it.

I love that the company's services are straightforward and easy to understand, including their pricing structure (which is something we don't usually see right off the bat like this), while the reviews provide solid social proof.

The only downside is there is literally no navigation, so if you're looking for information that's not on the homepage, well, you're probably going to end up going elsewhere.

Takeaway: Windsor Pro Services' website is a testament to professionalism and expertise. The modern design, a clear services page, and a helpful blog create a sense of trust and reliability that's hard to beat.


✅ Sleek design with a fantastic, exciting hero image

✅ Straightforward services, which includes average starting prices

✅ Great use of testimonials to build credibility


❌ Absolutely needs to add some navigation for the website

❌ Needs to break up the big paragraphs into more easy-to-read sections

The Ultimate Guide to Building Successful Cleaning Service Websites

Now that we've explored the world of cleaning service websites, it's time to break down the essential ingredients for building your own kick-ass site. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you create professional cleaning websites that are as spotless as the homes you'll be cleaning.

Choose a Clean, User-Friendly Design

First impressions matter, and all house cleaning websites need to look fresh and clean, just like the results of your services. Typically, opt for a minimalist design with a simple color scheme and easy-to-read fonts.

Nobody wants to navigate a cluttered site – it's a total turn-off!

That being said, a cleaning business can be a personal affair since many cleaners and homeowners develop personal relationships over time. So, if that's the approach you like to take, don't be afraid to inject a little personality into your website.

Having creative web design in this way is a great way to draw people in and have them get excited about what you have to offer. Ensure you have consistent online branding across your website to avoid confusion.

Clearly Outline Your Services

Don't leave potential clients guessing what you offer. Be straightforward and concise when listing your services. Make it easy for users to find and understand what you provide so they know exactly what they're signing up for.

The best way to approach this is to think about the value you're offering. This is what customers are looking for. They're searching through all the cleaning business websites they can find on the hunt for the business whose value matches what they're happy to pay for.

Therefore, you must put your value front and center and showcase what someone can expect working with you. Ask yourself;

  • What's your cleaning process? Is it clean and quiet?
  • Do you offer eco-green services?
  • Do you abide by a custom service request a homeowner may have?
  • Are you locally owned?
  • Do you offer a worry-free guarantee?
  • Can you help with unique tasks, like holiday lighting installation?
  • Do you dedicate to a single service, like shine window cleaning, or do you handle every odd job around?

You can offer whatever you want. Just make sure the information is crystal clear throughout your website so potential customers can quickly and easily understand what makes your business sing!

Showcase Your Skills with Before-and-After Photos

People love seeing transformations, so include before-and-after photos of your work. This not only provides social proof but also highlights the quality of your services. Plus, it's just satisfying as hell to see a dirty room turn spotless.

Just don't forget to use high-quality photos that really help your work shine. Blurry, low-quality photos are just not going to cut it these days.

Include Testimonials and Reviews

Positive customer reviews can do wonders for your credibility. Include testimonials on your site to build trust and showcase your commitment to customer satisfaction. Happy clients are the best marketing tool you could ask for!

Fortunately, this is easier than you may think.

You can easily display embedded customer reviews using a website plugin that pulls reviews from places like Google Reviews and Trustpilot. This keeps reviews fresh and up to date, ensuring you come across as the trusted cleaning team you are!

Incorporate an Easy-to-Use Booking System

Don't make potential clients jump through hoops to book your services. Incorporate a seamless booking system into your website to make it easy for users to schedule appointments. The smoother the process, the more likely they will become repeat customers.

The best approach is to make everything nice and easy on the website since no one will jump through hoops to book through any old service. The less friction your online service form has, the more customers you'll get.

All you'll want to do is offer an easy-to-find online booking form or, at the bare minimum, your contact details which means you're just a phone call away. If you can install an automated chatbot plugin, that will work amazingly!

Add a Blog or Resources Section

A blog is a fantastic way to share your cleaning expertise and offers helpful tips to your clients. Regularly posting useful content can also improve your site's ranking on search engines, making it easier for people to find you online.

Once again, just make sure the language and tone you use have consistent branding for the rest of your cleaning websites pages.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile

These days, people are glued to their smartphones, so make sure your website is mobile-friendly. A responsive design ensures your site looks and functions well on all devices, so you won't miss out on potential clients browsing on the go.

Even the most basic website builder plans should offer mobile responsiveness these days, but you'll need to ensure this is the case because you could miss out on a ton of business otherwise.

Connect with Social Media

All the best cleaning websites will integrate their social media accounts, making it easy for users to follow and engage with you. Social media is a powerful marketing tool, so take advantage of it to showcase your services and interact with your audience.

And don't think for a second that you can't get creative with what you're offering on social media and that having a superb maids service or a simple shine window cleaning service doesn't allow for a social media presence.

Just look at lawn care videos and home maintenance channels on YouTube, many of which have millions of views per video just for doing their job and showcasing their cleaning process!

Top tip: you must maintain consistent branding on both your website and social media profiles to avoid confusion!

Create a Strong Call-to-Action

Guide users toward the action you want them to take, whether it's booking a service, requesting a quote, or signing up for your newsletter. A clear and compelling call to action can make all the difference in converting visitors into customers.

And don't forget to make this call to action button as enticing as possible. Perhaps you're offering a free estimate. Perhaps a free consultation. Maybe a discount.

Remember, you want people to click your call to action button, so give them a reason to!

Track Your Progress and Make Improvements

Don't just set it and forget it!

You absolutely must make sure you're regularly monitoring your website's performance using analytics tools to see what's working and what's not. Make improvements as needed to ensure your site stays fresh and compelling.

And there we have it!

The best cleaning websites and how to go and create one yourself!

In conclusion, creating a successful cleaning service website takes a combination of clean design, clear service offerings, social proof, and easy-to-use web features. Keep these elements in mind as you build your site, and you'll be well on your way to cleaning up the competition. ]Good luck, and happy cleaning!

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