13 Kickass HVAC Websites: Make the Best Website

Most inspiring HVAC websites built and hacks to beat them.

"Best HVAC Websites" with screenshots of the best HVAC websites

Want a website as cool as your services?

I scavenged the web for the best HVAC websites to inspire you.

The HVAC example websites come from three website builders:

All three of them can output amazing HVAC websites. If you're a DIY kinda person, then go with the first one. Very low learning curve and great outcomes.

While HVAC website design is important, there are some other factors to consider.

Hack Alert! Start with an HVAC Website Template!

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Now let's look at how to customize those templates by looking at the best HVAC website examples.

The Ultimate List of Best HVAC Websites and Inspiration

Paragon Mechanical

This HVAC company has a SMOOTH website design. The animations add a nice touch, the font sizes are large and easy to read, and the contrast ratio of text to images is superb. There are many web design tactics to note on this HVAC website design.

Kensington Mechanical

This HVAC company's design is another great one. Big images, big text, there's a lot to learn from the design of this HVAC website.

Metro Express Service

This heating and cooling company has a good understanding of SEO. Their monthly traffic value is $2,400. They obtain this traffic value partly because of how much they talk about the location they are in. Google looks at that and will use that as a factor when deciding how high to rank the website. They also have their phone number prominently displayed in the header at all times - this is good practice.

ABS Heating & Cooling

The elements on this site stand out visually. The brand really shines through the custom graphics, simple logo, and contact information present in all parts of the website. All the phone numbers are click to call so its easy to get in touch.


This is an excellent example of what great HVAC website design looks like. This business crushed it! Scroll through to see for yourself and create one like it! Many companies would love to have an online presence as nice as this site.

AC Authority

This HVAC website design is top notch. They must have had a professional designer and marketing company behind it. The visual side looks great and it features testimonials and easy to read fonts! All in all, great looking home page. Side note, instead of having "Services" in the main menu, be more specific and do something like "HVAC Services". That is better for SEO.

Coastal Cooling

Their title is a model title with the text containing exactly what people search for. This is a professional HVAC website and they have testimonials to back up their local services.

AAVCO Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning

This company uses their intro to list services. Under their services is the pages actual title (H1) which has location keywords in it. This company lists location keywords for SEO purposes as they are trying to attract potential customers searching for or within cities.


This HVAC website design lists their "social proof" high on the homepage in the form of reviews. The gives the user instant liking for the business as they see they are well liked by other customers. They also list a contact form high on the page which could be beneficial for the site visitors.

Oehl Plumbing, Heating, Electric, & Air Conditioning

If there is one thing to take away from this heating and air conditioning website design its the title. They titles contains exactly what people search for giving this website a higher chance of ranking and getting website visitors... great marketing!

Elite Aire

This home services website has a clean design and good intro with their phone number and contact form right there. Their title is close to being great as they have location keywords in there, they just don't have the service they provide.

IRV Plumbing, Electric & HVAC

The intro of this HVAV website design is catchy. It would be better if they had location wording in it though. The service offering look nice right after the intro. Also, custom images go a long way because they resonate with the visitors.

Professional Services

This HVAC website has a nice design with a good color scheme and consistence spacing throughout the sections. It's easy to follow and has a lot of pages built out which is creating for SEO.

Tips to Creating the Best HVAC Website!

  • Your title needs to be clear and concise so visitors know exactly what you offer
  • The title also needs to include the location you are in (e.g., HVAC Services in Phoenix, AZ)
  • List service areas on your website (good for SEO)
  • Use custom pictures throughout your website (smartphone cameras are excellent)