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CMS Migration Services

Dedicate Engineers to Building, Not Migrating

I'd ❤️ to migrate your data from the CMS you outgrew to the new CMS, ensuring your data arrives securely, quickly, and accurately.

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"Seamless transition, highly communicative, on time"

"John expertly managed my blog's migration from Wordpress to Hygraph CMS, surpassing expectations with his deep technical knowledge, meticulous planning, and efficient execution. He ensured a seamless transition, and was highly communicative throughout, completing the project on time. His dedication significantly enhanced my blog's functionality and user experience, making him a highly recommended choice for similar projects."

Tristan Solari
Software Developer at Bitcoin Well

Avoid Time-consuming and migraine-inducing migrations...

Just like you, I outgrew my CMS. The migration came with its challenges...

  • Running migrations 100’s of times to figure out how to get it right
  • Scouring the web to figure out how to accomplish that one thing that's not working
  • Dealing with the frustration of uploading images and referencing those images in the content migrations
  • Learning the APIs of the source and destination
  • Dealing with API rate limiting
  • Migrating all the data to realize one thing is missing, such as alt texts
  • Running up API usage from trial and error

Offload This One-Time Task

Time is of the essence. Why spend time learning to do a one-time task when you can dedicate your time to getting the project up and running?

Hire me to migrate your CMS data to another platform. Your data will arrive securely, quickly, and accurately.

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Three-Step Process: Meet, Migrate, Approve 🚀

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Meet with me to review your goals and any known content nuances or concerns. We'll meet as many times as needed to refine the migration strategy.



Add me to both the source and the destination. I'll review your data and models and let you know if I have questions. Then, I'll migrate the data.


Approve (or Revise)

Review the destination and sign off if you're happy, or make revision requests as needed.

Meet Your
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John Siciliano

👋 Hey! I'm John Siciliano

I built my first website when I was 11! Since then, I've:

  • Gone bald
  • Been Lead Developer at an EdTech company
  • Helped a technical SaaS company reach the #2 top-selling app in their marketplace by signing enterprise clients such as Target, Comcast, Siemans, and BMW.

The blend of my developer and growth marketing skillsets gives me superpowers to grow technical products.

My whereabouts on the world wide web...

Pricing and Timeline Estimates


  • 3 collections
  • 100 records
  • 1 day
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  • 4-10 collections
  • 1,000 records
  • 1 week
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Custom Pricing
  • > 10 collections
  • > 1,000 records
I can handle migrations that have millions of records.
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Please note that additional charges may apply, and timelines may change due to complexity.

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If you want to work together, please read the requirements and fill out the form.


  • You can add me to the source and destination platforms
  • The pricing looks good to you (or you want to get a custom quote)

Start The Convo

  • Fill out the form or email me
  • I'll reply within 1 business day

More Info

👨‍💻 Content Management Systems

My projects usually go from a coupled/traditional CMS such as Webflow, Drupal, and WordPress or a headless CMS such as Prismic...

WordPress LogoWebflow LogoDrupal LogoPrismic logo

...To a headless CMS such as Sanity, Hygraph (I'm an official Hygraph Partner), and Contentful.

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I've migrated to and from many different CMS platforms. If you use a CMS not listed here, please don't hesitate to reach out; once you do a few, they are all pretty similar :)

⚙️ Transformations

During the content migration, it may make sense to add transformations to your migration process.

Such as:

  • Combine two or more fields
  • Add `target="_blank"` to all external links, ensuring they open in a new tab
  • Combine two content types/collections
  • And more

Let me know, and we can make it happen.

➕ Additional CMS Migration Services

Model Data

Your CMS migration may be a 1:1 map. However, the upgraded CMS likely offers improved features, such as reusable components and code inputs. I can help you model your data. This will ensure you take full advantage of the new platform and make any other improvements to your data structure. I'm happy to meet with all the stakeholders involved to ensure we create something that meets or exceeds their hopes and desires.


SEO is likely the most significant risk and opportunity in the CMS migration process, especially if you are undergoing a website migration too. I'll help you ensure a smooth transition so that all measures are taken to limit/eliminate any negative impacts on search engine rankings.

  • URLs – By default, all URLs/slugs will stay the same. However, if your new structure or desire calls for different URLs, I can provide all the redirects from the current website to the new one. (Technically, there is a risk any time you redirect a URL. That's why I don't claim to "eliminate" all risk.)
  • Alt Text – I'll map all alt text values to the new CMS platform. We can even create new alt text in the data transfer if needed and if there are appropriate fields to use to create the alt text.
  • Misc. – Captions, canonicals, meta titles, meta descriptions, links, etc., are all elements that can impact your SEO performance. I'm fully equipped to migrate them (which is included in all migrations) and modify them per your requirements.

❤️ i Love CMS Migrations

I love migrating data and would love to help you – whether you're a hobbyist with a small-scale operation or an industry-leading enterprise.

A new platform can bring many benefits to your business:

  • New features
  • Better security
  • More integrations/plugins
  • Flexibility in content modeling, APIs, automation, etc.
  • Better practices
  • Improved productivity
  • Support from the platform
  • "Future-proofing" your technology
  • Appeasing everyone on your team, including developers, content writers, marketers, non-technical users, and project managers

Hire me now to start your migration project, ultimately leveling up your content strategy. I'll ensure a seamless transition.

Curious about something?

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