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I Help Technical Founders Market to a Technical Audience

Generic marketers can’t speak intelligently to a technical audience, leaving A+ strategy and execution on the table.

Generic Marketer

  • Path to the startup graveyard
  • Inauthentic messaging
  • Weak strategy
  • Competition eats your breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Technical Marketer

Imagine going to your CRM/Stripe/New Signups report and seeing a consistent stream of people.

That's what I do.

I create the following to get us there:

  • Copy that speaks intelligently to your technical audience's problems and desires
  • Lots of content that attracts your ICP
  • A highly scalable content strategy
  • A design that gives off the impression you’re bigger than you are and the real deal
  • A creation made by someone who is passionate about technical stuff

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John Siciliano

👋 Hey! I'm John Siciliano

I built my first website when I was 11! Since then, I've:

  • Gone bald
  • Been Lead Developer at an EdTech company
  • Helped a technical SaaS company reach the #2 top-selling app in their marketplace by signing enterprise clients such as Target, Comcast, Siemans, and BMW.

The blend of my developer and growth marketing skillsets gives me superpowers to grow technical products.

My whereabouts on the world wide web...

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I don't take on a project unless I'm confident we can be successful. Here's a preliminary list of requirements that are a must to work together...

  • You are a technical founder
  • You have more than $1 million in ARR
  • You don’t have an in-house marketing team
  • You understand that growth takes time

Please note, there are additional parameters that help me determine if we'll be successful and if I'm interested in the project.

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I help my clients attract and convert enterprise clients. My marketing has attracted Visa, Oracle, Amazon, and many other Fortune 500 companies (for my clients).

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