Duda Statistics: Mind Blowing Facts

Duda usage statistics and other facts about the website builder and company.

"Duda Statistics $96 million""Duda Statistics $96 million"
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Duda is taking the market by storm. Duda's usage statistics indicate that it is growing more rapid than many of its competitors.

This is not going unrecognized. The people are are hopping on it are leveraging all the benefits and beating the competition. Duda has picked up over 20 industry awards.

Duda Statistics Summary

  • Duda sites gets over 100 million monthly visits
  • Over 450,000 companies use Duda
  • Duda's CMS market share is 1.12%
  • Duda has raised $96.2 million
  • Duda rasied $50 million in one round of funding
  • There are over 14 million sites built on Duda

Popular Duda Stats

How many monthly visits do Duda websites get?

Duda gets over 100 million monthly visits.

Duda monthly visits

Source: Duda

How many companies use Duda?

Over 450,000 companies use Duda.

How many businesses use Duda

Source: Duda

How Many Agencies Use Duda?

Over 18,000 digital agencies use Duda.

Source: Duda

What large companies use Duda?

Thryv, Hibu, Italiaonline, 1&1 Ionos, and UOL

Duda Businesses

Source: Duda

What does Duda mean?

Duda is named after a fictional movie character "The Dude" from The Big Lebowski.

An answer to what Duda means on LinkedIn

How many office does Duda have?

Duda has 5 offices across the globe. They are located in California, Tel Aviv, Colorado, London, and Florianópolis.

Duda offices

Source: Duda

How much money has Duda raised?

Duda has raised $96.2 million. Their latest funding was a Series D for $50 million.

Duda money raised

Source: Crunchbase

How many companies has Duda acquired?

There is one known acquisition which was of Snipcart, an ecommerce platform.

Duda acquisitions showing 1

Source: Crunchbase

What is Duda's market share?

It depends how you break it down. If looking at "web hosting providers", Duda's market share is .3% [1]. If looking at "content management systems", Duda's market share is 1.12% [2].

Chart of CMS Usage Statistics with Duda

Source 1: W3Techs

Source 2: BuiltWith

When was Duda founded?

According to Itai, Duda's CEO, Duda was founded in 2010. He stated "2010" during an AMA and on his LinkedIn. However, many websites state 2009.

Itai LinkedIn Showing When Duda was Founded
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