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How to Clear Cache in Duda

One feature that is clearly missing in Duda is a clear cache button. Good news for you, I have the secret sauce to clear the cache.

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Duda's Website Builder is jam-packed with tools to build an excellent website. One feature that is clearly missing is a clear cache button. Good news for you, I have the secret sauce to clear the cache.

But before we get to that, know that 99% of the time, you don't need to use it. Duda's system almost always serves up the freshest content making it very intelligent. Any changes done within the website builder automatically update upon refreshing the page - no clearing cookies, cache, or anything like that.

The one place that doesn't update automatically is the file system, which is hosted on a CDN (content delivery network). Simply put, a CDN is a service that provides a worldwide network of servers that stores copies of your website. This benefits users across the country and world to reach servers close to them, improving performance. Like most things that improve user experience on a website, there is a drawback to this - your updated content takes time to syndicate through the CDN.

Watch my video going over clearing Duda's cache or read ahead below.

Clearing Duda's Cache

If you think the page or file you are viewing is outdated and want to view the latest version, here's how to do it.

To clear the cache on Duda, append "?_dm_clear_cache=true" to the end of your URL.


Adding this query string will force the system to fetch the latest version of your content.

There's one caveat. This trick only retrieves the latest version of your content for your request. When that query string isn't present in the URL, the page reverts to getting the cached content. So technically, using this trick doesn't clear the cache but bypasses the cache for your individual request.

It's great for development and determining if the cache is getting in your way or not.

Happy building and cache clearing in Duda!

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