15 Kickass TikTok Ad Examples (+ 3 BAD Ones!)

The best TikTok ads to inspire you to create your very own.

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"Best TikTok Ads" with a screenshot of the TikTok ad examples
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Published January 22, 2024Updated April 16, 2024
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Most TikTok ads are garbage 🗑️...

They are the most skip-worthy pieces of crap out there.

Why? BAD TikTok ads are:

  • Unauthentic
  • Over salesy
  • Looks too much like a commercial
  • Looks gimmicky AF (but that's just a product issue)

So I found the best TikTok ads to help inspire you. I also found some bad TikTok ad examples (not hard to do) to show you what to avoid.

I'll break down all of the TikTok ad examples with why they work. Let's go!

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The Ultimate List of The Best TikTok Ad Examples

Screenshot of the Headspace website

Headspace ads are always gorgeous, and this is no exception.

As seems to be the trend with meditation content, the ad itself is a short meditation, allowing the user to enjoy and engage with a real-time meditation in that moment.

This is very useful to the user, allows them, in this case, to take a moment to breathe, and showcases what the product can do. In this vein, if you can make your product useful in your actual ad content, absolutely do that.

By far one of my favorite TikTok ad examples out there!

Screenshot of the alixearle website

This TikTok ad is pretty similar to the morning routine TikTok from before where the creator shares their get-ready-with-me routine and includes the product.

Again, this is a supernatural and way more authentic way of promoting a product because it's not the main focus. The focus is still on the creator and her audience, this time her content just happens to have a mention of the product and the paid partnership tag.

Screenshot of the blake.swanson website

Another great routine ad where the product is mentioned within the first few minutes and then the rest of the content is just valuable, engaging, or entertaining content that resonates with this creator's target audience.

User-generated content at its finest.

Again, if you're planning on using this type of content, you either need an audience yourself (typically with an account that revolves around you) or be interested in reaching out to TikTok influencers and getting them to work with you.

Whether you pay them, offer them exposure, or give them free products is up to you. Your best is to find people who are already using your products and posting about them.

Screenshot of the Dormiphones website

Dormiphones has another great product ad which is an actor, model, or influencer effectively showcasing the product from her own point of view.

She's sharing info about the product as though it's her own, details some of the features, but doesn't actually say they're features, she just says what she likes about the product.

The human voiceover is a really natural touch, the onscreen text helps back up the points, and everything is just really nicely edited, light-hearted, and fun.

Screenshot of the harvestsnaps website

A bit of a longer video now and it's a risk, but a high-reward one.

This is essentially a reverse brand takeover ad where a creator has their brand featured on the brand's TikTok instead of the creator simply posting on their page. In this case, we have who's, an ASMR creator who's taken the brand's chips and is eating them as an ASMR TikTok.

This is similar to the Headspace ad where the ad content itself is actually entertaining and useful, but since it's posted by the brand, it may feel forced on some users, which can put them off wanting to buy the product itself.

Screenshot of the Jolie Skin Co website

Okay, this one is a bit weird. In a good way.

It starts with some seemingly random ass footage and some text on the screen that makes you feel confused as to what's going on, with some onscreen text (which is a little small) talking about dry skin and dull hair.

This can be offputting to some, but it's incredibly curious as it draws you into wanting to find out what's going on. It makes the viewer think "I need to know what's happening." So, this is essentially an unusual solution to a common problem and presents it in an attention-grabbing way.

Be clever with your own ads in this way, and it may be a fantastic hit!

Screenshot of the Native website

A paid partnership here now which is effectively an ad for a product disguised as a very popular form of content - a morning routine breakdown.

This is a classic #ad post that TikTok creators use to post a popular form of content, but surround it around the product they're promoting. This creates a very real feeling for the post as it once again just looks like a traditional post that someone may see on their feed.

Again, and this is important, this TikTok doesn't revolve around the product. Instead, a mention of the product is simply slipped into the middle. This may not make a sale right away (unless a user's already a fan of the influence), but as part of larger TikTok campaigns, this can be very effective.

Screenshot of the Open Goaaal USA website

I'm a big fan of this TikTok campaign.

While it's a little more on the nose it's the other ads and is clearly a promotional post posted by the product company, it jumps right into the content without actually overselling. It's a cool, informative, natural post that really resonates with people who are interested.

Honestly, I can see a lot of people skipping over this ad because it's more salesy, but for those it's meant for or those interested in such a product (and you bet the algorithm is going to push for this to happen), it's pretty simple and authentic.

A big thumbs up for this ad!

Screenshot of the Safe Travelers website

For travelers, staying safe is a top priority, especially when staying in hotels and hostels. There's a bit of a dark side to these where hidden cameras and bugs can be put in rooms to spy on the people within.

To counter this, Safe Travelers USA has come up with a scanner that can be used to find the cameras and stay abroad.

This product is sold on Shopify. I go over best Shopify store inspiration here.

And what makes this ad so great?

First, it uses the TikTok text-to-speech system which makes it blend in with the rest of the content posted on the site. Indistinguishable from other content actual creators and people are posting.

It's also short, concise, and really sells the product. It does show it being used, what it does, and how it works.

What else do you need to say? It's just proof it's a product and exists, and it works.

Check the comments, and you'll see a ton of people saying how they need/want the device, and you can bet they're clicking on the uploader's profile to see where to get it themselves.

All that without even having to say the brand name or company once.

Take notes. This is an effective TikTok ad at its finest.

Screenshot of the soulmatecustoms website

This is a brilliant idea. This ad is basically a company showing behind-the-scenes action of what's going on, sharing some of the orders people are making with them (which increases credibility to show people are already ordering from them), and showing some of the creative ways the business is being used.

Plus, the quality of the product and really the idea that their idea may be featured on TikTok if they were to place a cool order.

This is a really authentic way to post, so if you have some cool behind-the-scenes stuff going on, maybe it's time to share that with the world.

Screenshot of the staplegames website

A really simple mobile game ad here with no commentary or text on the screen, which is basically another example of how less can be more.

While TikTok is full of stimulating content that's highly edited or needs to have lots of effects and content, this simply shows how the game works and gives people a taste of what to expect.

Clean, simple, and authentic. A great way to go if you want your product to come across as reputable.

Screenshot of the Temptations website

Funny. Clever. Clearly has a lot of thought gone into the idea and production. Just brilliant.

When it comes to your ads, humor is always a great idea to grab people's attention; just make sure you do it in a clean and engaging way. If your humor tanks then it's just a turn-off.

Take notes. Good editing. Multiple, quick-changing camera shots, good music, bold text. All in one 10-second ad.

Screenshot of the Tonester Paints website

This ad is really beautiful. It plays popular music that makes it instantly relatable, and it's a rather unique way of showcasing a product. It's cool, calm, and collected, made from a lot of shots and put together thanks to some really great editing.

Because of this, even though this is pretty much an obvious sell, it's still engaging, satisfying, and informative to the mass audience.

And the more eyes you have on your content, the more engagement you'll get (over 533,000 likes in this case), and the more reach your ad will have.

Screenshot of the V2A website

A very simple ad. No music. No text. No commentary.

While I would highly recommend including at least one of those to explain what's going on and to add information to your ad, this is still an effective ad that shows that some of the time, less is more.

The ad leads straight to a Shopify store, and the action of the man opening the drawer basically explains the product in a few seconds.

I would personally prefer a little text or review commentary, even just a sentence (even if that sentence just said "nice"), but it's a refreshing take from the over-the-top ads that plague the platform.

Screenshot of the Youtooz website

My god, the editing style and effects on this ad have me and a lot of viewers dead.

While this looks like a fast, furious, and highly edited ad, when you actually look closer, you can see it's really simple. Nice music, coupled with some zoom shots, and some basic effects, and you're left with a pretty engaging, professional-looking ad that looks better than 95% of the rest of TikTok content.

This means that even if you have a little budget, if you nail the editing with something mesmerizing, it can work too.

3 Bad TikTok Ad Examples

While it's evident there are a lot of great TikTok ads out there, there are some downright awful ones that you'll absolutely want to avoid. Let's take a look at them.

Bad Example 1

Okay, for this one, I'm talking about the product itself, not the ad, but that's an important take to consider since you always need to start with your product. If your product sucks (or the morals behind it are bad), you need to go away and work that out.

So, focusing on this "ad", if you're selling something gimmicky and or that imposes body image stuff - especially by some dumb trick and not just being healthy - then find a different niche.

If your message to girls is that you need to "suck it in" to look good, you've got a shitty business. Go and do better. Don't use some "good-looking" girl to try and make girls think they need to look like that to have value or be confident.

No one wants that.

Bad Example 2

I actually really like the idea of the Rad Power bikes, but this ad is just way too commercial for TikTok. TikTok is all about low-budget to perform some creative ideas. It's for people by the people, not the brands. That's why influencer marketing content does so well here.

Try again, this time with a less edited video that speaks more to people rather than being a brand trying to sell. Yawn.

Bad Example 3

This ad straight-up sucks.

No shade to the producers or the product designers - I'm sure the product's great, but there's no video content, and the text on the screen is way too small. The content and title are too salesy, the video is super boring, and you can bet that the vast majority of people will just skip this.

If people skip your content, you've wasted your time making it.

I couldn't even make it to the end, so there we go.

The Different Types of TikTok Ads

Okay, with all that in mind, it's time to really start thinking about your own TikTok ads, highlighting what you can do and what direction you should take your content. Let's start with the different types of TikTok ads you want to be thinking about.

In-Feed Ads

These are native ads that appear in the For You feed as people scroll through the app.

In feed ads typically look like regular TikTok videos and can be up to 60 seconds long. In Feed Ads can include various call-to-action" (CTA) buttons, such as "Shop Now" or "Learn More," to encourage TikTok users to take action directly from the ad.

The vast majority of the ads above and that I talk about below are just standard in-feed ads. Just content that you record, edit, and upload to your page to appear, as the name suggests, in the feeds of your target audience.

If you're actually running an ad through the platform's advertising channel, then you're going to be using the Spark ads network. You'll still upload content and be in the feed, but you won't be shown as an explored video but rather an ad between videos.

Both have pros and cons, but in-feed content should be what you're aiming for, especially when you don't have an ad budget.

Brand Takeover Ads

Brand Takeover Ads are full-screen ads that appear when a user opens the TikTok app. They are highly visual, and can include images, GIFs, or short videos. TikTok advertisers can link these ads to their website or a Hashtag Challenge to drive engagement.

Top View Ads

Similar to Brand Takeover Ads, Top View Ads are fullscreen videos that appear when a user opens the app. However, unlike Brand Takeover Ads, Top View Ads are in video format and can last up to 60 seconds. They are visually prominent and grab the user's attention immediately.

Branded Hashtags & Challenges

In this ad format, advertisers create sponsored challenges using specific hashtags. When users click on the hashtag, they are directed to a dedicated page featuring the challenge's details and user-generated content.

Branded Hashtag Challenges encourage users to participate and create content related to the challenge, thus increasing engagement and brand visibility.

Branded Effects

Also known as AR (Augmented Reality) Effects, these ads allow brands to create interactive and immersive experiences for users. They can use filters, stickers, and special effects that users can apply to their videos, adding a branded touch to the content.

Branded Hashtag Challenge

Out of all the TikTok ad formats, this one combines the Branded Hashtag Challenge with In-Feed Ads. It allows advertisers to promote their Branded Hashtag Challenge to a broader audience by including a preview of top-performing challenge videos in the In-Feed Ad section.

Kickass List of Tips to Create Successful TikTok Ads

Alright, strap on your rocket boots, peeps, and get ready for a mind-blowing ride; here's your ultimate list of rad tips for creating insanely engaging Tit'sk ads that will leave your competition in your pixelated dust.

Let's get it!

1. The "#ad" Shizzle – Don't Skip the Small Print!

Alright, let's address the elephant in the room first. As much as we'd love to just dive headfirst into the pool filled with colorful inflatables, there's something massively important we need to address.

Slap that "#ad" onto your advertising content like it's your fav band merch sticker on your rickety old laptop. It ain't just a trend, it's an FTC requirement, my friends!

Being transparent isn't just good karma; it's a no-go-around, do-or-die kinda thing in our ad world. Legal and ethical - talk about killing two bureaucracies with one hashtag!

2. Be Bold, Be You! Authenticity Rules OK

TikTok audience can smell a fake from a mile off - and they sure aren't quiet when they find one. So drop that airbrushed, professionally polished, corporate-y vibe and just be your weird and wonderful self. That's what TikTok's all about - unleashing your you're creativity without getting bogged down by the suits!

3. Stop! Research Time Hammer Pants Optional

Invest time in some solid research time before creating your ad. Discover your audience's likes, dislikes, and (here comes the scientific bit) psychographics to bring your A-game. This is the key to successful TikTok advertising.

It might feel like you're stumbling in the dark, but, trust me, you want to make sure you're creating the kind of content that the people who will like your business actually want to see. OtherwisIt'shat's the point?

4. Capitalize on That TikTok Impact

According to those smarty-pants statisticians, TikTok users are 5x more likely to go out and buy something they discovered on TikTok compared to other social media platform users. The vast majority of TikTok users say video content influenced their recent purchase.

And with TikTok ad recall (the ability for someone to remember an ad they've seen) way higher than the ad recall of TV and radio advertisements, you're already onto a winner just by marketing on the platform.

So, think about how you can tap into that magic and make it work for you!

5. Product Discovery - It's a TikTok Thing

Keep in mind TikTok is 1.7x more likely than other platforms to be the source for product discovery! It's the modern-day equivalent of wandering through a mall, the OG method of product discovery - only it's in your pocket and doesn't close at 9 on a Friday night. You just need to figure out how to capture that wandering eye.

6. Return On Ad Spend? Yes, Please!

Need some tantalizing stats to add to your morning brew? Here on TikTok, we see a 2.0x return-on-ad-spend against other media on average, and $1.7 total return-on-ad-spend for paid media. A double whammy! With that kind of numbers, your ads could be your next cash cow, if you milk it right!

7. Be a Storyteller, not a Salesperson

Sure, your endgame is to sell your product, but nobody likes being SOLD to, ya get me? Be a storyteller instead. Involve your audience in your brand journey. Make them root for you! Hook them with your "why," and they'll be more than happy to buy your "what".

Remember, the key to a kickass ad on any social media platform, but especially TikTok, is understanding the platform's culture and users. Blend in first, then stand out!

Think of the goals you want to work toward. What are your Tiktok campaign objectives? Are you selling? Are you increasing brand recognition? Are you looking for followers? Have this in mind and create content to help you get there.

Sounds simple? It is when you know. Now put the work in and go for it!

Wrapping It Up ğŸŒ¯ğŸŽ‰

Alright, rocketeers, we've been through an epic TikTok ad journey. From cringe-worthy flops to kickass success stories, we've picked up a goldmine of insights! 💰

Remember, use that "#ad" hashtag for the sake of all ye ethical advertising practices.

And inject your video ads with authenticity like a super-soaker at a summer BBQ party! This isn't a game of hide and seek. Your followers want YOU! The real, unfiltered, cereal-at-midnight, laughing-at-your-own-jokes, rebel-with-a-marketing-plan you! 🕶️

Discover your audience like Lewis & Clark and tailor your ads to hit 'em right in the feels. Santa called, he left your statistics under the tree! ğŸŽ… TikTok users are not just scrolling aimlessly. They're more likely to buy, they're discovering fresh products, and you get solid returns on ad spending.

So, Turbo, are you ready to charge ahead and make the big bucks? 💸

Our last stop in this power-packed joyride?

The ad itself.

Your audience isn't looking for the next hot salesman. They're eyeing the bard spinning tales in the corner. Be the region's Shakespeare. Involve them in your saga, make them your heroes. Connect first, coin later!

Well, peeps, that's our jam-packed guide to scorching hot TikTok ads done and dusted! But remember; Rome wasn't built in a day – and neither will your killer ad success story. It takes some trial and error, some rockin' all-nighter brainstorming sessions, and a whole lotta heart. But trust us, it's gonna be worth it.

So get out there, TikTok champs, and rock those awesomely effective ads that turn viewers into customers quicker than a cat video blows up the internet! 🚀🐈💥

Until next time fam, keep it fun, keep it real, and keep on TikTok'in!

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