15 Kickass Shopify Website Examples (Copy & Make Money!)

Inspiring Shopify website examples and hacks to beat them.

"Best Websites on Shopify" with screenshots of the websites on Shopify

Want to make the MOST money possible selling your products on Shopify?

Then you'll want to carefully analyze this list of best Shopify store examples.

I didn't just find a great Shopify store example or two...

I also analyzed each website and wrote about what makes them great.


If you aren't a website-creating pro, you won't know exactly what to look for.

Yeah yeah, design is probably what you're here for. But I can promise you that design isn't everything.

  • How about strategies to grow your email list?
  • Or, how about saying the perfect words to make your story click with the visitor?

You can do subtle things on your Shopify store to make more money.

I've built and marketed many Shopify stores and will tell you firsthand what works.

So, let's dive into this truly amazing list of Shopify website examples!

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The Ultimate List of the Best Shopify Store

Muddy Bites

Muddy Bites is a unique Shopify store example specializing in bite-sized waffle cones filled with chocolate. It's such a genius product, and I must admit, it took everything within me not to purchase some of these for myself. 

Okay, I lied. I totally caved.

Salivating like a dog over a T-bone steak, I love the subtle custom animation right at the top of the website that instantly highlights the product's simplicity. 

You don't want anything to be complicated when designing your great Shopify store. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Would you hang around to try and figure out what the product is? Are you going to stick around trying to find out how to pay if it's not obvious already? 

Obviously not, and no one will do the same for your site.

Make everything quick and easy. Custom visuals like Muddy Bites' is a great way to do this.

Once again, color and design play a big role here, as they do with all successful stores. 

The site's playful design matches the brand's fun and quirky personality and pays homage to traditional ice cream colors. It all creates a soft, familiar feeling that connects with customers on an emotional level and makes the experience of your Shopify stores feel like home.

I know, I know. It all feels deep and maybe even a bit intense, especially for a conversation about Shopify stores, but it's so important! 

Become one with your great Shopify store. Take time to really feel it. Align your chakras and express yourself to the world in a way that feels true. 

THIS is how you generate sales.


Feastables is the online home of the latest chocolate-covered treat from the world's most popular YouTuber, Mr. Beast. This newest enterprise from the entertainment guru and entrepreneur has made waves across the globe.

However, despite there being a lot of marketing behind the product and an existing base of potential customers millions strong, the Shopify store still needs to be on point.

So what makes this ecommerce store so successful?

First and foremost – imagery.

Mr. Beast and his team have put themselves front and center with the product, making it instantly recognizable that this is his website. Coupling this with custom shots of the product, customers coming to the website see faces they recognize alongside the products on offer, helping the landing page feel like home.

With your own Shopify store, use imagery in this way.

Use human faces to connect with your store visitors and your product. Of course, you want your high-quality product images to look as appealing as possible, so take your time and make your stuff look good!

I'm also a big fan of the colors. I wouldn't usually go for a big, bold purple color palette because it's very in-your-face, but it works here because that's Mr. Beast's brand. He's all about going bigger and better with everything he does, so the website reflects this.

That's precisely how you want you to do what you want your website to do for you. 

Take a moment to think about the brand identity of your Shopify websites. 

Are you bright, bold, and playful? Are you sleek, sexy, and sophisticated? Are you corporate, professional, or elite? 

Think of these adjectives, and you'll see colors in your mind that you link to these feelings. Just put these colors on your site, and you're creating a website that creates the impression you want to portray. 

That's called using the psychology of color!

I don't want to go on about this website all day, so here are some other awesome points to think about:

  • The scrolling text bars add some movement to an otherwise static page
  • The CTA buttons are big and unmissable
  • The language and copywriting are written with the target audience in mind (LMK when available, for example)
  • The design is just so confident
Couplet Coffee

Whoever thought selling coffee beans could be this much fun?

Couplet Coffee is a great Shopify store that looks like no other coffee Shopify store example I've ever seen.

I'm a big fan of coffee myself, but I must admit that I'm a little bored of seeing Shopify stores with trees and jungles and photos of eco-friendly fields, and info about charitable donations.

Hey, that doesn't mean I'm not for sustainable coffee trades, but come on, coffee industry. Have a personality. 

Boring shopping experiences don't engage anyone and definitely don't get people excited about making a purchase. 

Couplet Coffee is very proactive in taking an exciting approach, and when you can get your customers to feel this way, you start creating a community of shoppers who love what you've got to offer. 

How do you do that?

Well, the choice is yours. Look at the best Shopify features like:

  • Bold sections with bright colors
  • Tons of funky fonts and custom imagery
  • Custom animations and big copywriting
  • A clear understanding of the target audience
  • The value of buying with the company front and center
  • Lots of referrals, reviews, and testimonials from lots of happy customers

Incorporate all this into your own website in your own way, and you'll be onto a winning design.

NuRange Coffee

Ooo, another online coffee shop that's one of the best Shopify stores around. 

Let's compare.

NuRange Coffee's Shopify stores are WAY more unique compared to Couplet Coffee, but it's just as successful in its own way. 

I've spoken enough about colors and design that I think you get the idea that's important, so I want to cover something different here – reputation.

Among the pretty pictures and outstanding copywriting (the headers on this website are spot on), you'll find text and imagery designed to enhance the business's credibility, which is essential for all the most successful Shopify stores to think about.

When people come to your Shopify store, they're thinking one thing – can I trust this online business to give me a safe, reliable, and secure shopping experience where I'm not going to get screwed.

Scams are everywhere, and customers are on high alert to ensure they're spending their money in the right place. Sure, a professional, good-looking website is a step in the right direction, but reviews and social proof are essential.

After all, would you ever spend your money on a one-star Amazon product?

On your Shopify stores (especially if you're a new brand), you must ensure you're including proof that customers you've already had are happy with what you're offering. 

You can include reviews (like NuRange has done), testimonials, comments from social media, Trustpilot integrations, or mentions from media outlets and publications discussing your brand.

If you're just starting out, ensure you're doing everything possible to get these reviews. Seeing a five-star review helps customers say hey, this online store is safe because these customers have had a good experience, so there's no reason why I can't either.

Alleviate the reservations, and you'll increase your conversion rate tenfold.


The success of the OLIPOP Shopify stores can be broken down into two main components: imagery and fonts.

Look, I've chatted about imagery a lot, but I'm just trying to drive home JUST HOW IMPORTANT IT IS! 

Let me break it down.

Your customers want value. They want something they spend their money on, and they think hey, that was worthwhile – I'd be happy to do that again. 

Your products are the things that bring value. I know, so does a pleasant shopping experience and great customer service, but your product is at the center of it all.

Therefore, the best Shopify stores put their products front and center, showing off how great they are. Find Shopify stores you like, and you'll see they all follow this trend.

You could write a thousand words about how excellent your product is, but if your customers don't feel it, they won't make a sale.

Take a look at OLIPOP's Shopify store example and take note of how imagery is used. Each shot speaks a thousand words and makes the drinks look so exciting and enticing.

These high-quality images are then coupled with a little bit of copywriting that details what a customer needs to know, and then BAM, sold. 

It's not about doing the bare minimum. It's about putting just enough info up to cover what your customers want to know and leaving it at that. No fluff. 

Just a clear Shopify store example whose experience is vibrant and hits the spot.

Nomad Goods

Nomad Goods is a Shopify store that sells a range of high-quality accessories for mobile devices. It's a simple business concept, but Nomad is noteworthy because it uses a sleek and modern design that elegantly showcases the products. 

Remember what we've been saying about branding and personality? 

While fun and exciting is a great way to get people excited about what you're offering, sleek and professional will speak to a different type of person. It all depends on your target audience.

Do you know yours?

Without understanding who your target modern market is, you'll never create a shopping experience that connects with them. You might try to connect with everyone you can, but this will create a bland, generic online store that doesn't excite anyone. 

Find your niche and hyper-focus on it. You'll thank me later.

Magic Mind

Okay, Magic Mind has nailed their Shopify store design.

Head over to literally any kind of productivity website, business website, or anything like this (that kind of hustle-grindset website). You'll see this kind of clean and minimal design that feels sleek but engaging and productive.

Websites and platforms like Notion are great examples of this.

Anyway, that style has been expertly replicated by this great Shopify store example, allowing anyone who clicks here to instantly understand what's going on and what's on offer. And that's before we've ever read a single word.

Like all good Shopify stores, selling products is the goal, so the products are front and center, complemented by concise copywriting highlighting the benefits the product offers.

And there's a trick here to bear in mind.

If I said, yo, my drink has tons of good stuff in it, like Matcha, vitamins, nootropics, and you know, good stuff.

Are you sold? Obviously not.

On the other hand, if I say, hey, my drink has Matcha, vitamins, and nootropics that are specifically chosen because they are known productivity-boosters and can get your brain and body in the right state for optimal performance, no matter what work you're engaging in, now you're interested.

The vast majority of online shoppers DON'T care about the product's features. They care about how those features will benefit them, so make sure you clarify this in your content copy!


Oh my, the G/FORE fitness clothing store is stunning and by far one of the best-looking Shopify stores around.

I know, I was done talking about color, but damn it, G/FORE has pushed the boat out and used color in such an engaging and beautiful way. It's the perfect balance between modern and sleek and bright and bold.

Since G/FORE sells multiple products rather than a single product, they've opted for a more traditional Shopify store layout, and if you're doing the same with your website, then take notes.

Notice how G/FORE has split everything up cleanly and with space. Nothing seems crowded and forced together, yet there's still so much information displayed on the page. They've managed to do this without anything feeling cluttered and crowded.

To achieve this with your own website, use clean lines and grid patterns, and don't be afraid to use negative space. Note how the images are bright and colorful, but they sit on a neutral black background, and then each section is divided up using a contrasting white.

It's a simple design tactic used by the best Shopify websites across the web, but it works so incredibly well.

Craize Snacks

Another traditional-looking ecommerce Shopify store. Everything looks awesome.

I like the Craize Snacks design because it contains a lot of information, and it looks good, but it's actually deceptively simple. 

Look how much of the information is simply words that concisely highlight the core aspects of the product and business. It's basically just bullet-pointed content without the bullet points.

There are no big, chunky paragraphs anywhere on Shopify sites like this, not even the product pages, meaning everything is quick, easy, and scannable. For many other Shopify stores, you literally need no more than this!

Moonshot Snacks

Snacks? Okay, I'll keep this snack-sized.

What's good? 

  • A colorful and playful design
  • Bold mentioning of the brand's mission to promote health, wellness, and sustainability
  • Tons of reputable media mentions
  • Custom imagery, icons, graphics, and animations across product pages
  • Bold headers and copywriting
  • The drop-down menu and navigation bar are expertly laid out

The bad?

  • The copywriting is too much. Some of the text sections are so big, and so few people will read them entirely. Remember, keep things short and sweet.
  • Some of the sections look a little crowded and overwhelming. Keep things snackable!
Jamie Makeup

Jamie Makeup is one of the best Shopify website examples because it nails so many important aspects of ecommerce web design (I'm biting my tongue here because you just know I want to talk about color), but there's an exceptional element I want to talk about.

The custom animated icons.

I've seen this across a few Shopify stores, but we certainly don't see it enough. See those little animated icons? These are basically modern forms of using bullet points, just done in a more creative and engaging way.

Using custom icons not only helps you reflect your brand personality and style through another custom graphic, but it also helps break up your website while highlighting the key features of your products in a scannable and engaging way.

Despite what you may think about this guide (heh), no one wants to read huge blocks of text when they're shopping. They're boring, and most information ends up being glossed over, meaning you're wasting precious online real estate on content that no one's reading.

The best Shopify sites break everything down. Make it simple. Make it scannable. 

The more information you can showcase in the shortest space of time, the more successful your shopping experience will be!


I included Front of House on this list of top Shopify stores because it showcases one fundamental design rule: don't be afraid to use negative space.

While a ton of information and images are used throughout the website, there's also a ton of space. This creates the feeling that all the website elements get to breathe and everything can have equal focus from the readers.

And don't just think that negative space has to be white. 

Scroll throughout this great example of a website, and you'll find negative space in all colors. Be brave in this way and see how much of a difference it has on your own store.


Anker really breaks down their tech accessories website into sections that give space and clarity to each product and highlight what they want to draw attention to.

Once again, this is made possible thanks to the fantastic use of negative space and crisp, clear copywriting that never extends to more than a few words.

Chosen Foods

Chosen Foods is a really small website compared with some of the other great Shopify stores we've looked at today and is no more than two or three desktop frames, and while that limits the information that can be displayed, it also helps to keep things nice and straightforward.

Although it can feel a little cluttered, Chosen Foods relies on its use of icons and fast facts to convey information. It works and is undoubtedly a million times better than using large, blocky paragraphs, but it feels messy and overwhelming. 

Proceed with caution.


Fun, fresh, and funky are the best words to describe their Asutra shopping experience. For brevity, this website excels when it comes to:

  • Punchy copywriting
  • Bold, high-quality photography and great use of color
  • A clear understanding of their female target market
  • Expertly highlight features as benefits
  • Clear call-to-action buttons that help encourage purchases in just a few clicks
  • Beautifully divided sections that give structure to the website

All in all, a beautiful site that clearly ticks all the boxes regarding what makes an effective and successful Shopify store.

What makes a successful Shopify store design?

A successful Shopify store design should be visually appealing, easy to navigate and showcase the products in a way that makes them stand out. 

That's what every website should be doing. 

But there are some key elements to consider when specifically designing your beautiful Shopify store:

  • High-quality imagery: Use high-quality images to showcase your products as best as possible. Full-width images tend to work best and look more professional. You can also use an integrated Instagram feed app to help bring more imagery from your social media profiles.
  • Easy navigation: Make it easy for customers to find what they're looking for by organizing your products into categories and using a simple and clear navigation menu.
  • A simple yet vibrant color palette: Use a simple and consistent color scheme that matches your unique brand personality and mission. A successful business is one that can do this intimately. Consistent color across your brand is a core part of every successful marketing strategy.
  • Bold typography: Use bold typography to make important information stand out, such as product names and prices. Your call-to-action buttons must also be bold and unmissable, quickly detailing where customers should go next on the purchase path of your Shopify store.
  • Product descriptions: Include detailed and informative product descriptions that help customers make informed purchasing decisions. It doesn't matter if you're selling office supplies, temporary tattoos, online printer services, online lessons, or your website sells rugs and other accessories, let your text allow your products to shine.
  • User-friendly checkout process: Make the checkout process simple and easy to use, minimizing the number of steps required to complete a purchase. Fortunately, an ecommerce platform like Shopify offers a ton of services and plugins to make this simple.
  • Mobile optimization: Ensure your page templates are optimized for mobile devices, as many customers will browse and purchase products from their smartphones. Every drop-down menu should fit the screen, and every call-to-action should be easy to tap.

Over to You

The success of a Shopify store depends on how well it is designed, but that doesn't just mean coming up with a pretty design and adding some cute pictures.

By following the key design principles outlined in this article and taking inspiration from these kickass Shopify store examples, you can create a visually appealing and effective website that showcases your products in the best possible way. 

Remember, your website is your online storefront, and for many customers, it will be their first impression of your own business.

Do what you can to make it count when building your ecommerce stores!

Best of luck and happy website building!