12 Kickass Free Shopify Themes (+3 to STAY AWAY From)

My favorite free Shopify themes ranked.

"Best Free Shopify Themes" with a screenshot of the best free Shopify theme

Choose the wrong Shopify theme and you'll live with regrets.

Choose the right theme, and you unlock the huge potential on your website.

Unlike other platforms where the theme/template is merely a starting point, Shopify themes have unique features built-in.

I've definitely inherited (cough cough – chosen) horrible Shopify themes that left me with two choices:

  1. Add a bunch of custom code
  2. Rebuild the entire site with a better theme

(Both options suck.)

So in an effort to get it right for others, I've compiled this list of the best free Shopify themes (all built on the latest Online Store 2.0 – more on that later).

These free Shopify themes are clean AF, fast, and have the necessary features to attract and convert your visitors – without spending a penny on them!

✅ The Ultimate List of the Best Free Shopify Themes

All of these themes are awesome, but #1 isn't necessarily better than #10. There isn't truly "the best Shopify theme," but there is the best Shopify theme for you.

Aaaanddd to be perfectly honest, these are all the free themes offered on Shopify. I recommend sticking with a theme offered directly through them because only high-quality themes are allowed in.

Explanation: You're going to see scores for each of the themes. These are rudimentary tests for performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO. While they matter, they aren't everything. A 97 vs 92 doesn't really matter. Ideally, all your scores are in "the green" though.
Screenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify theme

Let's turn up the volume and get down to the nitty-gritty of an absolute game-changer in the theme world – the Taste theme. This is where your products can really strike a chord, bringing their A-game with a distinct style 🎸.

Taste offers a clean, curated experience like your favorite playlist – organized, soothing, modern, and intuitive. Spotlighting the goods you're selling doesn't get any better than this—believe me!

Like that laid-back jam you can't get enough of, Taste is at its core, uncomplicated, and uncomplicated is good. Free themes like this theme is like that charming acoustic set – clean, straightforward, but oh-so mesmerizing. It's like tuning your guitar and taking center stage - it's all about spotlighting your brand's story and turning visitors into raving fans.

But wait! There's so much more to Taste than what meets the eye.

It's like an open-stage night, where you're the star! Unlike many of the free themes on other platforms, this is undoubtedly the best free Shopify theme in the eyes of many since it comes with an impressive repertoire of customizing options – swap, shuffle, resize, and edit until it matches your rockstar vision.

No code, no fuss, just pure creative freedom – because who needs constraints when you've got the power of expression?

Free Shopify theme Taste Lighthouse test

Who would get the good vibes from the Taste theme?

If you dig a cool, efficient, and immersive product showcase, the Taste free Shopify theme will be music to your ears. A harmonious blend of simplicity and style, Taste is the best free Shopify theme when you want your products to do the talking – or in this case, the singing!

✅ Pros

  • Hits the right note with a clean design that keeps your products center stage.
  • An effortless, engaging user experience that's smoother than a sweet guitar riff.
  • Rock solid customization options that let you control the look and feel of your store, no coding required!

❌ Cons

  • The minimalistic design might fall flat for those seeking a heavier, more intricate look.
  • Complex store structures might struggle to find their rhythm with this theme.
Insider Tips: Go all in on quality visuals with Taste - it's designed to turn your product images into chart-topping hits. Keep your brand description as catchy and compelling as that unforgettable hook in your favorite song.
Screenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify theme

Get your wheels spinning with the Ride Theme on Shopify, designed for those who are all about moving forward - transporting your online store toward a brighter, sleeker future. And just look at those green optimization ratings. One of the cleanest and best free Shopify themes around.

Ride Theme isn't just about following trends but about setting new ones.

In its Default style, Ride combines elegance and adventure flawlessly, creating a platform for brands who love a good journey. Geared towards brands with movement at their heart, like biking gear, fitness wear, or even the trailblazing world of travel blogs, it's all set to pioneer your digital journey.

The Ride theme gives you ultimate creative control with highly customizable headers and footers, so you can ensure that every inch of your website resonates with your brand's spirit and ethos. Plus, needless to say, it's mobile responsive - because who doesn't love the freedom to roam?

Free Shopify theme Ride Lighthouse test

Who would benefit from the ride theme?

Businesses looking for a high-performance, easy-to-navigate solution for displaying their products. Ride is the perfect gear for those who want to keep their customers moving & shopping without losing speed.

✅ Pros

  • Customizable headers and footers for distinct branding.
  • Mobile responsive, fully adapted to the 'freedom to explore' mantra.
  • Ideal for brands filled with motion and energy.

❌ Cons

  • Requires a higher degree of brand content planning to maximize custom features.
  • May not be ideal for static, tradition-based brands.
Insider Tips: Use the highly customizable headers and footers to represent your brand boldly and vivaciously. Always optimize content for mobile navigation to keep up with your dynamic audience.
Screenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify theme

Grab a cup of tea, and let's talk about the Refresh theme!

Another one of the best free Shopify themes, Refresh is like the splash of cool water on your face during a hot summer day. It's all about that, well, refreshing experience. This Shopify theme brings a vibrant, contemporary touch to your online store.

First off, Refresh is designed with an assertive minimalistic color palette that puts your products entirely in the spotlight. It's like your personal product catwalk but better. Plus, it features bold headings that quietly whisper, "This is the best thing you'll ever buy, trust me."

But here's the kicker: Refresh lets you share testimonials, ingredient info, quality certificates, and so much more with beautifully adaptive sections. It's like hiring a marketing team, but, you know, without the hefty invoice at the end of the month.

AKA, basically everything you need to create the ideal online store for your business!

Free Shopify theme Refresh Lighthouse test

Who would benefit from the Refresh theme?

If your brand loves to tell epic tales, dazzle with eye-poppin' visuals, and launch at lightning speeds, buckle up 'cause Refresh Theme's your new sidekick! Perfect for those with a knack for text-y adventures and a passion for stunning images that command attention.

Picture this: your brand's saga unfolds before your audience as Refresh prepares you to roll in no time! So, all you storytellers, shutterbugs, and fast-movers out there, let Refresh supercharge your online presence and make your story truly unforgettable!

✅ Pros

  • Swanky bold headings and a clean color scheme put products center stage.
  • Extra fancy adaptive sections raise the bar for product presentation.
  • Flexible design and settings that let you craft your unique brand experience.

❌ Cons

  • Its minimalistic approach might be too simplistic for some that crave a more embellished storefront.
  • Although flexible, it requires careful planning for section utilization to make the most of this theme.
Insider Tips: Always keep your unique brand experience in mind. Play around with the digital real estate Refresh provides - dedicate space to testimonials, certifications, and quality info for more persuasive product pitches. Also, use bold headers to make brand statements that stick.
Screenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify theme

Freshen up your e-commerce game with the Sense Theme, a free Shopify theme that fuses a bright design and a refreshing vibe to spruce up your online store. Its dynamic color palette, soft gradients, and inviting curved elements guide buyers seamlessly through your store, creating a pleasurable shopping experience.

Sense offers enhanced product understanding by establishing customer trust through testimonials, videos, and comprehensive product descriptions. These features work together to create a reliable framework showcasing your offerings' essence.

Although the design shines with its innate simplicity, Sense truly excels when it comes to advanced customization options. It caters to your unique style without sacrificing user experience, and the flexible layout means you can achieve your desired vision without getting tangled up in code.

Free Shopify theme Sense Lighthouse test

Who would thrive with the Sense theme?

The Sense theme is perfect for an online business seeking a fresh, modern template that enhances its brand and offers customers a smooth, aesthetically pleasing browsing experience.

✅ Pros

  • Fresh color palettes and gradients bring your online store to life.
  • Testimonials, videos, and detailed product descriptions build trust with customers.
  • Advanced customization options offer the freedom to express your unique brand identity.

❌ Cons

  • Its focus on fresh design might not suit brands searching for a traditional or sophisticated aesthetic.
  • May not be ideal for an online business requiring a more intricate or feature-rich layout.
Insider Tips: Make the most of the Sense theme by showcasing high-quality visuals, especially product images and your own store promotional banner. Remember to harness the power of testimonials and video content to establish your store's credibility and entice potential customers. Keep your branding consistent across the theme's various design elements to ensure a cohesive experience.
Screenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify theme

With its exciting and animated design, your online store becomes a digital playground that connects with your customers in a unique, energetic way. 🎉

Free Shopify themes like the Crave Theme aren't just about fun. It's a concept that harmoniously marries playful design with powerful functionality. It boasts bold colors and distinct shadows designed to captivate your audience, reflecting your brand's lively personality while seamlessly eliciting user attention.

But that's not all! Set in tune with the digital age, the Crave Shopify theme considers the on-the-go buyer, with mobile-optimized layouts at its core. Whether they're commuting, lounging, or crammed between meetings, your customers can shop smoothly with diverse checkout options.

Crave doesn't stop at being a delight for the eyes - it's also a dream for the visionaries. The theme comes packed with flexible design and advanced customization settings. It allows you to mold every single element to your liking - no coding wizardry needed.

You can fine-tune your platform to achieve your desired virtual storefront, delivering an experience that echoes your brand's ethos. 🎨

Free Shopify theme Crave Lighthouse test

Who would fall head over heels for the Crave Shopify theme?

Businesses looking to infuse a splash of excitement and energy into their eCommerce platform will find their match in the Crave Shopify theme. It particularly complements brands that aim to create a dynamic, mobile-friendly, and interactive shopping experience for their clientele.

✅ Pros

  • A vibrant and playful design that reflects the energy of your brand.
  • Optimized for mobile browsing, meeting your customers in their comfort zone.
  • Advanced customization options offer full control to shape the online store per your vision.

❌ Cons

  • The energetic aesthetic may overwhelm brands that prefer a minimalist or formal look.
  • The focus on mobile browsing might require additional adjustments for optimal desktop appearance.
Insider Tips: Maximize the bold color palette and distinct shadows to create an unparalleled visual impact. Remember, the goal is to make your platform lively and engaging. Nail the mobile user experience because your audience is always on the move. Embrace the flexibility factor and don't shy away from customizing and experimenting until you find what resonates best with your brand.
Screenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify theme

Welcome to the warm embrace of the Craft theme, where the foundations of an honest and authentic design find a home. Unfold your brand's narrative with an astonishing style that pairs generous spacing and elegant typography, turning your online presence into a masterpiece. 🖼️

The Craft Shopify theme is all about elevated visual storytelling, where the spotlight shines on your brand's originality and essence. Designed to house rich, compelling narratives, Craft integrates a range of sections and templates that paint the picture of your brand's journey.

It's like opening the door to a beautifully crafted editorial, where the retail story unfolds effortlessly.

But hang on. Craft isn't just about weaving a tale but also mixing that finesse with unmatched flexibility.

The advanced customization options of this free Shopify theme go hand-in-hand, so you're in the driver's seat to create your own masterpiece without touching a strand of code.

Sculpt your eCommerce website by molding every nook and cranny, and watch your ideal vision materialize before your eyes.

Free Shopify theme Craft Lighthouse test

Who would find the Craft theme spellbinding?

Businesses that believe in the power of storytelling and value the narratives behind their products will find a haven in the Craft Shopify theme. Luxury brands, boutiques, and artisan shops will all see their digital dreams come true with the Craft Shopify theme.

✅ Pros

  • Sublime design that highlights your brand's genuineness through elegant typography and spacing.
  • Equipped with sections and templates to tell captivating, in-depth brand stories.
  • Advanced customization options let you fine-tune your website without encountering code hassles.

❌ Cons

  • Simplicity might seem a bit too understated for those seeking extravagant aesthetics.
  • New users may need some time to navigate through the different sections and templates.
Insider Tips: Leverage Craft's built-in brand storytelling tools to breathe life into your brand's narrative. Offer your audience an immersive experience with rich, descriptive content and stunning visuals. Don't hold back when showcasing your values, as customers love connecting with brands that have a purpose.
Screenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify theme

Scale the digital highs with the sophisticated aesthetics of the Publisher Theme. Drenched in an intriguing moody vibe, this Shopify theme embodies a progressive design language ready to genuinely make your product cards and dark imagery immersive.

The Publisher Theme is a quiet cheerleader for your brand narrative, creating a distinct echo in the digital realm. It welcomes minimalist navigation to keep things neat and organized, focusing on presenting your products and categories seamlessly across the page.

However, the real magic starts when we delve into the virtues of the Publisher's potential. As a comprehensive Shopify theme, it offers advanced customization options with flexible design settings. Imagine achieving your desired online vision without having to meddle with a single line of code! Yes, Publisher lets you do just that.

It extends the magic wand in your hands and lets you sculpt your storefront precisely how you've always imagined.

And, as the name suggests, it's perfect for publishers, authors, and all those word-related.

Free Shopify theme Publisher Lighthouse test

Who would get enamored by the Publisher theme?

Businesses eyeing a sophisticated, nuanced presentation will find their match in Publisher. This Shopify theme works like a charm, especially for those who want to put their brand narrative on a pedestal, creating a seamless interaction between their products and customers.

✅ Pros

  • Showcases a moody, progressive design that enhances product imagery.
  • Minimalist navigation, keeping user experience streamlined and focused.
  • Advanced customization allows you to personalize your store without grappling with complex code.

❌ Cons

  • The dark and moody aesthetic might not align with brands looking for a breezy or vibrant appearance.
  • May require high-quality dark product imagery to leverage the theme's design aesthetic fully.
Insider Tips: Use the dark imagery and subtle gradients to your advantage to create an immersive and intriguing shopping environment. Prioritize your brand narrative and intertwine it with contextual links. Don't hold back on leveraging the advanced customization to achieve a virtual storefront that sings your brand's tune seamlessly.
Screenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify theme

Ignite curiosity for your brand by leveraging this intricate Shopify theme that combines a neutral color palette with quirky typography, creating a platter of whimsy and fun. 🎈Can easily be seen as the best free Shopify theme around for so many businesses and stores.

Origin is the perfect backdrop to turn your online store into an enchanting narrative. With structured layouts designed to encourage discovering the intriguing details, this Shopify theme allows your customer testimonials to take center stage — promoting an engaging community environment that resonates with your buyers.

But wait, there's more! Origin is not just a pretty facade.

You also get a robust set of customization options with it. The flexible design settings give you an upper hand to shape up your storefront precisely as you please — all that without diving into the deep waters of coding.

As far as free Shopify themes go, it's never been easier to watch your vision turn into reality as you fine-tune your interface to mirror your ideal eCommerce store. 🦋

Free Shopify theme Origin Lighthouse test

Who would be charmed by the Origin theme?

Free themes like the Origin Shopify theme are the perfect match for businesses looking to add a dash of light-heartedness to their online presence. Origin is especially advantageous for brands planning on creating an engaging community environment centered around customer testimonials and stories.

✅ Pros

  • The delightful blend of a neutral palette and quirky typography creates an engaging interface.
  • Built-in layout designed to showcase customer testimonials and stories.
  • Advanced customization options that let you shape your online store without encountering code hassles.

❌ Cons

  • The whimsical aesthetic may not align with brands seeking a minimalist or formal look.
  • Origin's focus on community interaction might not fit well with brands with other focal selling points.
Insider Tips: Use this particular theme to create a deep connection with your buyers through sharing their stories and testimonials. The casual yet captivating design helps in building an engaging community-centric space. Don't be afraid to let your brand's playful side shine through the clever use of quirky typography.
Screenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify theme

Spotlight is a contemporary Shopify theme that elegantly brings product presentation to the forefront and happens to be one of my favorite best free Shopify themes.

Right off the bat, it's clearly a very visual theme - an opportunity to put your products front and center. It's clean, efficient, and designed to basically light up your eCommerce store with a modern flair, using a simplistic layout for an optimal shopping experience.

Spotlight's understated yet stylish design frames your products brilliantly, allowing them to shine without distracting elements. With a streamlined layout that's ready to launch your e-commerce platform, all you need is a short brand description to kickstart your business.

However, it's important to note that Spotlight is designed by its very nature to be simplistic. Therefore, it's more like a canvas for you to expand on. If you want to keep things simple, great. Go ahead and get started. If you want to use it as a foundation to build on, that's even better.

Therefore, what sets Spotlight apart is its advanced customization options. You can tweak its flexible design to your heart's content until you achieve your desired aesthetic. No need to touch any codes. Just drop in your elements, and you're good to go!

Free Shopify theme Spotlight Lighthouse test

Who would benefit from the Spotlight theme?

Businesses who are after a quick and clean solution to product presentation. This is a great theme for those who want their products to be the star of the show.

✅ Pros

  • Streamlined design places emphasis on products.
  • The simple layout ensures a user-friendly experience.
  • Advanced, no-code customization allows you to tailor your store to your unique brand.

❌ Cons

  • The minimalistic theme design might be too stark for those wanting a more intricate aesthetic.
  • Due to its streamlined design, this theme may not serve complex store structures well.
Insider Tips: Make sure to utilize the flexibility Spotlight offers. Use high-quality images for your products since the theme's design highlights product visuals. Also, keep the branding description concise and persuasive to immediately hook visitors.
Screenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify theme

Prepare to bask in the glow of the Dawn free Shopify theme: a cutting-edge Shopify theme that breathes life into your online store and casts a warm light on your product presentations. It's clean, lean, and designed with an understated elegance that puts your products at the center of a rising sun.

Dawn beautifully paints your e-commerce platform with light and warmth, using a well-organized layout to provide an optimal shopping experience.

This free theme has a minimalist yet stylish design that allows your products to shine brightly without distracting elements. Beneath this sleek appearance, however, Dawn is a powerhouse of flexibility, ready to mirror your unique brand.

Despite its simplicity, what makes Dawn genuinely shine is the advanced customization options it offers. Adjust the design to create an alluring visual harmony without touching a line of code.

Oh, and this is also the fastest Shopify theme on my list, so bear that in mind if you're looking for a good theme that goes the distance!

Free Shopify theme Dawn Lighthouse test

Who's waking up to the Dawn theme?

Businesses looking for a clean, luminous solution to showcase their products will find free Shopify themes like Dawn to be the perfect fit. It's designed for anyone who desires their products to be the first thing customers see when they wake up in the online shopping world.

✅ Pros

  • The design exudes warmth and positivity, enhancing the appeal of your Shopify store
  • A minimalist layout makes for an optimal shopping experience.
  • Customization core features let you tweak the design to your unique aesthetic.

❌ Cons

  • Its minimalist look might disappoint those wanting a more embellished style.
  • Businesses with complex product hierarchies may find the streamlined design limiting.
Insider Tips: Tap into Dawn's warm glow by featuring high-resolution product imagery. Keep your brand description short and sweet, and let the design do the talking. Maintain visual consistency across various design elements to keep the Dawn theme coherent and engaging.
Screenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify theme

Lights, camera, action! Bring your e-commerce up a notch with the Studio free Shopify theme, the ultimate stage for your unique products. Like a well-directed movie, free themes like Studio surround your products with the perfect aura, accentuated by color and style, creating an impeccable spotlight for your collections.

Studio is like the magic of a dedicated art gallery, coupled with the funkiness of a modern boutique. The sleek typography and vibrant accents frame your products and collections with flair, transforming the shopping experience into an exploration of your creative curation.

Even better, Studio goes beyond simple showcasing.

With collection-based navigation, creator product filtering, specifically curated featured collections for galleries and new arrivals, and detailed artist profiles, your users dive into a sea of inspiration. Every interaction becomes an adventure, engaging your audience in a creative journey that keeps them returning for more.

That's more than you get in a paid theme!

Of course, the Studio Shopify theme isn't a "one-size-fits-all." It's your stage, your setting, so you get to direct the scene. You have complete control over layout adjustments and styling modifications to give your Shopify store that distinct ambiance resonating with your brand's identity.

No labyrinthine coding disruptions, just a clear and intuitive back-end to tailor your Shopify platform to your liking.

Free Shopify theme Studio Lighthouse test

Who would captivate their audience with the Studio free Shopify theme?

Businesses seeking a distinctive and charismatic platform for their products will find the Studio theme incredibly advantageous. If you're into creating a vibrant, immersive, and interactive experience for your clients, this free Shopify theme is your starring actor.

✅ Pros

  • The striking design and colorful detailing spotlight your product catalog.
  • Collection-based navigation and meticulously created filters enhance customer exploration.
  • Advanced customization options offer full control over your online store's aesthetics.

❌ Cons

  • The artsy vibe might not appeal to brands seeking a minimalist layout.
  • The myriad of features could be a tad intimidating for newbies.
Insider Tips: Dabble in the artist filters. They're a fabulous way to group your products and guide your customers. Showcase your newest arrivals like an exhibition premiere, and remember, high-resolution images are your best friend! Weave a vivid brand story through detailed product details – they're like backstage passes to your brand's gig.
Screenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify themeScreenshot of a Shopify theme

Venture into a digital kaleidoscope with the Colorblock Shopify theme. Bursts of color and bold typography work hand in hand to create a confident and vibrant feel reminiscent of a modern lookbook that puts your products under the spotlight. 🎨

What makes the Colorblock Shopify theme store genuinely unique is the fusion of style with excellent usability. Not only does it celebrate eye-catching, complementary color palettes, but it also ensures that your inventory, large or small, has its deserved moment.

With expanded menu navigation and advanced filtering capabilities, browsing through your diverse product catalog becomes a breeze for customers.

But the delights of Colorblock don't stop there.

It's a platform that hands the reins of customization to you. This free theme offers advanced customization options that cater to your needs, reducing the tech-heavy effort needed to achieve your desired Shopify theme store appearance.

Imagine individualizing your online store to the smallest detail, and that too without sifting through lines of code! 🧩

Free Shopify theme Colorblock Lighthouse test

Who would paint a masterpiece with the Colorblock theme?

Brands seeking to create an eCommerce space radiating with modern style and elegant functionality will find their canvas in Colorblock. It's perfect for those looking to manage large catalogs while providing an enjoyable browsing experience to their customers.

✅ Pros

  • Vibrant design with bold color blocks makes your store stand out from competitors.
  • Accommodates larger product catalogs with expanded menu navigation and advanced filters.
  • Unleash your creativity with advanced customization options, no code tinkering required.

❌ Cons

  • This lively aesthetic might not appeal to brands seeking a more minimalist design.
  • The emphasis on color might require strategic branding efforts to obtain a cohesive look.
Insider Tips: Play with complementary colors to enhance visual appeal. Ensure you maintain a good balance between visual style and clear product presentation. Don't forget, your products are the stars of the show!

❌ 3 Shopify Themes to STAY AWAY From

Debut (And ALL Vintage Themes)

Debut, a once popular free Shopify theme, is now considered a Vintage Theme.

Shopify recently revamped its theming system to "Online Store 2.0".

Vintage Themes will no longer receive updates (beyond security patches) and miss out on the best feature of all: add sections to all product pages.

All of the free Shopify themes on the "good" list above are 2.0.

So beyond Debut, it's best to stay away from all Vintage Shopify Themes, including:

  • Brooklyn Theme
  • Narrative Theme
  • Venture Theme
  • Simple Theme
  • Boundless Theme
  • Express Theme
  • Minimal Theme
  • Supply Theme

Technically you can't even download them anymore, but because their names come up so frequently, I thought I'd bring attention to them.

Doris (And ALL TemplateMonster Themes)

While tempting because there are a variety of free Shopify themes, I would stay away from TemplateMonster downloads because:

  • Deceptive practices – When you click to download a "free" item, the paid tier is automatically checked.
Paid tier selected on TemplateMonster
  • Lack of Updates – Many themes appear to have not been updated since they were initially uploaded.
Created date and updated date exactly the same
  • No Support – Free items don't come with any technical assistance
  • No Quality Control – There's something to be said from downloading right from Shopify – their themes must go through rigorous testing and are held to high standards. From Shopify: "The theme review process is broken down into five stages. Your eCommerce business theme must meet all of the following requirements in each stage to advance to the next stage of the review."

Curator Fashion (And ALL Unrated Themes)

Alright, I'm picking on this one a little bit. In all honesty, the theme might be just great.

But don't use a theme that doesn't have ratings unless you are experienced.

Free Shopify Theme WITHOUT Ratings

You want the theme to get tried and tested by others first. There will be issues with a new theme, and without a solid user base, the problems will likely persist. And you have no insights into how well the theme is supported. For example, if a dozen people complain about something, does it get fixed?

Hey, here's some actually helpful info about Shopify!

What's the difference between Online Store 2.0 Themes and Vintage Themes?

This is from Shopify describing the features.

Shopify Online Store 2.0 vs Vintage Themes Chart from Shopify

Here are my favorite two features.

1. "Sections Everywhere" (Why Wasn't This a Thing Before?)

The BIG difference is the fact you can add "sections" on every page. This is honestly a super basic feature for literally any other website builder on the internet.

But back in the day (like super modern times – 2020), you could only use the page builder on the homepage. WTF!!!

Every other page (like about us, contact us, etc.), you got a damn title and body field (which you input text and images), and that's it. If you wanted anything more (multicolumn layouts, different sections, ya know, the basic stuff), you'd have to bust out custom code (Liquid and CSS) to design the page (or find a theme that had one predesigned).

2. Use Collection Info In Fields

Let's say you have Collection pages where you want to say: "The Best {{ Collection Name }} Clothes in {{ Location }}." And whatever is in brackets, you want to grab information from the Collection.

That way, you can dynamically swap out information without creating new pages for every variation.

Is Shopify the best ecommerce platform?

I don't like to call any single platform "the best" because there are often strengths and weaknesses.

And your own needs may guide my answer one way or another.

I will say, however, Shopify is an excellent choice for most online sellers.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Over 8,000 apps – Shopify accepts third-party apps (with pretty high standards), allowing the platform to integrate and extend beyond its core features.
  • It's all handled for you – No need to worry about keeping your systems up to date or integrating checkouts – Shopify is an all-in-one platform that they manage entirely.
  • Build beautiful sites – Shopify has the potential to build excellent websites. In fact, check out the best Shopify websites, and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. Referencing other online stores while making your own will help you get inspired!

Can I see some Shopify website examples?

I thought you'd never ask!

I gathered the best of the best Shopify websites and put them into this list.

What sort of features should I be on the lookout for?

The free themes on Shopify come with many features to help you create and build the best online stores possible. However, there are differences between what's on offer. For example, a minimal theme may only offer basic features, whereas the best Shopify themes allow you to use everything.

To help you understand what features are out there and what sort of options are available to you, here's a quick list:

  • A dynamic product grid
  • Customizable product pages
  • A sidebar menu option
  • A place for your social media icons
  • Multiple theme styles
  • Automatic product image zoom
  • Optimization for mobile devices through responsive design
  • Mega menu and multi-column menu options
  • Access to Shopify apps
  • Places for hero video and image content

What's different between Shopify themes?

Let's start with the non-obvious stuff: there are unique sections and features that a free theme may have.

This means the difference between a base theme and the best Shopify theme isn't merely color and layout. Rather it's how to set up the content and what section you can add.

  • Some themes have a slide-out carts, while others have a page dedicated to carts.
  • Want a header slideshow (I recommend not, btw, as they slow things down), well certain themes may have built-in functionality to handle them

And, of course, a theme will have a different look and feel.

What happens if I switch themes?

To understand, let me explain the two parts of Shopify (with respect to this question):

  1. There's the place you keep "the data," mainly products, pages, collections, and discounts.
  2. There's the place you lay out that data... aka the theme.

So as soon as you install another theme, all of your data remains, but how it is displayed on the site needs to be redone (you can always go back to your previous theme by making it active or previewing it).