7 Kickass Squarespace Coaching Templates: All for Free!

My favorite Squarespace coaching templates ranked.

"Best Squarespace Coaching Templates" with a screenshot of the best Squarespace Coaching template

Creating an online coaching platform can be a formidable task. Whether you're offering courses, 1-to-1 mentorship, e-meetings, or all of the above, there's a lot to think about, and it can feel like there's a lot of infrastructure to set up.

However, thanks to these Squarespace templates for coaches, you can concentrate on developing impactful coaching programs instead of wrestling with website design. With everything technically taken care of, you can focus on delivering the value that people will get to know you for.

To make life even easier, I've sifted through the entire Squarespace template catalog to identify the best choices for coaching professionals.

Here's my shortlist of the best Squarespace coach templates for creating a captivating, stylish, and unique online coaching platform.

Let's jump in!

The Ultimate List of Best Squarespace Templates for Coaching

For a first-hand experience of these top Squarespace coaching templates, check out the demo site for each one!

Screenshot of a Squarespace coach templateScreenshot of a Squarespace coach templateScreenshot of a Squarespace coach template

Meriden is a godsend for coaches who find themselves juggling a myriad of appointments, as this is a fully-comprehensive life coaching template that can be adapted to fit your needs, whatever niche you're operating in.

Everything is super simple and nicely laid out, with a nice balance between images (visual content) and text, allowing you to convey information about your services however you best see fit.

Then, behind the scenes of your new Squarespace website, there's a full system that allows people to sign up and manage their account, subscription, and coaching sessions, all designed by Squarespace to be as simple and as painless as possible.

This is backed by the fact that this template focuses on booking and scheduling, providing an interface that makes managing your coaching calendar a breeze.

Designed with a straightforward layout and calming, pastel aesthetic, Meriden ensures that your clients can easily navigate through your service offerings and book sessions. This ease of use is complemented by a clean, modern aesthetic, maintaining a professional image while keeping user experience at the forefront.

That said, despite its functionality, Meriden leans more towards being practical than visually stimulating. This means if you're looking for a template that will wow your clients with its design, Meriden might fall short. Its strength lies in its practicality and easy-to-use booking features rather than its aesthetic appeal.

The Highlight: Meriden's emphasis on bookings and schedules makes it a practical choice for busy coaches juggling multiple appointments.

Pages Included

Home, Courses, Work With Me, Podcast, About, Login Membership Pages, Free Consultation Landing Page


βœ… Emphasizes practical booking and scheduling features

βœ… Streamlined design for easy navigation

βœ… Suitable for coaches with a variety of service offerings


❌ Focus on functionality over aesthetics might not appeal to all

❌ May not be suitable for coaches who prioritize design over functionality

Screenshot of a Squarespace coach templateScreenshot of a Squarespace coach templateScreenshot of a Squarespace coach template

For coaches who have embraced the personal branding revolution, Lakshi offers a Squarespace template tailored to your needs. By default, this template is designed with nutritionists and personal trainers in mind but can be easily adapted to suit your needs as long as you're highlighting yourself as the service.Β 

On the surface, this template is simple. There's only really the homepage, a section for uploading blog posts, a contact button, and a login/membership system for people to manage their subscription to your content.Β 

In terms of value, this template is really all about you advertising yourself and your skills and then getting people to funnel through and contact you directly rather than having a focus on e-Learning modules, course content, or podcasts, and so on.

Therefore, if you're looking to pump a load of content out, you're probably best going with a more content-friendly template.

That said, this template does offer an intuitive layout designed for navigating through modules and lessons, providing your clients with a user-friendly learning experience.

What more could you ask for? 😊

The Highlight:Β Lakshi's user-friendly e-course layout makes it a perfect choice for coaches offering structured online courses.

Pages Included

Home, Blog, Contact, Membership Pages


βœ… A great place to build your own personal brand as a coach

βœ… Perfect for highlighting your skills and experience

βœ… Clean and organized aesthetic focuses on the learning experience


❌ Not ideal for coaches offering e-courses or content-orientated routes

❌ Not many extra pages to showcase what you offer

Screenshot of a Squarespace coach templateScreenshot of a Squarespace coach templateScreenshot of a Squarespace coach template

Almar is the epitome of grace and fluidity. It's a gem for coaches aiming to convey a lifestyle or personal brand, offering an enchanting blend of visual aesthetics and functionality.

This template has a personal touch and speaks volumes to those who value aesthetics and user experience. Its beautiful, sleek design makes it a go-to choice for coaches who want to present a stylish, engaging digital platform. You can effortlessly share your journey, experiences, and insights through a visually stunning lens.

Despite its charm, Almar requires a consistent content schedule to showcase its full potential. Its highly personalized aesthetic is best suited for lifestyle content or personal branding, so it may not gel as well with more technical or formal coaching niches.

That said, everything you need to succeed is here and fully accessible. As long as you're investing in your copywriting and imagery, this template will make your individual service pop.

The Highlight:Β Almar's elegant design makes it an excellent pick for wellness coaches who wish to share their lifestyle or personal brand.

Pages Included

Home, About, Blog, Contact, Booking


βœ… User-friendly design with a stylish aesthetic

βœ… Ideal for lifestyle blogs and building personal brands

βœ… Integrated booking features for consultations or coaching sessions


❌ Aesthetic might not suit all types of content

❌ Personalized design may not be best for more formal coaching niches

Screenshot of a Squarespace coach templateScreenshot of a Squarespace coach templateScreenshot of a Squarespace coach template

If you're looking for a modern, good-looking, and highly-functional template that really looks and feels the part in terms of professionalism and design, you may not need to look any further than the Clove template.

Clove is the Squarespace template for coaches looking to cultivate an online community. It's designed with interactive elements in mind, promoting engagement and fostering a sense of community amongst your clients.

Clove incorporates social features such as comment sections, sharing options, and a platform for user-generated content, fostering engagement and participation. There's also space to add your Instagram links or whatever social media platforms you use.

All of this allows you to facilitate discussion, stimulate engagement, and encourage your community to connect with each other.

There are also a ton of default pages that can cover every aspect of your service, including a page for highlighting and introducing your team members, talking about the services you offer, and running a blog to attract organic traffic.

However, fostering a community requires active management and moderation. This could mean an extra workload for you or your team. Also, the Clove template might be too interactive for those who prefer a one-way communication style with their clients.

The Highlight: Clove's focus on engagement and interactivity makes it an excellent choice for coaches seeking to foster a vibrant online community.

Pages Included

Home, About, Team, Blog, Contact


βœ… Fosters engagement and interactivity

βœ… Great for building an online community

βœ… A perfect template for coaching or professional teams


❌ Might not be suitable for coaches who prefer one-way communication

❌ May be overwhelming for those unused to managing online communities

Screenshot of a Squarespace coach templateScreenshot of a Squarespace coach templateScreenshot of a Squarespace coach template

If you're a coach who loves to dabble in various forms of content and you're looking for something bold and super unique, Agaro is the perfect template for you. It's beautifully equipped to handle text, images, and videos, providing a dynamic platform to showcase your coaching services.

And the color scheme (which can be changed easily to whatever you want) is so bold and impressive that you're sure to grab your potential client's attention in a heartbeat.

With Agaro, you can create a multimedia-rich, brand-new website with space for blog posts, video content, and engaging visuals. And don't think these have to be expensive professional photos. Even customizable Canva graphics can really look the part and help your Squarespace site pop off.

It's a feast for the eyes, designed to captivate your audience and keep them coming back for more. Your audience will appreciate the varied content, giving you the flexibility to express your coaching style in diverse ways.

However, Agaro's strength in multimedia content means it requires a considerable amount of diverse content to utilize its full potential. If you're a coach who primarily focuses on one form of content (e.g., written or video), you may not make the most of what Agaro has to offer.

The Highlight:Β Agaro's capability to handle various forms of your own content makes it a great choice for coaches who like to express their coaching style in diverse ways.

Pages Included

Home, About, Contact, Services


βœ… Ability to handle diverse forms of content (text, image, video)

βœ… Engaging design ideal for multimedia-rich websites

βœ… Versatility in expressing your coaching style


❌ Requires a diverse range of content to utilize its full potential

❌ Requires regular content updates in different forms to keep the site engaging

Screenshot of a Squarespace coach templateScreenshot of a Squarespace coach templateScreenshot of a Squarespace coach template

Degraw is the perfect partner for coaches who believe in the power of well-crafted words. This template is a haven for text-heavy content, favoring coaches with a knack for insightful and engaging copywriting. To put this into perspective, the homepage just has one slot for a lovely image of yourself, so make sure you pick one with a nice smile!

The template thrives on simplicity, allowing your written content to take center stage. If you love sharing stories, experiences, and valuable advice through your words, Degraw's minimalist design will ensure your audience's attention remains on your content. This also provides an excellent platform to delve deeper into complex coaching concepts and share comprehensive insights.

Everything you need to set up a successful coaching website is here, including pages for your services, your blog, and for your clients to sign up and manage their membership (managing payments, cooking appointments, instant access to content, etc.), and there's very little you'll need to change.

However, design-wise, this is a very minimal design, and while aesthetic, it certainly may feel a little barebones to some. If you want to spice things up, make things bolder, or feel a little more modern, you may need to play around with some of the settings.

But, all in all, everything you need is here, ready to go straight out of the box. I just recommend setting everything up, launching, and then making tweaks as you go!

The Highlight:Β The aesthetic design is excellent, creating a calming vibe with lots of clean negative space that gives your content room to breathe, as well as allowing for a natural emphasis on the value you're providing.

Pages Included

Home, About, Services (sales page), Blog


βœ… Emphasizes text and doesn't require many visuals to set up

βœ… Has a great minimalistic vibe

βœ… Has lots of brilliant CTAs to encourage people to get in contact with you!


❌ Depends heavily on high-quality copywriting

❌ Minimalist design might not be everyone's cup of tea

Screenshot of a Squarespace coach templateScreenshot of a Squarespace coach templateScreenshot of a Squarespace coach template

By far the best coaching template Squarespace has to offer is Myhra, a wellness website template that's specifically designed for the niche and comes with everything you need to succeed right off the bat.

Myhra stands as a comprehensive solution for coaches who need a multi-purpose platform. This website template strikes a delicate balance between showcasing your coaching services and delivering valuable content via its blog feature.Β 

As a coach, Myhra gives you the space to highlight your expertise, discuss your coaching style, and outline your services, while the blog allows you to provide additional resources that add value to your client's journey.

The design of Myhra is simplistic yet elegant, ensuring that your services and content aren't overshadowed by excessive design elements. This clean and professional look appeals to a wide range of audiences, thereby increasing your chances of attracting diverse clients.

However, you may need to add a few pages here and there if you're looking to promote yourself using a regular content strategy like blogging or podcasting, as spaces for this content don't come as standard.

The Highlight:Β Myhra's careful balance between coaching services and content delivery makes it an excellent choice for coaches looking to establish a comprehensive online presence.

Pages Included

Home, About, Services, Coaching, Recipes, Contact, Membership pages


βœ… Ideal for a blended approach to coaching and content delivery

βœ… Clean, professional design appeals to a broad audience

βœ… Suitable for various coaching niches due to its versatile design


❌ Requires consistent content creation for blogs or podcasts

❌ Might need to delete some default pages, as this is also set up for chefs, cooks, and foodies!

A Comprehensive Guide on Choosing the Best Squarespace Template for Your Coaching Business

Choosing the right Squarespace template for your coaching service can feel like a Herculean task, given the multitude of choices available. However, the process can be simplified if you understand your business requirements and how to align them with a suitable website template.

This guide is designed to help you navigate through the decision-making process and select a template that will resonate with your brand and audience! Of course, you'll need a Squarespace account for all of this, so make sure you sign up for one!

Note: if you already have an existing Squarespace site and Squarespace account, you can still use these same details! Just create a new site from scratch, and you can have both this new website and your existing website.

However, you'll need to pay for a unique website paid account subscription for both!

Understanding Your Brand and Audience

The first step towards selecting the ideal Squarespace template is understanding your brand aesthetic and audience. Consider what your brand represents and how you want to communicate that visually.

For example, a clean and simple template like Degraw would work well if your brand has a minimalist aesthetic.

Also, keep your target audience and ideal clients of your website in mind.

What appeals to them? If your coaching services are for busy professionals, they might prefer a sleek, professional design with easy navigation. If you're a lifestyle coach targeting a younger demographic, a more colorful, dynamic template could be more suitable.

Deciding on the Content Types

What type of content will you be sharing on your new site? This will significantly influence your choice of template. If you plan to share a lot of video content, for example, you'll need a template like Agaro that supports multimedia.

If your website content is mostly text-based, with in-depth blog posts or articles, a template like Degraw that emphasizes text would be ideal. For a more balanced mix of text, images, and videos, Almar could be a good fit.

Be sure to choose a template that complements your content strategy.

Assessing Your Technical Abilities

While Squarespace is known for its user-friendly interface, some templates require a higher level of technical proficiency to customize effectively. If you're comfortable tweaking the design, you have more flexibility in your website template choice.

If not, opt for templates requiring minimal customization or hire a Squarespace web designer.

Customizing Your Squarespace Template

Once you've chosen a template for your new site, it's time to make it your own. Here's an essential step-by-step guide to customizing your Squarespace template:

  • Add your logo: Your logo is a crucial part of your brand identity. Make sure to add it to your website header.
  • Choose your colors and fonts: Squarespace provides a range of color palettes and fonts. Choose options that align with your own branding aesthetic.
  • Add and arrange your pages: Start adding the necessary pages to your website, such as 'Home,' 'About,' 'Services,' 'Blog,' and 'Contact page.' Arrange them logically in your navigation menu.
  • Customize page website content: Add and format your text, images, and training videos. Remember to break up text with headings and bullet points for easier readability.
  • Test and tweak: Preview your website, test the navigation, and make any necessary tweaks.

Remember, customization isn't just about website aesthetics. It's also about creating a user-friendly experience for your visitors.

Optimizing User Experience

A well-designed website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Here are some tips to optimize user experience:

  • Mobile optimization: Ensure your new and existing site looks good and functions well on mobile devices.
  • Clear navigation: Keep your navigation menu simple and intuitive. It should be easy for visitors to find what they're looking for.
  • Fast load times: Large images or videos can slow down your site. Optimize your media files to ensure fast load times.
  • Call-to-action: Guide your website visitors towards a specific action, like booking a session or signing up for a newsletter. Make sure your call to action is prominent and compelling.

Don't forget to do all the other things that can help you sell your service, such as including the testimonials of past clients to prove you know what you're doing and making even adding tutorial videos to give insight into the type of value you have to offer.

Why Use Squarespace?

Squarespace is a popular choice among entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide and for good reasons. Its standout features include a stunning collection of professionally-designed templates, user-friendly interface, and built-in SEO tools.

These combined elements allow you to create a visually appealing and functional website without any coding or design experience. Plus, its templates are highly customizable to align perfectly with your brand aesthetic and functionality needs.

This all-in-one platform also comes packed with comprehensive features such as blogging tools, e-commerce capabilities, email marketing, appointment scheduling, and a free new trial website so you can get started with building your beautiful website for no cost.

These built-in website tools streamline your website management, saving you from the hassle of integrating multiple separate services.

Furthermore, Squarespace's focus on digital nature and SEO ensures that search engines easily index your content, increasing your online visibility. However, there's no free domain option, but Squarespace does handle the domain buying process!

To top it all off, Squarespace provides reliable 24/7 customer support to service-based businesses, ready to assist you with any technical issues or customization queries via their online live chat and through the free email support channels.

It also offers a vast knowledge base and user forums for self-guided support.

As your coaching business grows within the coaching industry, Squarespace scales seamlessly with you, allowing you to add more advanced features as your needs evolve. In essence, Squarespace offers a powerful, user-friendly solution for bold business coaches seeking to establish an impactful online presence.


Choosing the right Squarespace template for your coaching venture is an exciting journey of aligning your brand identity with your online presence.

By understanding your brand, audience, content type, and technical abilities, you can select and customize a new template that resonates with your vision. It's time to let your coaching business shine online!

Remember, no website template is set in stone. Thanks to the Fluid Squarespace 7.1 engine, Squarespace's flexibility allows you to experiment, tweak, and change your website design as your coaching service evolves.

Happy designing!