7 Kickass Squarespace Ecommerce Templates (100% Free)

My favorite Squarespace ecommerce templates ranked.

"Best Squarespace Ecommerce Templates" with a screenshot of the best Squarespace ecommerce template

If you want to sell the most online as quickly as possible...

Start with one of these free Squarespace ecommerce templates!

I went through all of the Squarespace templates and picked out the best ones for stores.

(Most are super versatile, some are a it wonky, but very unique.)

Btw, Squarespace is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms around, hosting over 450,000 ecommerce sites. Squarespace, the all-in-one platform for website design and hosting, has consistently proven its commitment to delivering intuitive, user-friendly, and visually striking templates, which is why it's perfect for you to start building your own site.

Let's dive into the best Squarespace templates for ecommerce!

The Ultimate List of Best Squarespace Ecommerce Templates

If you want to check out any of these best ecommerce templates for yourself, hit up the demo site for each one and have a look!

Screenshot of a Squarespace ecommerce templateScreenshot of a Squarespace ecommerce templateScreenshot of a Squarespace ecommerce template

Big, bold images put your products front and center in this beautiful ecommerce template that really does tick all the boxes. If this theme doesn't excite you about starting your online store, then I don't think anything will.

Simply put, Maca, with its clean design and striking typography, is built for businesses that want to make a bold statement. Whether you're a service-based business or sell online courses, these minimal design template has something for you.

The simple layout lets your products shine, while the integrated blog feature enables you to share the story behind your brand. Keep in mind, though, that Maca's minimalist aesthetic means you'll need captivating product imagery to leverage its potential fully.

💡 The Highlight: Maca's clean design and striking typography make a bold statement, letting your products shine in the digital marketplace.

Pages Included

  • Home
  • Shop
  • Blog
  • About
  • Contact
  • Ingredients
  • All privacy, shipping, and Terms of Use pages


✅ Clean design with bold typography

✅ Integrated blog feature

✅ All shipping, privacy, returns, and terms of use pages included with templated content

✅ Great for businesses with captivating product imagery


❌ Minimalist aesthetic may not appeal to everyone

❌ Requires high-quality images to leverage its full potential

Screenshot of a Squarespace ecommerce templateScreenshot of a Squarespace ecommerce templateScreenshot of a Squarespace ecommerce template

Light. Airy. Good-looking.

This website template perfectly balances images and text value - Idrah could easily be considered a pretty perfect ecommerce Squarespace template, no matter what you're selling or what kind of brand personality you're aiming for.

I like to think of Idrah as a bit of a blank canvas, but with everything you need ready to go. There are some great pages available from install, with bold image sections and plenty of space to describe the value your products and services have to offer.

This is backed further by bold CTAs for encouraging user action, a built-in blog section, and full store integration. 

And since this runs on the Fluid 7.1 engine, everything is customizable, so you can ensure your online sales space looks exactly how you want it to look.

💡The Highlight: Idrah's full-screen image layout blends immersive storytelling with product browsing, which is perfect for creative businesses.

Pages Included

  • Home
  • Wellness
  • Beauty 
  • Fitness
  • Shop
  • About
  • Contact


✅ Full-screen image layout with ideal text balance for an immersive visual experience

✅ Great for businesses with high-quality product imagery

✅ Unique blend of storytelling and product display


❌ Requires a high investment in product photography

❌ Lots of sections may need reducing when starting out (and then adding back in later)

Screenshot of a Squarespace ecommerce templateScreenshot of a Squarespace ecommerce templateScreenshot of a Squarespace ecommerce template

Wesley is the Squarespace ecommerce template for those looking to invent a captivating digital storefront that gets results.

Right off the bat, you'll notice bold headlines (which are great for highlighting a specific product or service), bold accompanying imagery, and some very spacious yet effective sections for displaying your core products and best information.

It's all about value here on the Wesley Squarespace template.

You'll also notice the dynamic layout and innovative design set it apart from more traditional Squarespace templates. On the flip side, its unique style might not suit businesses looking for a more conventional ecommerce aesthetic.

💡 The Highlight: Wesley's dynamic layout and innovative design sets it apart from traditional Squarespace templates, perfect for businesses looking to reinvent their digital presence.

Pages Included

  • Home page
  • Shop
  • About
  • Contact page
  • FAQs
  • Gift Card


✅ Unique, dynamic layout with a heavy visual focus

✅ Innovative design with headers

✅ Great for businesses seeking a unique online presence


❌ Its unique style might not appeal to everyone

❌ Might be challenging to set up for beginners

Screenshot of a Squarespace ecommerce templateScreenshot of a Squarespace ecommerce templateScreenshot of a Squarespace ecommerce template

Spotted is a Squarespace ecommerce template that prides itself on clean lines and a sleek design, and it doesn't get much sleeker than this free Squarespace template.

Ideal for businesses with high-quality product images, it offers a minimalist and contemporary feel that draws visitors' attention to your products. 

Just take the large hero image at the top - this is the perfect place to advertise your core product and get people excited about your offering.

With its integrated shop pages and user-friendly navigation, Spotted provides your customers with a seamless shopping experience.

However, the ecommerce template's default color scheme may require a few tweaks to align better with your brand identity. But remember, with Squarespace, you can customize to your heart's content.

You'll just need to invest the time.

💡The Highlight: Spotted's minimalist design brings a modern edge to online stores, ensuring your products are the focal point.

Page Included

  • Home page
  • Shop
  • About
  • Contact


✅ The site's design is clean and streamlined

✅ Great for diverse product lines

✅ User-friendly navigation and seamless shop integration


❌ Default color scheme might require customization

❌ Limited text space for detailed product descriptions

Screenshot of a Squarespace ecommerce templateScreenshot of a Squarespace ecommerce templateScreenshot of a Squarespace ecommerce template

Now this is your ecommerce online store at its finest.

Zaatar's one of the best Squarespace ecommerce templates offering flexible design and an adaptable layout that makes it a one-size-fits-all Squarespace template. 

Whether you're selling artisanal chocolates, bespoke furniture, or vintage rubber ducks, Zaatar molds itself to fit your needs. 

However, its versatility might be overwhelming for those seeking a more straightforward Squarespace template.

There are a lot of little details here, and while it all comes together to create a fantastic ecommerce experience, it can take some time and creativity to make it your own.

That said, everything you need is here to get you started and to see you off successfully into the future. You'll be hard–pressed to find a Squarespace template better than this.

💡 The Highlight: Zaatar's adaptable layout can cater to various ecommerce needs, making it a versatile choice for businesses.

Pages Included

  • Home
  • Hope
  • About
  • Journal (Blog)
  • Contact
  • FAQs
  • Stockists, Shipping and Returns, Privacy Policy


✅ Highly flexible and adaptable design

✅ Great for a wide range of businesses

✅ Easily customizable to fit brand identity and comes with all the pages you could ever want or need


❌ Its flexibility might be overwhelming for some users

❌ Might require more customization than other Squarespace templates

Screenshot of a Squarespace ecommerce templateScreenshot of a Squarespace ecommerce templateScreenshot of a Squarespace ecommerce template

Tailored for businesses who really want to grab their audience's attention, the Manual Squarespace template is your solution for creating an engaging online catalog and, by far, one of the best Squarespace ecommerce templates around.

By default, it's designed for engaging single product lines, like books or a highlighted product you sell (maybe a dog CBD oil or something like that). You could technically sell multiple products, but it'll take some step up and duplicate pages.

It's best if you start with a single product that you want to focus on.

This could really work if you're selling a course as well!

I love that there's a heavy focus on testimonials and social proof here, with lots of spaces for customer reviews that will only help people trust your website and feel safe that your products are the quality they expect.

With lots of space for adding information about your brand (specifically a personal brand), if you're an author or specialized product seller, this Squarespace template could be the perfect way to start building your online brand and make some sales in the process.

💡The Highlight: Manual's versatile layout and customization options are perfect for showcasing diverse products, allowing you to tailor your online catalog to your business's unique needs. There's also a default place to advertise your newsletter signup!

Pages Included

  • Home
  • Cart
  • Product Page


✅ A striking minimalist layout

✅ Great opportunities to highlight social proof

✅ Connect with visitors through personal branding and newsletter signups


❌ Not ideal for businesses selling multiple products

❌ Requires high-quality images for optimal display

Screenshot of a Squarespace ecommerce templateScreenshot of a Squarespace ecommerce templateScreenshot of a Squarespace ecommerce template

Looking for an ecommerce template that's a little bit more funky and fresh?

Sonny is a more modern, more hip, more fashionable take on the Squarespace ecommerce space, with custom fonts, some bold, outlandish designs and images, and a 60s, new-wave style that's great for attracting the right audience.

On top of this, Soony is all about streamlining the online shopping experience. 

Its seamless ecommerce integration, coupled with a customer-centric design, turns browsing into buying. The main limitation of this ecommerce template is its reliance on high-quality images – without them, your website might not meet its full potential.

Highlight: Soony's design is far out, man, and this unique and confident take is a great way to pull in a specific target audience, thus streamlining your funnel for optimal sales.

Pages Included

  • Home
  • Shop
  • Shipping & Returns
  • Contact


✅ Streamlined shopping experience

✅ A fun, user-friendly, and intuitive design

✅ Encourages customer engagement through bold imagery and highlighted CTAs


❌ Relies heavily on high-quality images

❌ The style and theme aesthetic aren't ideal for all businesses and branding styles

The Step-By-Step Guide to Building a Successful Ecommerce Squarespace Website

Phew, that was a deep dive.

Hopefully, at this point, you've got some motivating inspiration as to what kind of Squarespace ecommerce websites you can build, what foundation options are out there, and the best templates that will help you build the kind of great website you want.

And don't forget, all these Squarespace templates, and most of the modern Squarespace templates in general, run on the Squarespace version Fluid 7.1 engine.

This means you have access to what are essentially blocks that you can drag and drop into your website's build as and when you please.

Blocks like product boxes, "about you" sections, contact page, and form content, and the sorts. 

All built into the Squarespace design and infrastructure.

But aesthetics and functionality are not the be-all-end-all when building a successful ecommerce website.

There are a few factors you need to consider, and that's what the comprehensive guide below is all about.

Let's go 🚀

Choose the Perfect Squarespace Ecommerce Template

This is the first and one of the most important steps.

Remember, each Squarespace template (available even before you sign up for a Squarespace subscription) has unique characteristics and functionalities tailored to cater to specific needs. Look through each Squarespace template carefully, and understand its eommerce features, eCommerce functionality, advantages, and limitations. 

As mentioned above, I highly recommend Spotted, Manual, Idrah, Maca, Zaatar, Soony, and Wesley as your go-to Squarespace ecommerce templates to get yourself started on your ecommerce site journey!

It's really up to you which you choose, but to save time and to get the best results as easily as possible, be sure to choose one of the Squarespace templates that align with your brand identity and the nature of your products.

Think about your ideal customers and which style they'll resonate with the most!

Now, you may be thinking, what if you want to use premium Squarespace templates for setting up your ecommerce site?

Well, you can, and there are lots out there to choose from, but bear in mind these can cost upwards of $200, and free templates won't cost you a cent, and are a great way to get started with little overhead.

Besides, the best Squarespace templates will always be made by Squarespace themselves!

Personalize the Best Squarespace Template

Once you've chosen the best Squarespace templates for you, it's now time to get creative. And you don't even need to be a web designer to make such a site work for you.

Squarespace offers you complete control over easily customized features, allowing you to adapt your chosen template that even the least experienced web developer can master. It's literally made to be easy, and unlike premium templates, all the key features are basically drag and drop.

Simply sign into your Squarespace account (ensuring you already have a functioning Squarespace subscription), and start by reflecting your brand's visual identity - incorporate your brand colors, fonts, and style into your ecommerce site design.

Remember, consistency in branding creates a strong impression on your customers and builds brand recognition.

If you want to get started fast, the best thing you can do is simply go through the Squarespace template and replace all the text and image content with your own.

Don't forget to add personality to your content to make you stand out from the crowd! And if you do find you need some help, don't worry. There are plenty of video tutorials out there that can guide you with whatever it is you want to do!

Set Up Your Online Stores

When everything is set up, it's time to start work on your online stores.

Fortunately, Squarespace's commerce platform lets you manage products, orders, and inventory easily using the, you've guessed it, "Commerce" section. It's as though this platform was designed for creating online stores!

Here, you can add your products, write product descriptions, set the price and tax rules, manage your inventory, and set up shipping options. It's all very simple and straightforward. Just fill out the boxes, and away you go!

Organize Your Site Layout

A well-organized Squarespace site layout enhances user experience and encourages visitors to stay longer and explore. Strategically place your products, contact page information, and call to actions for easy access.

Remember to include a clear, easy-to-use navigation menu, a shop page with lots of space that allows the item profiles to breathe, and popular shop categories so site visitors can quickly find what they're looking for.

Don't forget about mobile optimization as well, as, according to statistics, most web visitors will come to your store through their mobile devices!

Add High-Quality Images

High-quality images are crucial for an ecommerce website.

After all, a picture speaks a thousand words, and if your customers don't like what they see, or they're simply not engaged with the product because the images are a bit boring, then you won't make many sales.

Likewise if the image quality is also a bit poor.

Customers use your product images to understand the product better and make informed decisions. Make sure the images are well-lit, crisp, and showcase the product from various angles.

You might want to use basic images first to fill the basics of your Squarespace ecommerce templates or demo site content and then continuously invest in better and better images as your business grows!

Optimize Product Descriptions

Good product descriptions work on multiple levels.

On the surface, they educate your customers on what your products are about and excite them. You need to engage your customer's pain points while showcasing this is the product that will solve their issue.

Are you affordable? Do you offer good customer service? Are your features the best? What value does your product bring to your customers' lives over that of a competitor?

Remember, sell value and benefits, not features. No one cares if a TV has 40 million pixels.

They care that the picture quality is market-leading.

However, on top of this, it's important you take time to ensure your product pages are SEO optimized. This improves your website's visibility on search engines. Incorporate relevant keywords in your product descriptions and write them with your customer in mind.

Set Up Payment Gateways

There's no point in having a beautiful website set up and ready to go if you cannot take payments from your customers. And we live in the age of the internet, which means people are using a ton of platforms to shop online.

You need to accept these payment options to ensure sales can occur, which means setting up multiple payment gateways.

Squarespace supports multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Apple Pay. Set up your preferred payment methods to offer a seamless checkout experience to your customers.

Launch Your Store

With all the points above in mind, you should be ready to launch your store to the world. If you had the content ready to go and a Squarespace subscription on the move, then this may only take a day or so!

It really can be that fast.

Before you launch, check everything—links, checkout process, mobile compatibility, and so on. Once you're satisfied, it's time to publish your website and start selling!

Promote Your Website

With your website up and running, it's important to tell the world to come and see what you're offering.

This means getting involved in various marketing strategies, including leveraging social media, SEO, email marketing, and other promotional strategies to drive traffic to your ecommerce website.

Squarespace has built-in tools for SEO and social sharing, and it also integrates with Mailchimp for email marketing.

Analyze and Improve

As hard as you try, the chances are you won't get every aspect of your website right the first time.

And that's okay. Everyone's in the same boat.

The trick to improving things is to monitor your stats and figures simply, see what's working and what's not, and make adjustments to ensure you're moving in a positive direction.

This is easy on Squarespace thanks to the built-in analytics tools that provide insights into your store's performance. Regularly reviewing these statistics helps you understand your customers better and improve your ecommerce strategy.

Define Your Website Goals

It's crucial to define what success means for your ecommerce store. Are you looking to increase sales, boost brand awareness, grow your mailing list, or something else?

Having clear goals will help guide your design and content decisions.

Focus on User Experience

User experience is paramount in ecommerce.

Your site should be intuitive, easy to navigate, and mobile-optimized. Fast loading times, simple navigation, and a streamlined checkout process can significantly enhance user experience and increase conversions.

It really doesn't matter what you're selling; whether you're interior designers selling professional services or you have product pages filled with grass seed from a tropical island, users need to easily find what they're looking for and actually enjoy spending time on your website.

Craft Compelling Content

High-quality, engaging content can set your brand apart. That's why every effective template comes with value-rich content built in as standard.

Incorporate storytelling in your product descriptions, create engaging blog content related to your niche, and use powerful visuals to attract and engage your audience.

Content that adds value can turn casual visitors into loyal customers.

Implement SEO Best Practices

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for driving organic traffic to your website. Use relevant keywords in your content, add meta descriptions, create SEO-friendly URLs, and optimize images to improve your site's visibility on search engine results pages.

Thankfully, the technical side of this is made easy since every ecommerce template is designed to be fully SEO optimized automatically from the off.

Build Trust

Incorporate elements that build trust, like customer reviews, testimonials, secure payment badges, and a clear return policy. These can significantly influence a visitor's decision to purchase.

And there we have it. 🎆🚀

Follow this guide, and you'll have your very own Squarespace ecommerce store set up and ready to sell in no time at all.

Building a successful ecommerce website on Squarespace involves careful planning, creativity, and a customer-centric approach. Just keep at it, think outside the box, and commit to growth, and you'll find success.

Don't forget to show up every day.

Happy selling!