7 Kickass Squarespace Nonprofit Templates (Start With These!)

My favorite Squarespace nonprofit templates ranked.

"Best Squarespace Nonprofit Templates" with a screenshot of the best Squarespace Nonprofit template

I went through every Squarespace template and found the best templates for nonprofit websites!

FYI on some considerations for the following templates:

  • They are just a starting point – you can customize them and build whatever you see in any of the templates. Like something from two different templates? You can build them easily in one.
  • They are all free!
  • Not all of them are strictly nonprofit templates, but I liked the structure of them so I included them

So, whether you're a nonprofit organization aiming for a strong online presence or a web designer on the hunt for fresh ideas, you're in for a treat!

Alright, let's dive into the best Squarespace templates for nonprofits!

The Ultimate List of the Best Squarespace Templates for Nonprofits

Screenshot of a Squarespace nonprofit templateScreenshot of a Squarespace nonprofit templateScreenshot of a Squarespace nonprofit template

As far as Squarespace templates for nonprofits go, this one is downright beautiful.

An ideal balance between text and imagery, this is a fantastic template to kickstart your website and can easily see you out for many years to come, whether you're fundraising for climate change or helping people in your local community.

Initially, this is designed for animal-based nonprofit organizations, such as a dog's kennel, cattery or rehoming center, fundraising activities, that kind of thing, but as long as you have access to high-quality imagery, you can basically turn this template into whatever you want with just a few clicks.

What I love most is how the text sections are really short and sweet, allowing you to express a lot of detail without it being too overwhelming for your visitors. Backed by visuals and many CTAs, you don't need little more than this!

Takeaway: Malone is your megaphone to the world. It's bold, versatile, and perfect for delivering a strong message through the use of text and visuals.

Pages Included

  • Home
  • Our Mission
  • Services
  • Team
  • Get Involved
  • Donate
  • Blog


✅ Bold and impactful design

✅ Versatile layout with neutral colors

✅ Great for any type of nonprofit niche


❌ Could use more interactive elements

Screenshot of a Squarespace nonprofit templateScreenshot of a Squarespace nonprofit templateScreenshot of a Squarespace nonprofit template

Comet is the trailblazer of Squarespace templates, combining stellar web design with a vibrant personality. It's perfect for nonprofits that want to make a striking first impression.

And, of course, there's a heavy focus on outstanding imagery, putting the visuals to tell your story front and center. After all, a picture says a thousand words!

Its eye-catching visuals and dynamic layout are designed to engage and captivate. The template excels in showcasing images and videos, making your cause more relatable. However, it could use more options for typography to complement its dynamic design.

Takeaway: Comet is the go-to template for nonprofits looking to dazzle their audience with a vibrant, visual narrative.

Pages Included

  • Home page
  • About
  • Programs
  • Blog


✅ Engaging visuals

✅ Dynamic layout

✅ Lots of concise sections to convey fast information


❌ Could use more typography options

Screenshot of a Squarespace nonprofit templateScreenshot of a Squarespace nonprofit templateScreenshot of a Squarespace nonprofit template

Originally built for selling digital products or for hosting an agency, the Nolan template is actually a fantastic start for building your non-profit online space if you're looking for a clean, sleek, and modern approach.

The monochrome style is very crisp, and you won't need a lot of visuals or images to get started, just some clean copywriting that details to the story of your venture. As a jumping-off point, this is a great way to draw in visitors and engage them in your cause.

With a full-screen text banner and layered design elements, create a captivating visual narrative. The template makes excellent use of space and typography, promoting clarity and focus. 

However, it might benefit from more varied color options to cater to a wider range of nonprofits.

Takeaway: Nolan is a modern design that's incredibly easy to get started with. If you're building your first website and you're looking to get things off the ground, it really doesn't get much better than this! 

Pages Included

  • Home
  • Our Work
  • Our Services
  • Company/About
  • Contact


✅ Crisp, clean, modern design

✅ Heavy focus on text that makes it easy to get started

✅ Nice CTAs to encourage action right off the bat


❌ Limited color palette

❌ Not a lot of places for visuals

Screenshot of a Squarespace nonprofit templateScreenshot of a Squarespace nonprofit templateScreenshot of a Squarespace nonprofit template

Lusaka is the perfect blend of functionality and elegance, made simple thanks to the Squarespace website builder. It's like the Swiss army knife of templates, equipped with everything a nonprofit might need. 

That includes CTAs, all the default pages, lots of great spots for visuals, and even a project system for showcasing the work you've been spending your time on.

Its sleek design, complete with a beautiful image gallery, newsletter sign-up, and clear call-to-actions, makes it a great choice for nonprofits looking for potential donors.

A bit more customization options for the gallery and form layouts could make it even better, but as a foundation, this is a template that could see your nonprofit efforts through for years to come.

Takeaway: Lusaka combines elegance with functionality. It's a fully-loaded template perfect for nonprofits looking to engage their audience and drive action.

Pages Included

  • Home
  • Our Vision
  • Donate
  • Projects
  • Our Team
  • Blog


✅ Functional and elegant design

✅ Great for engagement and call-to-action

✅ All the pages you could ever need to get going


❌ Limited customization for gallery and form layouts

❌ Needs a fair bit of content to feel full

Screenshot of a Squarespace nonprofit templateScreenshot of a Squarespace nonprofit templateScreenshot of a Squarespace nonprofit template

Euclid, with its minimalist web design and crisp typography, is like a breath of fresh air. It's the perfect template for nonprofits that believe less is more.

Big punchy headers with concise little sub-paragraphs dominate this nonprofit website, making it effortless to pick up the value of this page in just a few seconds, all without overwhelming visitors or scaring them off.

The spacious layout and clean lines make your content shine, while the clear call-to-actions guide your visitors effortlessly. However, the minimalist design might feel a tad too simple for some. Adding more options for visual customization could do the trick.

Takeaway: Euclid is the minimalist dream for a nonprofit website, perfect for letting your mission speak volumes in a clutter-free environment.

Pages Included

  • Home page
  • Our Mission
  • Get Involved


✅ Minimalist design

✅ Clear call-to-actions

✅ Easy to fill with simple content for a professional look


❌ Might be too simple for some

❌ Limited options for visual customization

Screenshot of a Squarespace nonprofit templateScreenshot of a Squarespace nonprofit templateScreenshot of a Squarespace nonprofit template

Clarkson is the personification of practicality and efficiency. It's the ideal template for nonprofits that need a solid, straightforward web presence, and it acts as a fantastic foundation on which to build your dream nonprofit website.

The grid-style, two-column layout allows for easy navigation and content organization. Plus, the built-in donation feature is a game-changer for nonprofits. However, more options for personalization and color could inject a bit more character into the template.

Takeaway: Clarkson is the workhorse of templates, perfect for nonprofits seeking a practical and efficient way to share their mission statement and collect donations.

Pages Included

  • Home page
  • About
  • Initiatives
  • Contact Us


✅ Grid-style layout for easy navigation

✅ Built-in donation feature

✅ Lots of great places for visuals


❌ Limited options for personalization

❌ Could use more color scheme options

Screenshot of a Squarespace nonprofit templateScreenshot of a Squarespace nonprofit templateScreenshot of a Squarespace nonprofit template

Bailard is like a virtual art gallery, elegantly showcasing your nonprofit's projects and impact. It's perfect for nonprofits that rely on visuals to tell their story, but not so many that you won't have enough to get started.

Its full-page image banners and portfolio-style layout make it ideal for visually-driven content. Plus, the interactive hover effects add a nice touch. However, more flexible text formatting options would enhance content readability.

Takeaway: Bailard is an artistic canvas for nonprofits, ideal for showcasing the visual narrative of your impact, giving you a visually appealing site layout to call your own.

Pages Included

  • Home
  • About
  • News
  • Read Me


✅ Full-page image banners

✅ Portfolio-style, clean layout

✅ Everything you need to start and look professional in a few hours!


❌ Could use more flexible text formatting options

❌ May feel a bit plain and minimal to some

Tips for Getting Started with Squarespace Nonprofit Templates

Squarespace is an intuitive website builder platform and is designed to be as friendly as possible, but that doesn't mean it can't be overwhelming if you're just getting started. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your chosen Squarespace nonprofit template:

Understand your needs

Before diving into template customization, get clear about your needs. What kind of content will you be sharing? What functionality is crucial for your organization? Answering these questions will help guide your design decisions.

Optimize for mobile

Ensure your site looks great on mobile devices, not just desktops. Squarespace's templates are automatically mobile-responsive but always double-check to ensure all elements display correctly. If you're using video backgrounds, this is even more important!

Make use of Squarespace's resources

Squarespace has extensive help resources, including a knowledge base, webinars, and a community forum. If you get stuck, help is just a click away. remember, Squarespace is literally designed to keep your audience engaged, so use the features that are made available to you!

These ready-made templates are tried and tested for a reason!

Incorporate calls to action (CTAs)

Make it easy for visitors to donate, subscribe, volunteer, or otherwise engage with your organization or business. Most Squarespace templates include built-in features for creating CTAs—use them! Whether you're hosting events,

Showcase your story

Use images, videos, and narratives to share the story of your organization and the impact it makes. Make it personal and authentic to connect with your audience emotionally.

Simplify navigation

Take a moment to think about how you use websites. Do you spend ages hunting around browsing for what you're looking for, or are you quickly in and out? Usually the latter, which is why you always need to make sure your site is easy to navigate. Keep menus simple, and ensure important information is easy to find.

Test and tweak

Once your site is live, don't just set it and forget it. Regularly test different aspects, from the user interface to the donation process, and make adjustments as necessary. The best way to build a website like this, especially one that'll last for years to come, is to build the foundation, set everything up, and then keep adding and taking away over time!

You'll never get everything spot on the first time. It's just impossible. Remember, perfect is the enemy of good and done!


There you have it, the best Squarespace templates for nonprofits that'll take your nonprofit website to new heights.

With the tips above and the power of the Squarespace website builder behind you, you're well on your way to creating a digital presence that resonates with your audience, enhances your organization's mission, and even encourages donations.

Remember, the power of well-designed nonprofit websites can't be understated—it's a digital era, folks, and your website can be the cornerstone of your organization's success.

Happy building, friends, and let's make a difference, one Squarespace site at a time!