Best Esthetician Websites (+ What To Steal From Them)

Best esthetician websites, the platform they are built on, and best practices for esthetician websites.

"Best esthetician websites" with preview of website screenshots

Need a website as smooth as your skin?

Check out these carefully picked best esthetician website examples.

I know you're stoked to see how the websites look.

But, there are other things in a beauty website beyond the looks (go figure).

Some of the spa websites made the list because the did some very simple, yet highly overlooked tactics.

How to Make the Best Esthetician Website

Here are some quick esthetician website ideas to create the best site:

  • Add the location of your beauty business throughout the text on your website (amazing for SEO). Specifically add it to the very intro "Esthetician in {fill in location}".
  • Start with clear headings over creativity (you want your visitors to immediately know what you do)
  • You can use creative headers lower on the page
  • Add all relevant info (hours, address, how to book an appointment, if walk-ins are accepted, etc.)
  • Add pictures of your beauty products and spa
  • Add testimonials (before and after pictures are extra points)
  • Custom pictures go much further than stock photos

Hack Alert! Start with a Beauty Template!

Alright, let's look at inspiration for creating an esthetician website that is stunning, elegant, and makes you shine (like your clients).

Ultimate List of Best Esthetician Websites

Your Skin Matters

This esthetician puts her products and brands on the website which many visitors want to know. She also has an in depth profile on her so people can learn about her online.

The Face Space

Estheticians take note of this one! People often over think their titles for their site. However, keep it simple! Include what you do and where you do it. That's it! That's the formula!

Amelia James

A big title with location keyword is the take away here. Unfortunately the text blends in too much with the background. But one of the best things you can do is put the location you serve in the title and a clear title saying what you offer.

brōwe skin + brow bar

Black and white theme does will for this skin and brow spa! Custom images, team profiles, and smooth animations are some of the notable features.


This design is bright and ascetically pleasing! Those service offerings over the images look very nice... plus they have customer testimonials! Extra points for listing pricing.

Holistic Skin by Jen

Another great thing you can do is add an instagram feed to your website. Check out this website's color scheme, images, and more!

Jodi Mello Esthetician

This is a simple salon website with minimalistic design and large font sizes (easy to ready). The services are easy to read and have pricing listed.

Skin Deep Beauty

The intro to this website is a bit weird, but the next section with icons and and pricing looks really nice. Plus they have before and after pictures.


The grey background and custom images give this salon website a unique look.

Lineage Studio

What a very unique looking hair and skin website! The animated text looks awesome. Big bright images, information that's useful and easily consumable, and much more to check out on this website's homepage!

J.Sinclaire Beauty

Normally light and bright themes fit a salon website, but this dark theme actually works really well. Their custom images and copywriting stands out too.

The Healing Place

What a professional looking esthetician website example! The large font really stands out and it looks like a designer created this website. The list of services also looks very clean.

Vivant Aesthetics

This is a very clean design with many things to note:

  • Location wording on the page
  • Important information easy to consume
  • Minimalistic design
  • Products they use
  • Team profiles
Spa by the Square

Big fonts, location wording in the title, beautiful animations, and much more to see on this spa and esthetician website. Hats off to whoever created this cool website!

tara marsalia esthetics

This esthetician website is quality work. Clean design, excellent colors, and a big testimonial. The footer has very useful info (make note of it!). If you are looking for simple esthetician logo ideas, this is a great example!


The design of this spa website will give you lots of inspiration! From large fonts to location wording in the title, there's a lot to sample from this salon and spa. Also, if you want to add your esthetician portfolio examples, check out the "real results" tab on her site!

Demi Muse Artistry

This salon website is bright and has an excellent use of color schemes. You will also see a lot of custom imagery. Other features include listed pricing, easy to read font sizes, and online skin consultation.

Alluring Looksss

This beauty specialist has an awesome website with custom images, unique design, location keyword in the title, and easy to read fonts!

But where's WordPress??

These esthetician examples were on either the Webflow, Duda, or Squarespace website builder. I wanted to only include websites on the website platforms I recommend building on.

As a professional web designer and developer, I prefer working on Webflow and Duda. Squarespace is good for someone that doesn't need full control over everything - especially a do-it-yourself type person.

WordPress is filled with bad practices, medium learning curve, and a lot of maintenance and time going into stuff that these other website builders provide out-of-box.

Squarespace is going to be your best bet, especially if you aren't a website building pro.

You can build a great website on all of the platforms.