15 Kickass Framer Website Examples: Design the Best Site!

Inspiring Framer websites and hacks to beat them.

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"Best Framer Websites" with screenshots of the best websites on Framer "Best Framer Websites" with screenshots of the best websites on Framer
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Is Framer up to the task of creating kickass websites?

Yes but so is Webstudio! It's an open source advanced UI builder and is AMAZING.

This list of Framer website examples will show you yes, amazing sites are created with Framer.

Thanks to the fact that Framer's primary audience is designers, the Framer sites on this list are truly inspirational.

After I dove into the tool, I understood what all the hype was about... the UI is clean and friendly and it's built so a designer can output a website!

Let's dive into the best Framer website examples!

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The Ultimate List of the Best Framer Websites You're Going to Love

Screenshot 1 of Kevin Cudennec Portfolio (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 2 of Kevin Cudennec Portfolio (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 3 of Kevin Cudennec Portfolio (Example Framer Website)

KC Studio is like stepping into a sleek, modern art gallery where every piece of work is a testament to creative ingenuity.

The website's minimalist design perfectly captures the essence of the studio's forward-thinking approach, with smooth transitions and interactive elements that add a dash of sophistication.

But it's bold. The colors, copywriting, and images are crisp and clear and really stand out, and this has so much impact on visitors and their impression of Kevin himself. He just nails every aspect.

On top of this, it's incredibly well laid out. There's a clear showcase of projects, each one accompanied by interactive visuals that give a sense of the studio's capabilities. Additionally, the menu navigation is smooth, leading you through the website effortlessly.

However, while the minimalist design is striking, the site could benefit from more descriptive text for SEO purposes.

Takeaway: KC Studio excels with its minimalistic yet engaging design, showcasing its work in an interactive and sophisticated manner.


✅ Minimalistic, sleek design

✅ Interactive elements

✅ Smooth navigation


❌ Needs more descriptive text for SEO purposes

❌ The font size is a little small for easy readability

Screenshot 1 of Acapela (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 2 of Acapela (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 3 of Acapela (Example Framer Website)

Acapela is clean af and really punchy and has taken a bit of a different approach by focusing on social proof. Right off the bat, you see that Acapela was a Product of the Week, and the clear copywriting headers show precisely what's up and what you can expect.

What I personally love most is just how interactive everything is, especially the graphics at the top that instantly show you what Acapela can do with very little effort or misleading points.

It draws you in, clearly showcases its value, and leaves no room for misinterpretation, and that's exactly what a Framer website like this should do!

On top of this, the bold Use of color and playful typography also add a nice touch, making the website engaging and fun to explore.

There's really very little downside to this website, and it's a great point of inspiration when it comes to designing and building your own website.

Takeaway: Acapela's website is an engaging, fun exploration of its various voice synthesis services, demonstrating the power of interactive design.


✅ A great use of interactive, engaging elements that provide real value to the visitors

✅ Great, high-definition visuals that really hit the spot

✅ Simple copywriting with a super-simple layout


❌ Needs more information for newcomers

❌ Could benefit from a FAQs section

Screenshot 1 of Ahmet Simsek (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 2 of Ahmet Simsek (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 3 of Ahmet Simsek (Example Framer Website)

Oh boy, you're in for a treat! Ahmet Simsek's personal website is like visiting a digital gallery of creative exploration. Each project is like a unique piece of art, showing off Ahmet's design chops.

There's just something cool about how he has arranged his work like an immersive portfolio, right? The slick animations and the dark mode aesthetic really add to the futuristic vibe.

However, as awesome as it looks, the interface could be a tad confusing for those who prefer a more traditional portfolio layout. But, overall, it's a really nice finished product and really highlights the value that can be created when you're using a grid format.

Takeaway: Ahmet Simsek's website is a futurist's dream. It's a perfect blend of creativity and tech-savviness, making it an incredible Framer example.


✅ Innovative and creative design

✅ Slick animations and dark mode aesthetic

✅ Great Use of simple yet effective copywriting


❌ Interface could be confusing to some

❌ Navigation needs more clarity

Screenshot 1 of Frames X (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 2 of Frames X (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 3 of Frames X (Example Framer Website)

Frames x Figma is like a well-organized toolkit where every tool you need for your UI/UX projects is within arm's reach. The site does a great job showcasing the capabilities of Frames for Figma with a clean, easy-to-navigate layout.

You'll see these a lot in Framer sites, but the dark, black background coupled with bright modern-looking elements like buttons and edited images really just pops off and creates this really professional feeling you can't get anywhere else.

Once again, the website layout makes it easy for visitors to understand what Frames for Figma offers, with bold headlines, concise text, and colorful visuals. The step-by-step approach to presenting information makes the process of learning and using Frames seem accessible even to beginners.

The only downside is the site's mobile responsiveness, which needs a bit of tweaking to provide an equally smooth experience across devices.

Takeaway: Frames x Figma is a clean, user-friendly site that perfectly presents the capabilities of Frames for Figma.


✅ Clean, easy-to-navigate layout

✅ Bold headlines and concise text

✅ Clear step-by-step presentation


❌ Mobile responsiveness needs improvement

❌ Lack of real-life use cases for Frames

Screenshot 1 of Cmd J (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 2 of Cmd J (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 3 of Cmd J (Example Framer Website)

Nowadays, AI technology is all the rage. Framer itself is AI-powered, allowing you to create powerful, responsive, and effective Framer sites in very little time, and it is being used to power other AI services - just like CMDJ.

This website has taken the minimalist approach, using bold headers and very little copywriting, some stellar, high-quality imagery, and simple color gradients to really make the value on offer pop.

Note again how this website uses the grid format to have short headers on one side and visuals on the other. This is the best way to capture your audience's short attention spans and provide quick value in a few seconds.

There's no better way to highlight precisely why people should use your product or service in today's modern age!

Takeaway: The CMDJ App website uses interactive design to give you a taste of the clean and productive life this app offers.


✅ Engaging and intuitive design

✅ Interactive demonstration of the app's capabilities

✅ Fantastic Use of visuals and imagery mixed with sharp copywriting


❌ Could use more content to sell the benefits of the app

❌ The call-to-action could be more prominent

Screenshot 1 of Alicent (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 2 of Alicent (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 3 of Alicent (Example Framer Website)

Alicent AI's website is like a high-tech peek into the future of artificial intelligence. It's clean, crisp, and packed with some really advanced tech stuff that's presented in a super digestible way.

What really impresses me is their Use of animations and visuals to explain complex AI concepts. It's pretty genius if you ask me.

On top of this, the emphasis on social proof helps drive up this product's reputation. With the boom of platforms like ChatGPT, there has been a slurry of applications and services that claim to do a similar task as Ailcent.

However, those in this niche know that everything is in its infancy, and some tools are good, and some are downright terrible, so they're far more careful moving forward with where they spend their time.

Alicent aims to alleviate concerns with its professional website and a ton of testimonials and reviews that showcase just how revolutionary this tool is.

Try this... go on the website yourself and see if you don't end up downloading the tool and trying it out for yourself. That's how powerful this website design is.

Takeaway: Alice NT AI showcases a brilliant blend of tech and design, making AI concepts accessible and engaging.


✅ Clear, clean design

✅ Effective Use of animations and visuals to explain AI

✅ Crisp CTAs that quickly encourage the user to take action


❌ Lacks a FAQ section

❌ Some technical jargon may confuse visitors

Screenshot 1 of Arc for Students (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 2 of Arc for Students (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 3 of Arc for Students (Example Framer Website)

Students Arc is like a bustling student lounge, full of chatter and resources. It's young, fresh, and utterly compelling in so many ways. The Use of animated elements brings a sense of energy to the site that's just so darn refreshing!

Also, note the lack of a navigation bar or menus. This sleek one-page design jumps right to the value with no messing about. For something simple and a product that knows its value, it really doesn't have to be anything more than this!

I really dig how they've broken down their content into easily digestible sections. It makes it super easy for students to find what they need. The FAQ section is also exactly what you want it to be.

There's no room for concern, and most people are going to feel encouraged to sign up straight away!

Takeaway: Students Arc's website packs a punch with its energetic design and well-organized content.


✅ Energetic, animated design

✅ Well-organized, easy-to-digest content

✅ Great Use of CTAs


❌ A feature list would do amazing here

❌ Could use more real-life student testimonials

Screenshot 1 of Fiberplane (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 2 of Fiberplane (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 3 of Fiberplane (Example Framer Website)

Fiberplane is nothing short of funky.

This highly-animated website space is full of bright colors, gorgeous, smooth dynamic animations, some excellent copywriting, and bold visuals, all coming together to create a web experience that really draws you in and makes you want to know more.

Visiting the Fiberplane website is akin to stepping into a high-tech command center. It's got this sleek, smooth vibe that you just can't help but admire.

The first thing that grabs you is that interactive canvas - doesn't it just make you want to dive right in? Plus, their Use of simple, clear language to explain their product is top-notch.

My only grumble is the lack of customer testimonials or case studies, which could boost their credibility. On top of that, the homepage has a ton of information.

For some users, great – this might be precisely what you're looking for because you want to showcase what you offer on a technical level. However, for those just browsing, it can feel a little too much and a bit cluttered and overwhelming in places.

When designing your website, it's important to consider which direction you want your online space to take.

Takeaway: Fiberplane's website is a high-tech delight showcasing its interactive, collaborative canvas.


✅ Sleek, interactive design

✅ Clear, straightforward language

✅ Tons of valuable information to describe the product


❌ Lacks customer testimonials or case studies

❌ Feels a little overwhelming and cluttered in places

Screenshot 1 of MessageBird (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 2 of MessageBird (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 3 of MessageBird (Example Framer Website)

MessageBird's website feels like a cheerful chat in a cafe, all laid-back and inviting, just more purple. The simplicity of the design combined with the pops of vibrant colors is just so appealing, isn't it?

What's really neat about their site is how they've segmented their services - it's super easy to find what you're looking for. Plus, their fun, friendly illustrations really help to humanize their brand.

However, they could definitely dial up their testimonials to build more trust with potential customers.

Takeaway: MessageBird's website offers a delightful mix of simplicity, fun illustrations, and easy navigation.


✅ Simple, vibrant design

✅ Fun, friendly illustrations

✅ Bright colors that really help the individual site features stand out and have emphasis


❌ Needs more customer testimonials

❌ CTA could be a bit more compelling

Screenshot 1 of Rive App (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 2 of Rive App (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 3 of Rive App (Example Framer Website)

Clicking on Rive App's website feels like diving into a high-energy, creative brainstorming session. The dynamic animations and vibrant colors inject a level of excitement that's seriously infectious!

It's also modern and sleek and really pushes the boat out when offering a professional space to engage with.

I love how they use their own animation tools to showcase what the app is capable of. Talk about eating your own dog food, right? That's exactly what you need to get people excited about your product.

It's like having a website about writing, but the website itself has poor writing. It doesn't work. You need to practice what you preach.

On top of this, the site's design does a fantastic job of guiding you through the app's features.

The one thing that could use a bit of a tune-up is their call to action. It feels a bit lost amidst all the energy and could be a lot more persuasive.

Takeaway: Rive App's website is an energetic, vibrant demonstration of their own animation tools, making it a stand-out Framer example.


✅ Dynamic animations and vibrant colors

✅ Excellent showcasing of the app's capabilities

✅ Sleek copywriting that gets straight to the point


❌ Call-to-action could be stronger

❌ Could use more customer testimonials or success stories

Screenshot 1 of Tokens Studio (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 2 of Tokens Studio (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 3 of Tokens Studio (Example Framer Website)

The Tokens Studio site is like walking into a minimalist design studio where everything is sleek and curated. The clean lines, neutral tones, and uncomplicated layout are all about that less-is-more philosophy.

What really impresses me is how they've used animation to showcase the versatility of their design system. It's both cool and informative!

My one nitpick? They could do with a bit more explanation about the benefits of their product. Apart from that, this is a great website to take inspiration from!

Takeaway: Tokens Studio's website shines with its minimalist design and innovative use of animation.


✅ Sleek, minimalist design

✅ Creative Use of animation

✅ All the features and value of the product are laid out neatly


❌ Could do with more explanation about their product benefits

❌ Could use more customer testimonials

Screenshot 1 of Diana Lu (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 2 of Diana Lu (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 3 of Diana Lu (Example Framer Website)

Diana Lu's personal website is like entering a digital art exhibit. It's full of striking visuals and captivating projects showcasing her design skills.

And oh my, it's stunning.

The animations are spot on. Literally. Just load up the website and sit there. Watch them. Engage with them. It's such a pure experience.

The sign postage that takes you on a journey is just so creative and really stands out from the crowd, a testament in itself to Diana's creativity and what people can expect from her work.

The interactive layout gives you a sense of discovery as you navigate through her work. Plus, her Use of mixed media and dynamic color palettes makes every project stand out.

One minor critique: the site could benefit from a more traditional navigation menu to help visitors find specific information faster.

Takeaway: Diana Lu's personal website beautifully showcases her unique design aesthetic and creative talent.


✅ Striking, interactive design

✅ Use of mixed media and dynamic color palettes

✅ Insane use of creativity


❌ Could use a traditional navigation menu

❌ Some might find the design too busy

Screenshot 1 of Next (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 2 of Next (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 3 of Next (Example Framer Website)

Next App's website feels like stepping into a futuristic tech expo.

The sleek design and bright color gradients make the whole experience feel innovative and exciting.

The way they present their product features using interactive visuals is top-notch. It gives you a solid understanding of the app's capabilities without overloading you with text.

One area that could use some improvement is their call to action. It's not as impactful as it could be, and a more compelling message might help increase conversions.

Takeaway: Next App's website stands out with its sleek design and impressive interactive demonstrations of its product's capabilities.


✅ Sleek, futuristic design

✅ Excellent Use of interactive visuals to demonstrate product features

✅ The color scheme is unique and stands out among dark-themed Framer sites


❌ Call-to-action could be stronger

❌ Could use more real-life user testimonials

Screenshot 1 of UI Goodies (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 2 of UI Goodies (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 3 of UI Goodies (Example Framer Website)

UIGoodies is like a treasure trove for designers hunting for UI elements. One visit and you'll find yourself lost in a sea of icons, design systems, illustrations, and much more, all neatly packaged and incredibly accessible.

The UI is straightforward and easy to navigate, and each category leads to a world of resources waiting to be explored. From freebies to premium packs, UIGoodies is an incredible resource hub. The site design may be simple, but that makes it effective—it puts the content front and center.

However, a little more personal touch in the design wouldn't hurt. Maybe throw in some more engaging visuals, too, to give it a bit more life.

Takeaway: UIGoodies keeps it simple and straightforward, allowing you to focus on what matters most: the resources. It's a prime example of how to make content king.


✅ Clean and straightforward design

✅ Easy navigation

✅ The slideshow highlighting products is just golden


❌ Lacks a personal touch

❌ Could use more engaging visuals

Screenshot 1 of Mixerchat (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 2 of Mixerchat (Example Framer Website)Screenshot 3 of Mixerchat (Example Framer Website)

If MixerChat were a person, it would be that buddy who always knows what to say, when, and how to keep the conversation flowing. It's the party planner for your live streams, ensuring your viewers never miss a beat.

The website design is an intoxicating mix of colors and playful visuals that perfectly align with the fun, engagement-centric vibe. The product is showcased effectively, giving you a clear idea of what to expect.

Although the color scheme is engaging, it can be a bit jarring for some. Dialing it back a notch might not be a bad idea. There are a lot of multi-colored components, especially during the middle sections of the homepage, in terms of buttons and labels that highlight this perfectly, so bear that in mind for your own website.

Takeaway: Alpha MixerChat is an excellent example of how to make a product shine with a fun, vibrant design that aligns perfectly with the brand's personality.


✅ Vibrant design and color scheme

✅ Clear showcasing of the product

✅ Lots of clear CTAs


❌ Color scheme could be overwhelming for some

❌ Could use more real-life user testimonials

An Introduction to Framer - The AI-Powered Website Design Tool Everyone's Talking About

Hey there, fellow web warriors!

Have you been tirelessly hunting for a design tool that ticks all the boxes? A tool that caters to your wildest design whims while also allowing you to dip your toes into the code pool? Well, buckle up because you're about to meet your match.

Enter Framer.

Framer is like a Swiss Army Knife in the world of design tools, jam-packed with features that make creating interactive and hyper-realistic prototypes a piece of cake. Whether you're designing the next addictive mobile app or an engaging website, Framer's got your back.

What is Framer?

In a nutshell, Framer is a playground for digital designers. Born in Amsterdam and launched in 2014, it's been making waves with its intuitive design interface and impressive capabilities ever since.

Framer lets you design and code in one place, making it perfect for designers who love getting their hands dirty with a bit of coding, as well as for coders looking to venture into design. From responsive layouts to interactive components, it's all possible with Framer.

Now powered by AI technology, Framer is taking website design to the next level, putting industry-leading power and technology in the hands of everyday people.

Why Should You Use Framer?

Glad you asked. Here are a few killer reasons to get you excited:

  • Create Interactive Prototypes with Ease: With Framer, you can bring your designs to life with interactive elements, animations, and dynamic content. And the best part? You can test them in real time.
  • No Coding Skills? No Problem: Framer offers a rich set of design tools that are easy to use, even for those with little or no coding experience. Plus, there's an option to view and edit the code behind your design, which is a fantastic learning tool for budding coders.
  • Collaboration is a Breeze: Framer allows you to collaborate with your team in real time, get feedback, and iterate on the fly.
  • It's All About the Details: With Framer's micro-interaction capabilities, you can add those little interactive elements that make a user experience feel more natural and intuitive.
  • Seamless Handoff: Framer's integrations with popular tools like Sketch, Figma, and Photoshop make importing designs a cinch. Plus, its ability to generate CSS, iOS, or Android code for your designs smooths the handoff to developers as silk.

So, is Framer the tool you've been dreaming of?

Well, there's only one way to find out. Dive in and start exploring what Framer can do for your design process. And remember, a tool is only as good as the person wielding it, so keep those creative juices flowing and let your designs shine.

Tips for Getting Started with Framer

Let's get down to business. Ready to dive into Framer but not sure where to start? Here are a few tips to get you up and running:

  • Tour the Interface: Start by familiarizing yourself with the Framer interface. Get to know where the tools and panels are and what they do.
  • Start with Templates: there'sThere's no shame in taking a shortcut as a beginner or startup company. Framer offers a variety of ready-made templates that you can use as a starting point for your designs.
  • Play with Interactions: One of Framer's standout features is its interaction capabilities. Start by creating simple interactions like button clicks or hover effects. As you get more comfortable, you can venture into more complex interactions.
  • Explore the Code: Don't be scared of the code. Although Framer is a no-code platform (so I get this sounds silly), there are ways that Framer's unique design-meets-code approach is a valuable opportunity to learn how your designs translate into code.
  • Start by observing the auto-generated code and try tweaking it to see how it affects your design.
  • Learn from Others: Framer has a vibrant community of designers who share their work and offer valuable insights. Check out the Framer gallery to learn from their designs.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: As with any new tool, the more you use it, the better you'll get. So, start designing, making mistakes, learning, and iterating.


And there you have it!

Your primer into the exciting world of Framer. This versatile design tool, equipped with many capabilities, will spark your creativity and take your design skills to the next level.

From creating stunning Framer sites to building highly interactive prototypes, Framer is your new sidekick in the design world. And remember, it's not just about having the right tool – it's also about your willingness to experiment, your commitment to learn, and your creativity that truly makes a design shine.

As we've seen from the top Framer websites we've explored, the possibilities with Framer are genuinely limitless.

So, what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves, fire up Framer, and let your creativity run wild.

I can't wait to see what you'll come up with!

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