15 Kickass Squarespace Portfolio Websites: Make the Best Site

Check these amazing Squarespace portfolio websites for creative and effective web design inspiration.

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"Best Portfolio Websites on Squarespace" with screenshots of the portfolio websites on Squarespace
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Published February 4, 2024Updated April 16, 2024
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Designing an online portfolio on Squaresapce?

Hey, I'm John πŸ‘‹, and I know what it's like to toil over building your own online portfolio.

From trying to make your portfolio look good to figuring out the best ways to navigate people around your page while actually proving you can bring value to your customers – things can quickly get tricky.

Of course it is!

You're literally trying to present yourself and your work in the best possible way, so you can pretty much guarantee you're always going to have a criticism or two, even if your site is as close to perfect as possible!

Ah, the human condition.

Anyway, my job is to help you create the best version of your portfolio possible, and we'll do this in two ways.

First, we're deep diving into some of the best Squarespace portfolio websites out there right now for some lovely inspiration on what Squarespace is capable of.

Then, we'll tie it all together by sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly in the form of tips and tricks to remember when creating your own Squarespace portfolio website.

Sounds good? Let's get started!

Hack Alert! Start With One of My Fav Squarespace Portfolio Templates

Woah, hold up βœ‹!

You weren't going to start building your portfolio site from scratch, were you? Unless you're experienced and know what you're doing, it'll take a hot minute. Even then, you can't guarantee the quality will be there.

Instead, save time and set yourself up for the best chance of creating a high-quality portfolio website with these Squarespace portfolio templates. Customizable and fully optimized for the best experience, these are the best Squarespace templates you need to know about!

There are plenty of other portfolio templates around, but when you're working with the best Squarespace templates (like these 😁), you'll be amazed by what you can achieve!

Now, onto the list! πŸš€

The Ultimate List of Squarespace Portfolio Examples & Websites

Screenshot 1 of Brighten Made (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 2 of Brighten Made (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 3 of Brighten Made (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)

This design portfolio from BrightenMade is an excellent example of minimalist design done right and one of the best Squarespace portfolio templates to kick off this list.

The home page features a simple layout, with just the company logo, some funky fresh custom imagery, and a pretty spaced-out layout.

I'm a big fan of the spacy layout when it comes to Squarespace portfolio templates because it gives room to each portfolio piece room to breathe, making them pop out more than if all the elements were crammed in together.

This approach is almost doubled-down on with the use of boxes with separate tags and custom buttons. It's just such a nice way to lay everything out, and it really makes each project or piece stand out.

The use of custom imagery throughout the site helps to add a level of originality and an extra layer of personality. It's also super helpful for prospective clients to better understand BrightenMade as a whole.

Plus, it makes for some nice eye candy! YUM 🍬

Another nice touch is the use of animation. It's not crazy complicated animation, but it is enough to bring the page to life and prevent it from feeling super static.

In terms of navigation, BrightenMade keeps things simple yet effective by breaking each project down into its own section, highlighted by some pretty nice-looking page titles.

The navigation also includes a few custom effects when you hover over the links. It's this kind of attention to detail which makes the website feel like a complete experience.

All in all, BrightenMade has created an effective portfolio website that looks great and navigates easily.

A great option if you're looking for Squarespace portfolio template inspiration, although clearly it's not going to be ideal for every kind of portfolio. This is more for a light-hearted, artsy approach and rather than portfolio needing a sleek, modern, or professional look.

Screenshot 1 of Anna McNaught (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 2 of Anna McNaught (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 3 of Anna McNaught (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)

Excuse my language, but this graphic designer/artist portfolio is fr*cking insane, and I think it's one of the best portfolios I've seen.

Taking it from the top, if you're an artist, designer, graphic designer, developer, or someone working in a digital and visual format, your work and art direction absolutely must be front and center.

Why? πŸ€”

Because this is what people coming to your website are after!

At the end of the day, what you write or say about yourself comes second because people are interested in the final product. That’s what they want to see because that's the value you're bringing to them!

Unless you’re a writer. Then what you write about yourself should be front and center. βœοΈπŸ“˜

With this in mind, your past work, your showcase of what you're capable of, should be at the forefront of your portfolio.

That's exactly what Anna has done here.

The homepage consists of a full-screen image coupled with smaller images, with her latest work and projects prominently displayed.

This is then supplemented by an equally impressive About section that talks about who she is and what drives her, as well as a couple of custom page titles to provide context to the rest of the portfolio content.

Also, this is the first portfolio that includes media mentions. In this case, mentioning the fact that Anna has been featured on the Adobe, Forbes, and Thrive Global platforms. This is amazing for building up your reputation and getting people to understand they're working with a professional.

For your own portfolio, you don't need to work with the best of the best and most reputable platforms in the world (although it certainly helps). But, by featuring any kind of accolades, reputable company, or awards you've won, you can seriously up your standing in the eyes of potential employers.

So, if you're looking for a portfolio that really packs a punch, look no further than Anna McNaught's. It's one of the best Squarespace portfolio examples and will surely get you noticed.

πŸ’‘ Want to see more artist websites? Here's a complete guide with so much more beautiful inspiration!

Screenshot 1 of Brandon Fengler (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 2 of Brandon Fengler (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 3 of Brandon Fengler (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)

Big. Bold. In your face.

Few portfolio sites come close to Brandon Fengler's online space.

The homepage features a large, full-width header banner with bold headings and titles that automatically grab your attention.

With the main header reading "Get Your Brand On," it's absolutely evident that this portfolio is all about big, bold branding. This is just spot-on marketing because without even looking at the rest of the website, you know this is a marketing-styled guy who's clearly spent time branding himself, proving that he knows what he's doing.

Look a little deeper, and we see it's a UX portfolio, meaning this kind of experience is right on the mark.

This is all conveyed in just four words.

I'm sweating a little.

The rest of the portfolio is equally on point.

Crisp imagery that's sleek and fresh, coupled with punchy copywriting and descriptions, it's no wonder that Brandon Fengler has made a name for himself as an expert in web design and UX.

There's a huge notion towards punchy text while retaining a minimalistic approach, and I think that's where this portfolio really comes into its own. It's balanced. The use of negative space is just spot on.

Every bit of text is there for a reason, and it all works in tandem with the imagery to give us an effective portfolio page.

This is what you want from your Squarespace templates!

I think what really stands out here is Brandon's use of presenting his past non-UX work as the highlight of the page to further prove that he knows what he's doing (and has done it before!). There's no need for copy or text with him trying to sell himself. Just past projects.

This creates a sense of trust and confidence in him as a professional.

The portfolio of Brandon Fengler is certainly one to look at if you're looking for eye-catching design and an effective way to showcase your work. There's plenty here to inspire any budding web designer or developer – take note!

Screenshot of the Lexi Berryhill website

I'm going to preface this by saying that Lexi Berryhill is a UX designer, so it's no surprise that her portfolio is stunning.

From the get-go, you're greeted with a mix of light and dark elements, showing off her composition, color, and design skills. It's a great way to draw people into her story.

Now, this clearly isn't the most jam-packed portfolio out there (with a total of five pieces), but the gravity of these pieces really helps the content stand out.

We're again treated to a curated selection of her past projects. While she does provide brief snippets about each piece, it's the clear visuals and clean portfolio layout that really shine through and show off what Lexi is capable of.

Also, the mentions of her Rocket Lawyer and Nvidia internships are sure to add to Lexi's credibility. This can be a great way to subtly show that you've got the chops for whatever job it is you're going for.

What I really appreciate about this portfolio, though, is its focus on her process and the thought that went into the site's simplicity.

Lexi has made sure to include her process for each project, something I think is often overlooked – but shouldn't be. This section gives people a taste of Lexi's problem-solving skills and thought process when making a design decision. It also highlights the attention to detail she puts into every project.

This level of detail is something that could really benefit your own portfolio, and it's certainly worth thinking about if you're looking to stand out from the crowd.

Overall, Lexi Berryhill is really nailing portfolio design with her Squarespace website. Her site showcases her skills beautifully, and she's curated an impressive selection of content that's sure to win work.

Screenshot of the Cynthia Zhou website

Another UX designer here, this time taking a peek into the world of Cynthia Zhou.

Again, Cynthia has opted for the minimal approach, showcasing this very similar pattern across UX designer portfolios. A lowdown of this would be:

βœ…Hey, I'm your name here

βœ…Tagline introducing you as a UX designer

βœ…Simple logo

βœ…Not a lot of pages, just essentials

βœ…A list of past portfolio projects

βœ… A fantastic use of white space

It seems clear that this is a tried and tested approach that works for many UX and graphic designers alike. It's also worth noting that this one-page portfolio template helps keep everything concise and to the point.

Cynthia's website really stands out because of the boldness and vibrancy of her visuals, as well as her portfolio section, which is used to great effect. Not only does she have a cohesive look across all of her projects, but each project page also includes plenty of text explaining every step of the process.

Screenshot 1 of Edwin Villalba (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 2 of Edwin Villalba (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 3 of Edwin Villalba (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)

Edwin's graphic design portfolio is nice and chunky, using a project grid approach that works.

No, not chunky in a vegetable soup kind of way (hmm, must be nearly lunchtime), but in another variation of putting your work front and center. And this time, Edwin is actually doing this and not much else.

There's basically no copywriting on the portfolio page, literally just the logo, the navigation bar with a contact page, and then large images that lead to pages of past projects (which then does have writing and an explanation of the project details.

He also simply uses animations to bring that extra bit of something special to his portfolio template, adding another layer of interest and excitement to the website. It's nice and simple and again highlights the importance that less is more.

You never have to try and reinvent the wheel when building a portfolio page. Just get your best work, stick it together in an attractive, non-distracting way, and that's it!

Screenshot 1 of Jade's Portfolio (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 2 of Jade's Portfolio (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 3 of Jade's Portfolio (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)

Or "jam" for short. Love that.

Jade is a digital UX designer who uses her portfolio page to showcase her design processes and style.

Right away, we see Jade's personality come through with the playful website header that reads "Jam," followed by the gradient color hello statement and a small bio about her. This is all the content on the homepage and highlights that we're now in Jada's online space, which is all about her.

From the portfolio section, we also get an immediate understanding of what she does and how she does it – in her own unique way. She uses large thumbnails and bold headers to give a broad overview, and then dives into her design process for each project.

What I love about Jade's portfolio are the visuals. She showcases her projects creatively and has used Squarespace to create pithy sections for each one.

Overall, this is a great example of combining both visual and written content on your portfolio template and making sure you're really speaking to your target audience.

Screenshot 1 of Jodi Neufeld Design (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 2 of Jodi Neufeld Design (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 3 of Jodi Neufeld Design (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)

As a web developer myself, it's always interesting to see how other website developers, like Jodi, have presented themselves online, and what they focus on as their core strengths.

From the very beginning, Jodi is showcasing her skills with Squarespace and does so using a lot of copywriting. This is a unique take compared to the other portfolios we've looked at, which are mostly visual.

Remember what I said about graphic design portfolios and artists and how they should focus on their visual assets?

It's the same for web developers and writers, who should be focusing on putting their strengths front and center, in this case, proof of professional web development projects and impactful copy.

So, zeroing in on the copy, you'll see there's a clear indication that Jodi is focused on working with solo entrepreneurs and small businesses, which is an excellent example of how developing customized and specific services can really serve your target audience.

In terms of her portfolio, Jodi does an excellent job at giving viewers an in-depth insight into each project she's worked on, although this certainly comes much later down the page than most other traditional portfolios.

With this level of detail, you get a better understanding of the complexities of each project, as well as her general approach. Again, this is what visitors to the site are looking for because they love to be involved in the process and know what to expect working with you.

It's safe to say this is more of a services page mixed with a portfolio page combined with a landing page, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I think it's actually a brilliant approach for web developers who want to show off their services in addition to their portfolio pieces, and it gives potential clients a chance to get to know them better.

Screenshot 1 of Lauren Taylar (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 2 of Lauren Taylar (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 3 of Lauren Taylar (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)

Lauren Taylar's website is the perfect example of how to showcase your portfolio with Squarespace if you're a designer and SEO specialist.

Right at the top with the hero image, we have a great example of how to blend your visual assets with SEO optimization. Lauren uses a combination of the two, which is something I highly recommend for any website builder out there.

But what's even more impressive is her ability to showcase her skills in both design and SEO on one page. Her portfolio section is laid out perfectly, with example pieces that showcase her design process, as well as her SEO skills.

Not only does this show potential clients a glimpse into the types of projects she can take on, but it also shows off her unique approach to both design and SEO.

What really stands out about Lauren's portfolio is how personal Laura's website is. Her portfolio section starts with "With 50 websites under my belt, here are a few of my favorites" and then dives into some of the projects she's worked on.

There are also a ton of reviews and testimonials on each project, which is a great way to build up Laura's reputation, and let potential clients know what she's capable of.

This basically ticks all the boxes for what a good portfolio site should have and is definitely a great example of what a designer and SEO specialist can achieve with Squarespace.

Screenshot 1 of Lee Porter (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 2 of Lee Porter (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 3 of Lee Porter (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)

Oh. Wow. 🀯

Click on this graphic design portfolio and tell me you're not blown away by this site. This is one of those Squarespace portfolio examples you won't forget anytime soon.

Lee Porter Design has gone with a more unconventional approach to the typical portfolio, with seemingly minimal effort. This website combines animation, visuals, and copywriting like no other before it – in an incredibly effective way that really draws the viewer in and makes them want to stay longer.

The personal portfolio section is also incredibly engaging, and the amount of detail put into each project page is impressive. Lee Porter Design has done a great job of ensuring that their work stands out and can be enjoyed by anyone visiting their site.

It's clear to see why this beautifully responsive and unique website was created with such care – it's truly exceptional, and we can all learn a lot from it.

Well done, Lee Porter Design! I hope your professional services are selling amazingly!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Screenshot 1 of Jaime Daigle (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 2 of Jaime Daigle (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 3 of Jaime Daigle (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)

Jaime's website has a very vibrant and open look to it, another example of how to do a portfolio with the main focus being on the content itself. Full-screen images with punchy text and some really decent copywriting, especially the copywriting on the project pages.

A great example of how a portfolio should look and feel – simple but effective, with Jaime's work being presented in an extremely attractive way that's sure to catch the eye of potential employers or clients.

The best takeaway here for me is the color palette. Orange text stands out beautifully on a white background, and it's a great way to make your portfolio templates look modern, professional, and inviting.

Well done, Jaime! These are some slick-looking portfolio pages.

Screenshot 1 of Tong Lin (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 2 of Tong Lin (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 3 of Tong Lin (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)

Clean, crisp, and dynamic as heck, Tong Lin shows designers how it's done with this unique portfolio template.

Tong's portfolio pages feature a lot of bright, attractive colors, which really draw the eye and create an exciting look that makes you want to explore it further. The portfolio page is slick and easy to use, with large images scrolling as you scroll down the page – never before have I seen this done in such an effective way.

However, this portfolio template doesn't really do anything different from the other Squarespace portfolio examples we've looked at today. It just takes the core concepts and applies them in a creative way that reflects the personality and approach of Tong Lin.

This is precisely what you want your portfolio to do for you!

Screenshot 1 of Charlie Bowles (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 2 of Charlie Bowles (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)Screenshot 3 of Charlie Bowles (Example Squarespace Portfolio Website)

Charlie has done a tremendous job of ensuring that his UX portfolio template stands out from the rest of the Squarespace portfolio examples on this list – the first thing you notice when you land on this page is just how incredibly vibrant it looks.

The colors are bold, attention-grabbing, and overall very inviting; I'm sure that any employer who visits this page will want to learn more about Charlie and his work.

The portfolio page also makes excellent use of some shapes, showcasing each project in an interesting and unique way that adds a level of interactivity and engagement to the site.

Screenshot of the Dee Wolfe Design website

Dee Wolfe Design is another portfolio template that's gone above and beyond to create a stunning portfolio page. It uses a tried-and-tested formula very effectively, including large project imagery, punchy headlines, and plenty of info that conveys the message that this designer knows what they're doing.

This particular Squarespace template also makes good use of its typography and visuals, with a strong focus on readability and making sure that the site is easy to navigate. Dee Wolfe Design has done an excellent job of presenting her work in a way that's both eye-catching and informative.

Top Tips for Building Your Own Squarespace Portfolio Website

Now you've seen some great examples of Squarespace portfolio websites around, it's time to jump into a few hard-and-fast tips to help you create your own:

  • Use large images and bold colors – these will grab the viewer's attention and make them want to explore your work further.
  • Don't forget about typography – your copy should always be easy to read and understand.
  • Make sure the website design reflects your unique personality and approach – this will help you stand out from other Squarespace portfolio examples and websites.
  • Don't forget about interactivity – add animations, scrolling images, and other features to make your website more engaging.
  • Showcase your creative work in a way that's easy to understand – Categorize your projects, and ensure the information you provide is concise.
  • Use portfolio templates – there are plenty of amazing Squarespace portfolio templates out there, no matter what style or aesthetic you're looking for. Using portfolio templates will help massively when building a professional-looking website, saving you time, money, and other resources!

With all this in mind, we hope you better understand how to create a compelling and attractive portfolio Squarespace website that will help you get noticed!

It really doesn't matter what you're building, whether it's a photography portfolio, a space for design studios, or a portfolio for creative agencies, web designers, interior designers, logo designers, fashion designers, or your own first website, take your time to create an online space that showcases your personal work in the best possible way.

That's all from me today. πŸŽ†

I'm John, your friendly neighborhood web guy, and I'll be back soon with more design tips to help you build the best websites possible, whatever platform you're using. Don't forget to check out the Squarespace portfolio templates to kickstart your site!

Until then, happy designing! πŸš€


What is the best Squarespace template?

There's no such thing as a best Squarespace portfolio template because your portfolio needs are your own. It's always best to get out there and see what kind of design, aesthetic, and functionality you want and then be prepared to customize that template until you get the design you want.

However, don't think you need to rush the process. You're well within your rights to install a dedicated Squarespace portfolio template, add your own information, and launch your website as is. You can continually update it later as and when you need to.

What do I need to include on my portfolio site?

You should always include a contact page because it's all well and good creating a fantastic portfolio, but if you don't give anyone a way to contact you, how will you land your dream job?

Project galleries are also a good idea for hosting your past projects, a nice-looking home page to greet visitors, and if you want to start a blog, then Squarespace's online content management system is pretty good for it!

How do I make my portfolio stand out?

While it depends on your industry and what the essence of your role is, an image gallery with eye-catching, large images is usually a win. Don't forget to include an enticing project title to make people want to click on your work, and add any additional pages that will help detail what you want people to know about you.

Your portfolio design must be crisp, clear, and easy to navigate. Fortunately, all the templates in this list highlight what good portfolio design looks like. Just take the winning elements, and put your own twist on them. This is how you'll stand out.

What happens if I have no work to put in my portfolio?

Everyone starts someone, so don't be too disheartened if you don't have any work. The best thing you can do is to create examples of your work that can showcase your skills and abilities and then put this work on your individual page.

For example, if you're a website designer, build websites and add screenshots to your other pages. If you're a photographer, take at least three images to show what you can do!

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