15 Kickass Squarespace Websites: Make the Best Website!

Inspiring websites built on Squarespace and hacks to beat them.

"Best Squarespace Websites" with screenshots of the websites on Squarespace

Building your own Squarespace site?

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And way to be resourceful and seek out the best Squarespace website examples!

Too many people create horrible Squarespace websites.

(It's okay if you were one of them.)

But today, I'm going to not only feature the most inspirational Squarespace websites...

But also, point out what makes these Squarespace website examples so good.

Regardless of industry, you're going to learn something new. But if you do want an industry specific Squarespace guide, check out my other popular Squarespace website example lists:

Alright lets dive into Squarespace templates and tips and tricks to build an awesome Squarespace website that it can land on this list.

Hack Alert! Start With One of My Fav Squarespace Templates

Hold the phone! ☎

Were you planning on building your Squarespace website from scratch?

Honestly, that will take so much time and require skills you might not have. You can save yourself a ton of time and ensure your website looks amazing using a template to do all the hard work for you.

Simply customize it to include your information and style, and make your Squarespace websites look and feel unique to you and your brand!

And if you're stuck on which Squarespace template to choose, here are my suggestions:

Note: you can customize the Squarespace templates however you want. They are just a good starting point but don't lock you into anything.

The Ultimate List of Websites Built on Squarespace

Compassionate Counseling St. Louis

Kicking things off strong, Compassionate Counseling St. Louis is one of the best Squarespace website examples that uses color and shape to create an experience that represents its branding.

Take a moment to think about it.

Compassionate Counseling is clearly all about being calm and in a safe space, and the use of white and pastel oranges does this perfectly. That's mixed with the custom imagery and colorful illustrations that really help to bring the Squarespace site to life and create an inviting atmosphere.

What I love most about this website is that everything is really nicely spaced out and has room to breathe. All the important information is easily picked up on a quick scan of the website, which also makes navigation really easy.

This is all coupled with some fantastic copywriting. There's not a lot of text and no big blocks anywhere, which is ideal.

The approach of just having bits of text here and there allows visitors to really digest what's written on the Squarespace site, and this is really important for a business like Compassionate Counseling.

Overall, this is a fantastic Squarespace therapist site and really sets the standard for what you can achieve with Squarespace.

Haas House

Big, bright, and bold.Β 

That's exactly what you get when working with Haas House.Β 

When you have a website this yellow, and in your face, with such punchy copywriting and hard-hitting fonts, your online presence is screaming confidence.Β 

If that's what you want to achieve, start taking notes.

Hass House is an uncluttered Squarespace site, making creative use of negative space (although yellow and pastel colors, rather than the traditional white) and just a handful of navigation links.

The Squarespace website is about getting customers in the door, so Haas House uses excellent imagery to make a statement and draw attention to their work. Since this is a Squarespace photography website, you'd imagine the imagery to be spot-on in this way.

And that's something you should really remember for your own site.

Your products or services are what bring your visitors value, so put this front and center. If you're running an online store, place your product images upfront.

If you're a photographer or graphic designer, put your graphics and images in the spotlight.

If you're a writing agency, make your words sing across your Squarespace websites.

It's all about putting your value right where your Squarespace website visitors will see it and then accompanying the value with information that can help alleviate the customer's pain points or reservations.

Take a look at Haas House with this perspective, and you'll see precisely how and why this approach is so successful.

Motivated Mornings

Motivated Mornings is another one of the great Squarespace website examples that look to make an impact and stand out from the crowd. It's bold and in your face, much like Haas House above, but it's executed differently.

The Squarespace website is sleek and minimalist, creating a professional, modern vibe, which is what they're going for. All of this is created via the choice of font, color, shapes, and custom graphics.

The font choice is really practical here, as they've used a sans-serif typeface to convey that modern feel. The use of black that contrasts with the primary yellow and white aesthetic, as well as the shapes, gives it a really tech-y vibe.

Which is clearly the audience they want to connect with.

I also adore the page setup. There are custom landing pages for each type of customer the business wants to connect with, making it super easy for people to find relevant content and get them to where they want to go quickly.

I'd say this Squarespace website is almost perfect. However, the only issue I have with it is that there's no room for personality.

The branding and overall website design make it feel a little too corporate in some ways, and I think if they could let people in a bit more and give the website some of that personality they've got with their social media content, then it would be a real winner.

That being said, this is still an awesome Squarespace coaching site, and there's so much to learn from it. It certainly does the job when it comes to encouraging me to want to sign up!


Vibe.co is clearly a more corporate website, but these Squarespace websites certainly have their place. You can learn a lot from this one, as it's very well constructed.

Firstly, the use of white space/negative space is great here, as it allows the website design to breathe. This is important for Squarespace websites that need to look crisp and professional, like Vibe.co does.

The choice of blue is perfect for creating that modern, tech feel, and the layout of everything is just spot on.

The navigation is intuitive, easy to access, and has all the necessary links. The font choice is also excellent. It's modern and effortless to read.

The only thing I would say they could do differently is to make the Squarespace website feel more personable and unique

Once again, so many corporate Squarespace websites all look the same, literally to the point where it's hard to tell one from the other. It would be great if Vibe.co could find a way to make their own website stand out from the competition, so it's easier for customers to recognize them.

However, I am a massive fan of the media mentions. It's clear the company has worked with some big global brands, and Vibe wastes no time showing these off. This instantly builds up the business's reputation and earns it some serious trust points.

If you have media mentions, social proof, or testimonials to add to your own website, absolutely put them in the spotlight and show them off!

Renew Church OC

I love this Squarespace church website. I've reviewed a lot of church Squarespace websites in detail before, but this one stands out like no other. It's simple, colorful, and, most of all, so much fun.

The font choice is perfect here – the combination of bold sans-serif and a modern script font work well together to create an inviting atmosphere.

The use of bright colors is fantastic, too – coupled with fun, custom imagery and dynamic, animated text sliders, this is a Squarespace website that feels lively and alive – exactly how you want your church experience to be represented through your whole website design.

Your Social Team

I adore the retro, aesthetic feel that Your Social Team has gone for here with their website, and it's really nice to see the pastel, colorful approach that only a few Squarespace websites seem to dare go for.

It's even better that this site has managed to pull it off so well.

The block-like construction of the front page is perfect – it's inviting, clean, and easy to use. The fonts are also great – they're modern and classic, all at the same time. They also fit in perfectly with the site's look, which is essential when you're going for a particular feel.

The other thing I love is the use of shapes and dividers – they add an extra layer of interest to the Squarespace site, and they're also accommodating in terms of creating a more logical layout.

Improvement-wise, I would say that the copy could be better. It's a little too basic in some areas, and too long in others.

The main headline is a little too long and I get bored quickly reading it. I think if they added more fun, engaging copy to the page, this Squarespace website would be a true winner.

All in all, this is one of the top Squarespace websites and Squarespace ecommerce stores.

Jones Bar-B-Q

I love the boldness of Jones Bar-B-Q. When you have a grill that's the best at what it does, you know that you can play around a bit. This Squarespace restaurant website is modern and playful, with a punchy visual style that instantly grabs you.

The color palette of red and white is absolutely perfect for a BBQ website – it's full of energy and excitement. The font choice is also great – the sans-serif fonts are modern and classic, while the bold typography adds some much-needed personality to the page.

The images are also awesome – they do a great job showing off the food from all angles without being too over-the-top.Β 

On top of that, the page's layout is spot on – everything looks neat and organized, and it's easy to navigate.

It's a clean design, simple, and straight to the point.

Jones BBQ takes a non-fluff approach that gives customers what they want, and that's precisely how it should be, especially when it comes to tasty fast food!

Lattes & Leases

Lattes & Leases takes a more traditional approach to her website, combining classic fonts, shades of blue and white website design, and a simple layout.

She does a great job of displaying her services organized, making it easy for users to find what they're looking for quickly.

This is a fun and bubbly Squarespace website, and while real estate is certainly not the most exciting topic in the world, the whole branding of Lattes & Leases is to put a more positive spin on it, and it does so amazingly.

That's the gist here.

While this Squarespace website is more modern and has elements of being a traditional corporate website, aspects like the color palette, font choices, and the use of shapes keep it fun and engaging, it still has modern, fun features, like bold headers and some personal and enticing copywriting.

On the topic of copywriting, this Squarespace ecommerce site does great.

There's a no-fluff approach that gets straight to the point of saying hey, I'm me, here's my content, here's what I offer, and here's my approach. What do you really need more than that?


ilovecreatives is a fantastic website for creatives to find work and educate themselves with the much-needed skills to succeed in their chosen industry. And, as a creative Squarespace website, you can imagine that the developers needed to think outside the box to make the website shine.

And shine it does!

This unique site is bright and vibrant, with a sleek monochrome color palette that perfectly encapsulates the creative theme. The custom imagery is also full color and brightened, so it really stands out, and every image is worthy of drawing your attention.

The layout is also spot on. Everything you need to know is easily accessible, and the unique shape dividers add a nice visual touch to the page. And the font choice is amazing.

The only downside to this Squarespace site is that it walks a fine line between being either creative or messy and cluttered.

Certain aspects of the website are off-putting to look at, like the messy shapes around some items and cluttered-looking text, which could be improved or risk turning people away.

However, if this fits the branding of the target audience you're trying to connect with, stick to your guns. One of the worst things you can do as a business is to try and appeal to everyone. If you do, you risk coming across as too generic and boring – this website definitely isn't that.

Good Job, Brain!

Good Job, Brain! is a website dedicated to fun facts and trivia.

They boast an impressive amount of content that ranges from articles, podcasts, and videos, and therefore require a well-organized website that makes everything easily accessible without becoming overwhelming.

The Squarespace podcast website is vibrant and fun, with a bright color palette and unique font choices that draw your attention (note the use of orange that creates feelings of enthusiasm), and some big bold headers.

However, while this is a well-designed website, I can't help thinking it's very text-heavy, which will be off-putting to many people. Scroll down the website yourself and look at the paragraphs. Are you enticed to read them, or do you just skip over them?

Especially towards the second section, there needs to be more imagery here, making the text blocks come across as, well, boring and aren't likely to get anyone excited about what's on offer.

Bear this in mind with your own website.

Large blocks of text will be skipped, meaning they're not doing their job correctly. Instead, break them up with imagery or shaped dividers to keep it exciting and ensure everything you want to say is seen.

Brighten Made

Pastel colors. A simple, Squarespace minimalistic design. A sleek experience. Brighten Made has nailed its website's experience.

The pastel color scheme looks beautiful and creates a calming, tranquil atmosphere. It's an excellent choice for the target audience and helps to form an emotional connection with them.

The shapes used throughout the website design are also great and make it look more interesting than your average corporate website.

The homepage is laid out perfectly, with everything you need to know being easily found. Every element of it screams simple yet effective. The navigation is also straightforward and organized, making this website design easy to navigate.

Looking to create a portfolio on Squarespace?Β Check out this site forsure!

Overall, a great well-rounded website that showcases that you don't need to do anything too fancy to show off your business. Just find your niche, represent your brand, and do it well!

Camp Tampa

Camp Tampa is a fun, high-energy Squarespace fitness website about a young camp in Florida that heavily focuses on imagery to convey its message. It works wonderfully.

As a camp for young adults, you want to make sure you're connecting with your target audience on a personal level.

Kids and teenagers have short attention spans as it is, so having a website filled with lots of text just isn't going to work.

Instead, Camp Tampa has lots of creative and fun imagery of the staff, showcasing lots of happy people, smiling faces, and fun poses that creates an atmosphere of excitement and adventure.

This is perfect for that target audience who, let's face it, are more likely to be swayed by visuals than words.

What's more, the existing copywriting has spent a lot of time on it. It's high energy, fun, and really casual, which is great for engaging the audience.

The moral of this story?

Always tweak every aspect of your website to suit the needs and expectations of your target audience.

EST Creative

EST Creative is a professional digital copywriting agency that's focused on helping businesses grow through content. Therefore, to secure customers and clients, it needs to showcase its skills through its own website.

The website itself is slick and professional. It's well-designed, with lots of creative shapes and section designs, modern fonts, and a pleasing color scheme.

Moreover, the words have been carefully crafted to sound authoritative and knowledgeable without being too corporate.

The use of case studies throughout the website also helps to create a feeling of trust and assurance, as seeing what other businesses have achieved with their help is powerful.

Similarly, the website features stunning designs that are both intuitive and user-friendly, with all navigation bars and menus easy to find.

All essential information is bullet-pointed to ensure nothing is missed, and all the core and most important information is scannable within a couple of seconds.

A great tip to remember for your own website when you have a lot to say!

Design Powers

Design Powers is a great website that focuses on helping small businesses with their website design needs. It's a really cool, modern Squarespace website with plenty of feminine energy and a highly engaging look and feel.

One aspect that makes the website really stand out is its use of visuals. There's plenty of personal imagery of the team, which helps to create a sense of trust for prospective customers. It also uses creative shapes and dividers that break up long blocks of text and make the website more visually appealing.

Jay Acunzo

Jay Acunzo is a great example of how to use copywriting in website design. His website built on Squarespace focuses on his personal brand, meaning it has to be engaging and informative.

However, this is done through the copywriting itself and is by far one of the heaviest text Squarespace websites on this list, rather than the use of professional imagery (although this is still present on the site).

But despite having lots of text, this website works. The writing itself is engaging and witty, but with an underlying professionalism and authority that showcases Jay's skills.

Therefore, if you want to focus on personal branding and selling yourself through words, ensure your copywriting is engaging, authoritative, and on point!

Over to you!

And there we have it!

With all these best Squarespace website examples in mind, you should clearly know what works when building a Squarespace website and the elements you need to include to make sure your website stands out from the crowd.

Now it's your turn!

With this knowledge in mind, work on creating the best Squarespace website possible. And don't forget to check out the best Squarespace website templates to help you save a load of time and energy, resulting in an even better website that represents your business in the best possible way.

Good luck and happy website building!


What should I consider when designing a website?

When designing Squarespace websites, you should always consider the needs of your target audience. Think about how the website design, color scheme, copywriting, navigation bars, and other elements will help them find what they're looking for quickly and easily.

Additionally, consider how to make sure your Squarespace website stands out from the crowd and showcases the unique identity of your business.

What kind of websites can you build on Squarespace?

The Squarespace website builder has enough features and tools to create any kind of website you can imagine. Whatever need you have, Squarespace can help. This includes building an online store, a portfolio website, a personal blog, a business site for your design firm, a one-page website, or a site to highlight your skills as a professional photographer.

Is it hard to build a Squarespace website?

Building the best Squarespace websites can be an incredibly easy process, especially with the use of templates! All you have to do is choose a Squarespace template and customize it to your needs.

Additionally, Squarespace provides you with helpful resources and tutorials to ensure that you get the most out of their platform.

It also doesn't matter what industry you're in, whether you're in the fashion industry, writing music to sell, or even offering your own web design services, Squarespace has something for you.

All in all, out of the various website builders I recommend, Squarespace is on the easier side of them.

Is Squarespace good for beginners?

Absolutely! Squarespace is very user-friendly, which makes it a great starting point for beginners. Even if you don't have any experience with web design, you'll find it easy to create Squarespace websites that look professional and unique.

Are there any tips for creating a good website?

Yes! Here are some tips to ensure your Squarespace websites look as professional as the best Squarespace websites yet as unique as possible:

  • Experiment with different website design elements, like shapes, color schemes, and imagery
  • Use engaging copywriting to capture your audience's attention
  • Make sure your website is easily navigable
  • Keep the user experience in mind and create a website design with them in mind
  • Test your Squarespace website before launching to ensure it's free of any errors
  • Use visuals, such as high-quality videos or vibrant images, to make your site more engaging
  • Always include a call to action to help users define the next step
  • Focus on personal branding and use copywriting to reflect your style
  • Take advantage of the best Squarespace website templates to save time and energy
  • Take advantage of analytics to track data on your site and make improvements