24 Kickass Strikingly Websites: Make the Best Website

Inspiring websites built on Strikingly and hacks to beat them.

"Best Strikingly Websites" featuring top 5 inspiration websites

These hand-picked Strikingly website examples will give you the inspiration needed to create the best Strikingly website!

Strikingly is a simple website builder that lets nontechnical people build websites because of its ease of use.

Because Strikingly attracts many beginners, there are plenty of Strikingly website examples that aren't good quality.

However, it is possible to build a nice looking website using the Strikingly website builder.

The inspirational Strikingly websites that made this list excelled in one or more area.

What These Strikingly Websites Did Well (Take Note!)

  • Text is large (this is highly underrated). Go big!
  • The width of text doesn't span too far. It's annoying to read content that spans the entire width of the screen.
  • Content on top of an image is readable. Too many websites have poor contrast ratios. Strikingly has a feature to make your background images darker.
  • Be consistent throughout the website. With colors, with spacing, with everything. Make it visually appealing and balanced.
  • Don't get too wordy (unless you're doing it for SEO). Keep it simple and clear.

The Ultimate List of Strikingly Website Examples

The Storyboard Method

One of the best website built on Strikingly! Excellent design, graphics, and content! A pro knew how to make the most out of the platform when creating this beautiful website.


Excellent graphics, smooth animations, and solid color scheme are several of the things that make this website standout!


This small business website features very consistent sections throughout the site. It also has a Strikingly blog so you can check that out too.

Blue Studios

This website has beautiful graphics across multiple pages. It also has a unique font for headers. Looks like someone with design skills built this website.

Pasha Holding

Custom images go a long way. Use your phone to take pics and feature them on your Strikingly site!

Dan Keenan Paint Co

Really solid local business website on Strikingly. Most of the content is easy to read and the intro is very nice. A big opportunity is to add the location they service in the intro. Great for search engine traffic (SEO).

ShuttleCloud Corp.

ShutteCloud is a very clean website design. Definitely take note of this example when creating your website in the Strikingly editor.


The header and the color schemes really pull you in on this single page website.

Modern Learning Studio

This website is a good example of custom graphics, good color scheme, and standing out!


This website is very clean with easy to read text, consistent alternating sections, and a unique header font. Great work and takes notes on this Strikingly site!

Hello Interior Design

The graphic behind the intro makes this site. Sometimes one thing can make all the difference!

AP Lens

Color schemes are important for you website theme. This website does a pretty good job with theirs.


Another excellent example of how to build a website on Strikingly! This website excels at colors, consistent spacing, custom graphics, and creating a very nice visual hierarchy.

Glasscock Dental

This is a local business website which does a good job at displaying service offerings and other business info.


This website features a nice design and an online store with multiple products that Strikingly offers on their pro plan.

Galestian Music

This musician's website flows together very nicely. He features social media and his latest work.

Seth Godin

This strikingly website features an author and his content. It's one of the many one page websites built on Strikingly.

Jeffrey Martin

This is a personal website that has a lot of cool stuff embedded on it. There is a simple contact form on it as well.

The Dexterity Global Group

This website stands out because of the big text on the intro. I suggest doing something similar that clearly describes your business.

Miami Warehouse Logistics

The intro is big and clear. The sections on this website are very consistent.

Unity Training Co

This is an ecommerce website built on Strikingly. The design is pretty good!

Apex Office Chairs

This is a single page website made on the Strikingly website builder. It does a good job at staying consistent and walking you through the product offerings.

Frente Bolivarista

The graphics make this website standout! They also use grids to display content which looks good on this site.

Turning Natural

Custom graphics go a long way (see Fiverr if you need help creating graphics)! They also have an online store.

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