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How to Make the BEST Duda Website

Here are seven tips on how to make the best Duda Website. Leave memorable impressions and convert more visitors by implementing these suggestions.

"How to make the best Duda website" with me mind blown

What separates an average website from one that makes you go WOW? After looking through 6,000 Duda websites, I put together a list of things that made the best Duda websites.

A bangin' website will leave memorable impressions and convert visitors. The visitor's perception of the website transcends the website and carries over to the entire business. Even though a company's ability to create an awe-inspiring website doesn't correlate to its ability to carry out its service, its visitor might think so. 

So moral of the story, if your visitors love your website, they'll love your brand.

How'd we get here?

I purchased a list of 6,000 Duda websites. I then opened each one and found the best 60 of them (the top 1%). Out of this analysis, I discovered the mistakes people make on Duda, the best Duda websites, and finally, the tips and tricks for creating the best Duda website (you are here).

How to make the best Duda website

Compelling Copy

Put all the visual aspects to a website aside, and what we have left is the copy/text content. The copy of the website has a tremendous impact on the website's ability to convey a message. It probably makes up about 50% of the messaging. The other half is how it is displayed (the design).

I've put together several tricks to help you develop compelling copy.

Keep it simple

This one is tough because, as business owners, we want to stuff our text with all of our features and benefits to sell to the consumer our products/services. But, the consumers don't have the same passion as the business owners. We need to find a balance. As a consumer of a website, I am drawn to headers that are short and simple. They are effective in explaining what the company does in a single phrase. For example, Madallion Foods (a site built on Duda) has a simple sub-liner that says "Excellence in Pasta". They probably have a hundred reasons for what makes them great, but they did an excellent job at rolling all the benefits up into three words.

This rule is especially important for the website's hero. I sometimes break this rule by including several sentences in the hero. Put one phrase at the top and optionally include a single short sentence.

Be Creative

Ideally, it would be best if you took the time to create headers and short sentences that are creative. These take time to come up with but can make a significant impact.

Check out this company that sells beach towels. Their intro speaks volumes: "Leave the beach with memories, not sand". It's simple, effective, and creative.

Put Long Text On Internal Pages, Or...

Let's assume you've gained the visitor's interest and they want to learn more. You have several options in this case.

First, you can put CTAs for the visitor to reach out to learn more. That will allow you to get their contact information and hopefully close the sale on the spot.

Or, you can create pages that have your full-service information on them and link to them from your high-level pages. Some visitors may be interested in your services but unsure if you can provide a specific service that you haven't mentioned. They may not want to call you and will abandon the website if the information isn't on the website.

Moderate Use of Animations

In my article going over mistakes people make on Duda, I go over how too many websites overused animations. The websites look tacky and gimmicky with the excessive animations.

On the other hand, appropriately using animations will land you on the list of the best Duda websites.

One of the websites brilliantly animated an airplane entering. It is very simple and yet highly effective.

Unique Fonts

Websites that break out of the box use unique fonts. You may find unique fonts in Google, but I like to find fonts that require you to upload the font files (not from Google). I get many of my fonts from Envato Elements.

These Duda websites are highly effective in leveraging custom fonts:


Note: Loading too many fonts will hurt your performance, so be cautious of that. 

Beautiful Imagery

Imagery is not always easy to obtain, but it makes a big impact. There are many hurdles in obtaining imagery, such as getting a photographer to take custom graphics and having a graphic designer turn the images into website-ready material.

But the ones that go through this entire process have outstanding websites. Check out Fire Wings and their excellent use of images.

Excellent Color Schemes (Used Effectively)

Color schemes are one of my weak points. It's one challenge to nail down a well-balanced color palette and another to use the colors effectively throughout the website.

Check out some of these websites built on Duda and their effective use of color schemes:


Eye Catchy Hero

The hero is arguably the most important part of the website as it is the first impression of the website and possibly the entire company. So make it good.

Creating an eye-catchy hero involves many skills, but I'll outline some of the common elements the best heroes have.

  • Videos: While videos can hurt performance, they can make an excellent first impression. Check out Fire Wings and tell me you don't want chicken wings!
  • Imagery: Make sure your imagery works well with the overlaying text. Medallion Food's hero has an excellent background image.
  • Copy: Create that compelling copy! Bella & Phia ranked number one in part because of the hero.

Branded Separators and Button Backgrounds

Lastly, I found that many of the top Duda websites had custom images as backgrounds. Once again, check out Fire Wings. Their buttons and section separators add a branding flare to the website.

Need Help Creating a Top Duda Website?

Check out this list of the best Duda companies!

Happy building!

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